The Legion is assaulting various other planets and Illidan has actually tasked the football player to follow the Legion v their portals and also take castle down. There space a complete of 6 different Invasion Points, each v their own aesthetic and objectives. Invasion Points room a rotating collection of scenarios that will certainly unlock ~ above September 5th for NA and also September 6th for EU. Players will require to complete Chapter 2 of the Argus project by transforming in The Sigil the Awakening which will then begin the Invasion point quest chain. After completing Invasion suggest Offensive, players will then unlock greater Invasion Points i m sorry require much more players but award much better loot!

Invasion suggest FAQ

What space Argus Waystone used for?
As that a hotfix ~ above September 12th (13th because that EU), Argus Waystone have actually been eliminated from the game. Before the hotfix, lock were offered to finish the Weekly Quest invasion Onslaught.Do I should unlock greater Invasion Points an ext than once?No! once you finish Invasion allude Offensive, you will certainly permanently unlock better Invasion clues on that character forever.Are intrusion Points account-wide?As that a Hotfix on September 26, both intrusion Points and also Greater intrusion Points are account-wide!How frequently can ns do invasion Points?Lesser intrusion Points have a expression of 6 hours. You can complete each Invasion allude once during these 6 hours. After ~ 6 hours, your lockout come that place is reset, so if the same place spawns later, you"ll still have the ability to get loot!Greater intrusion Points will certainly last the entire week. Friend can finish each better Invasion allude once throughout the week. How hard are intrusion Points?Unless you"re doing invasion Points at an turn off hour, your Invasion allude should save on computer ~10 people who will be working with each other to complete the objectives. The last boss will likewise not reclaim health, which way even with a severely undergeared group, you"ll have the ability to Graveyard zerg the ceo down.Some invasion Points are lot harder than others in general, but they also vary based on the random environmental effects that room present.

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New Invasion point Weekly Quest

As of a hotfix on September 12, invasion Onslaught now asks football player to complete 3 Lesser invasion Points together Argus Waystone to be removed.
A brand-new weekly quest has been added, intrusion Onslaught, which asks players to complete 3 Lesser invasion Points.There"s an additional weekly search that to be datamined the is connected to invasion Points, invasion of Space, yet it hasn"t presented up in video game yet.

Basic Information

Lesser intrusion Points room designed for 3-10 players. Right here is some an easy information:Each Invasion point will critical for specifically 6 hours and there will be constantly be 3 active at a time.Once you finish an invasion Point, you will no longer be able to receive loot native doing the same exact one again. However, the lockout is removed once it despawns -- In various other words, if you complete Invasion Point: Cengar and also later in the day an additional Invasion Point: Cengar respawns, girlfriend will likewise be eligible from loot indigenous the brand-new one.There is constantly one Invasion suggest on every of the 3 Argus zones: Mac"Aree, Antoran Wastes, and also Krokuun. You can see whereby the intrusion Points are located and also the time staying by icons on the map.The missions in every Invasion suggest are the same, however different enviroment effects and also mechanics can be present in each permitting for various experiences!

Unlocking Lesser intrusion Points

In order come unlock invasion Points, players will require to complete Chapters 1 and 2 the the the Argus storyline which ends in Invasion allude Offensive.

Unlocking greater Invasion Points

Players must finish the Invasion allude quest chain in order to unlock higher Invasion Points:The Invasion allude unlocks space
Stage 1 – Rift BreakerKill the Crazed Corruptors to pressure the Smoldering Rifts come collapse.Stage 2 – Magma FlowsDefeat the Molten Giants.Stage 3 – for sure VictoryDefeat the Legion"s Commander.
Invasion suggest MechanicsOne of these impacts will be randomly
favored per scenario:

Invasion Point: Naigtal

Stage 1 – Scattered to the WindsDisrupt the Legion"s forces.Stage 2 – loss the LegionThe Legion is sending out reinforcements - loss them!Stage 3 – miscellaneous WickedDefeat the Legion"s Commander.
Invasion allude MechanicsThe following effect is always active:At the start of stage 2, gigantic Marsh Shamblers will start to roam approximately the arena, and players should aim to avoid them as they do massive damage and also have a big amount that health.Naigtal may have one impact related to Energized Vine:Energized Vines room not present.
Naigtal may additionally have one other random effect that is present:

Invasion Point: Val

Stage 1 – take a FootholdDisrupt the Legion"s forces.Stage 2 – intensified EnemiesRelease frozen Illidari from your prisons.Stage 3 – adjust in LeadershipKill the Legion"s command on Val.
Invasion suggest MechanicsVaal has actually Braziers placed approximately the external of the area: Vaal will also have one other eco-friendly mechanic present:

Invasion Point: Sangua

Stage 1 – Stem the BleedingDestroy the Blood Drainers.Stage 2 – protect against the LegionDefeat the Legion forces.Stage 3 – restore BalanceDefeat the Legion"s commander.
Invasion allude MechanicsSangua does no vary much from script to scenario. The following results are always active:Occasionally, Sangua will have secondary effect boosting the damages of both enemies and also friendlies:

Invasion Point: Bonich

Stage 1 – Clearing the ClearingDisrupt the Legion"s forces.Stage 2 – Push ago the LegionSlay Invasive Gazers.Stage 3 – The Legion"s CommanderDefeat any remaining denizens to ensure victory.
Invasion allude MechanicsOne of the following results will be energetic in every scenario:

Invasion Point: Aurinor

Stage 1 – grab a FootholdDisrupt the Legion"s forces.Stage 2 – Temporal AnomaliesDestroy the Temporal Anomalies.Stage 3 – kill the HeadKill the Legion"s commander.
Invasion point MechanicsThe complying with mechanics are always active:One that the following extr effects will be present:

Invasion suggest Bosses

There are 13 full Invasion point bosses and which one spawns in ~ the end of the Invasion point is completely random. That method that earning the success Envision intrusion Eradication is mostly based on RNG. You may need to execute a lot of invasion Points come finally finish the accomplishment if you space unlucky.MazgorothAbilities:If you"re impacted by Fel Burn, make sure to constantly relocate to drop the fire pool safety and avoid extra damage.GorgolothAbilities:When afflicted by rise Doom, make certain to constantly relocate to remove the stacks the the debuff.Dread items Zak"galAbilities:LIving Meteors will certainly fixate ~ above a player and chance that player down. Living Meteors are totally immune to AoE effects, have a ton the health and cannot it is in hit through melee. This means the finest option is just to death the boss as much as feasible while kiting the Meteors around the area.Fel mr Kaz"ralAbilities:Fel Spikes perform increasing damages the much longer you remain by them. The area will certainly quickly come to be filled by Fel Spikes and also you"ll have to constantly move the boss roughly to safe areas.Flamecaller VezrahAbilities:As the hit goes on, an ext stacks of Pyrogenics will certainly be present and constantly buff she damage. However, they deserve to be purged or spellstolen which will actually increase a fire mages damage spells!Flameweaver VerathixAbilities:Volcano - Summons a Volcano that will certainly deal damage to any surrounding players.Harbinger Drel"natharAbilities:This is one of the hardest intrusion Points bosses as it has the most lethal mechanics. Football player will should run away because that Shadow Nova, operation close because that Eye that Darkness and also constantly move approximately when afflicted through Secrete Shadows.Dreadbringer ValusAbilities:Slumber Fog space the black/purple circles that relocate near the Dreadlord. Make sure to stack far from them!MalphazelAbilities:The Dreadlord"s Shadowy Illusion has small health but casts zero Nova dealing moderate damage to all surrounding players. Once Wave the Dread is being cast, look for a large purple beam ~ above the ground and also make certain to move out that it!Vogrethar the DefiledAbilities:Mass mental Blast will hit all players and players will need some form of healing to continue to be alive during this boss. When afflicted through Narcolepsy, make certain to stand still. Lastly, wake up of Blood is similar to Brambles on Cenarius and also will follow a target down.Vel"thrak the PunisherAbilities:When afflicted through Cripple, use fast spells to remove stacks that the debuff.Flamebringer Az"rothelAbilities:The Explosive Orbs will channel a order that as soon as finished will certainly deal a huge amount of damages to all adjacent players. Counts on her scenario"s DPS, it might be worth to just neglect the Explosive Orbs. However, if the DPS is low, you must kill the Explosive Orbs as continue to cast until killed.BaldrazarAbilities:The Gripping Shadows has actually very small health and should be killed when it spawns prior to it can end up its cast.


Completing an Invasion suggest will reward you v the following:A opportunity at a legendary.The only requirement for gaining loot is that you or your group MUST
tag the Demon Commander. Failing to tag the Demon command will result in no loot and being locked out of that particular scenario.

Greater Invasion suggest Objectives

Greater intrusion Points are Argus" variation of human being Bosses. Unlike intrusion Points, only one higher Invasion point will be energetic every week and will last until the Weekly Reset. You can see wherein the higher Invasion suggest is located on the map. There space 6 better Invasion allude portals and also one will certainly be energetic each week. Each better Invasion point contains a single Boss. Kill all the bosses to receive the success Invasion Obliteration.Make certain to examine out the Dungeon journal or click on the Boss" name listed below for the bosses" abilities.

Greater invasion Point: Matron Folnuna

Defeat Matron Folnuna. Overview
: Matron Folnuna summons forth several types of imps end the food of the conference that plague her enemies. In addition, when Matron Folnuna get 100 energy she unleashes a that have the right to be avoided. Any type of players who fail to prevent have the right to be freed from your slumber by inflicting any type of damage to them.
Notable Loot:
Frost Relic Frigid Earring, Life Relic essence of the Burgeoning Brood

Greater intrusion Point: Pit lord Vilemus

Defeat Pit lord Vilemus. Overview
: Pit lord Vilemus will periodically usage his and also to damages the raid. Tanks will need to regulate threat in order to endure his ability.
Defeat Inquisitor Meto. Overview
: Inquisitor Meto focuses his and also ability on their main threat target when randomly targeting players with . Inquisitor Meto will certainly periodically summon at arbitrarily locations.
Notable Loot:
Arcane Relic Meto"s Orb the Entropy, shadow Relic Censer of Dark Intent

Greater intrusion Point: Occularus

Defeat Occularus. Overview
: Occularus will strike his risk target v , , and also . All the while, Occularus will periodically plague random adversaries with and also confound enemy positioning through .
Defeat Sotanathor. Overview
: Sotanathor supplies his an excellent weapon come his adversaries in two or come send soon at arbitrarily enemies. Sotanathor will certainly periodically use his an effective voice to all surrounding enemies.
Notable Loot:
Storm Relic Sotanathor"s Thundering Hoof, steel Relic Spike of Immortal Command

Greater intrusion Point: Mistress Alluradel

Defeat Mistress Alluradel. Overview
: Mistress Alluradel regular casts , charming every players who are facing her once the cast completes. Pass a charmed player come 50% health and wellness breaks the effect, releasing them native Alluradel"s control.
Environmental Effects:Notable Loot:
Fire Relic Fel Mistress" Brand, Blood Relic Scourge of Perverse Desire


One the the rewards for completing higher Invasion clues is a possibility at items level 930 gear. You can get another chance in ~ the gear by using a Seal of broken Fate. The equipment that each ceo drops deserve to be seen below:Each boss has actually one or two relics distinctive to their loot table.Most booty is shared between two or three bosses.This loot can titanforge as much as 955.In addition, players will receive:

Greater Invasion point Gear

Unless these human beings can be liberated, the burning Crusade will certainly consume everything it touches and also leave the universe in ashes.Inquisitor Meto"s mastery end fel magic is rivaled by few in the Legion. Meto provides this strength to sow chaos and destruction across the cosmos, leaving many burning people in his wake.Normal
Occularus feeds ~ above the minds of his enemies, savoring your despair together he sears their flesh. This malevolent creature has devoured worlds, yet his hunger remains insatiable.NormalSotanathor"s legendary toughness was forged through numerous burning campaigns across the cosmos. A brutal general, this demon commands large legions that have never well-known defeat.NormalAll those who gaze top top Mistress Alluradel autumn under her sinister control. She regulates victims of her prominence to inflict gruesome torments ~ above themselves. A thrall"s just hope of escape is death, and Alluradel will certainly not enable that release till their agonized screams have ceased to amuse her.NormalMatron Folnuna destroys human beings by infecting them with her spawn. These vile creatures spread prefer a pester over the landscape, corrupting and devouring something in their path.NormalPit mr Vilemus" brutality is renowned even among the Legion. That delights in setting his foes aflame in fel fire, then laughing at their despair as they beg because that the mercy the death.Normal

Blizzard"s Invasion allude Blog


In patch 7.3, the pressures of Azeroth will undertake a journey most perilous. Not just will they travel to the eredar home world, Argus, but they will likewise have opportunity to strike also deeper in ~ the burn Legion by shutting down invasion Points on other worlds.Players will first be presented to invasion Points through a search that challenges them to enter and also defeat the demonic pressures inside. Each Invasion allude can be accessed without a queue to enter and while no group is required, additional players will have the ability to enter the Invasion point instance in ~ a short duration of each other. No queue is forced to enter.There space two tiers of intrusion Points that will not only increase in difficulty, but likewise increase in rewards—and you’ll need to carry along extra help if you want to finish the greatest tier. Tier 1 intrusion Points will permit anywhere from 3–10 players within the instance. While girlfriend can enter alone, you’ll ideally desire to recruit at the very least two other friends to join you in bespeak to finish the scenario.Tier 2 invasion Points or greater Invasion Points, will need a raid to bring down the boss within, but with better risk, additionally comes better reward.Several invasion Points will be easily accessible on Argus at any type of given time along with one higher Invasion Point. The portals into these encounters will certainly be clearly shows on your world map and also each player will need to click on the portal to enter (even when in a group.) each Invasion point will cycle in ~ a pair of hours and also despawn, therefore you’ll desire to store an eye top top the timers suggested on her map. You and your party will face some extr challenges from location to location, whether it’s contending with the extremes of cold or play in fire. Completing these invasion Points will provide Argus Waystones which have the right to be offered toward earning a weekly reward.

Greater intrusion Points

Greater intrusion Points will provide accessibility for you and also your raid to one of the new World Bosses and the possibility to obtain some good loot beginning at ilvl 930. If you don’t have a raid at her beck and also call, there’s constantly the group Finder (I) where you’re certain to have the ability to recruit some heroes to sign up with you. Bosses will just award loot when per week.

Invasion point out Bosses

From the stronghold top top Argus, the Legion employs a vast array that portals to spread across the cosmos prefer a plague. Countless civilizations have to be plundered for resources, their inhabitants required to offer the Dark Titan or endure a slow, agonizing death.Unless these civilizations can it is in liberated, the burn Crusade will certainly consume whatever it touches and also leave the cosmos in ashes.Matron FolnunaMatron Folnuna destroys civilizations by infecting them with her spawn. These vile creatures spread favor a plague over the landscape, corrupting and also devouring noþeles in their path.Mistress AlluradelAll those who gaze upon Mistress Alluradel autumn under she sinister control. She regulates victims of her dominance to inflict gruesome torments ~ above themselves. A thrall’s only hope of escape is death, and Alluradel will certainly not enable that release till their agonized screams have actually ceased come amuse her.Inquisitor MetoInquisitor Meto’s mastery end fel magic is rivaled by few in the Legion. Meto supplies this strength to sow chaos and also destruction across the cosmos, leaving countless burning human beings in his wake.OccularusOccularus feeds top top the minds of his enemies, savoring their despair together he sears your flesh. This malevolent creature has devoured worlds, however his hunger remains insatiable.SotanathorSotanathor’s legendary stamin was forged through plenty of burning campaigns across the cosmos. A brutal general, this demon commands vast legions that have never known defeat.Pit lord VilemusPit lord Vilemus’ brutality is famous even amongst the Legion. The delights in setup his foes aflame in fel fire, then laughing at their despair together they beg for the mercy of death.
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Comment through Kaiasha

Fun Fact, you deserve to walk right into a greater invasion suggest and shot to do it without a group. It"s a trap, the raid bosses still require at least 2 tanks and a healer.

Comment through blupache

You can acquire legendaries from continual (non-greater) intrusion points. Mine hunter acquired a Prydaz, Xavaric"s Magnum Opus from intrusion Point: Sangua.At existing there seem to it is in three continual invasions up at any type of time, through a fresh portal replacing every after it"s been up for 6 hours, and they"re pretty rapid to do. You can do the same consistent invasion double in a day, it simply needs to be a fresh portal (e.g. Six hrs after my very first Aurinor invasion spawned, it was changed by a fresh Aurinor intrusion - both provided loot).So if you"re trying come maximise avenues at a legendary, these are an appealing enhancement to the present list.

Comment by Gloriandus

Are bonus rolls supposed to work-related on the better Invasion bosses? I"ve to be told they do, but I never was prompted.

Comment through sakera

FYI - Inky black Potion functions in the intrusion areas. Simply in instance you want to get some cool looking screenshot after you complete the invasion.

Comment through Taveren2005

I would certainly enjoy invasions a lot an ext if there to be a an easy queue system to build a group. Currently I run in a portal through a few other arbitrarily ungrouped people, they conveniently disappear to various other instances, and I invest the following 10 minutes producing group finder teams that human being join and instantly drop together they hunt rares or ore etc. Ns love the the invasions are an overwhelming and require team work yet finding a team is frustrating. The pre-Legion intrusions were a good deal of funny by comparison, through a basic queuing system. No friction there.

Comment by kebokaj

I seem come be having a recurring trouble with this invasions. After the last boss has actually been killed, the variety of debuffs in the instant area it seems to be ~ to kill me before I deserve to loot the corpse. By the time I have actually resurrected, the boss"s corpse has dissapeared and the scenario has reset. Feeling a bit infuriating and can"t work-related out how to reset it and also still obtain loot!

Comment through monmonday

Make certain you struggle the critical boss, and also don"t dice or vanish, or you will obtain no loot.A tip might be to join a group to do it.I learned the tough way:-Once i was with only a couple of others (not in a group), and also we passed away multiple times yet got the boss" health down come 2%. I managed to vanish prior to I died that critical time, and once the others initiated the hit again, ns didn"t do it end to the boss gradually to struggle it, and also because of the I acquired no loot.-Another time i didn"t hit the last boss at all, since I was an extremely close come death and also was to run away native a couple of balls that fel fire the was chasing me. Had no possibility to do it over there in time, since it every happened very quickly.

Comment by Kwiatmen666

I did multiple invasion Points during both last and current raid lockout, however as critical week I was able to loot the command every single time for its rewards (even one legend drop!), this week, after several intrusion Points, commanders are no longer lootable because that me. So room they day-to-day now? Weekly? and if so, are the invasion Points weekly/daily or room the arbitrarily bosses only lootable once during that period? Or maybe they are like chests top top the damaged Shore - prey them sufficient times and also you can"t loot them anymore? any type of ideas?

Comment by Wrathsong

Best way to handle these is to walk to premade teams under the "other" section and also just kind in the name of the intrusion area you space in (Bonich, Aurinor, etc). Possibilities are there room plenty of people queued increase under a raid. There are a couple of advantages come this:1. Friend will finish this method faster, since if you room on even a relatively huge server (Illidan-US because that example), you"ll still have to wait while people trickle in. Having actually such a huge group helps since the monsters do hit yes, really hard2. You don"t need to hit the boss in bespeak to collect your loot, you don"t also need to loot the boss, the booty is just immediately sent to you.3. This functions for both the minor and also greater invasion points, yes, really fast means to acquire in and also out on lot of toons, or if you room in a hurry.And I deserve to confirm the yes, bosses in both minor and greater intrusion points do have actually a chance to drop legendary loot, so that is a simple method to increase your bad luck protection while obtaining some really straightforward artifact power.

Comment by Tokurei

Not certain why Blizz made decision to do this therefore alt-unfriendly... 3 consistent invasions simply to get to the intrusion you care about? ON each TOON? at this time I have actually 6 110s that are attuned come argus/invasions, and also after the very first week of law the intro pursuit invasion, plus the 3 come unlock the greater, plus the greater, I"m already burnt out. Why not simply make the 3 constant invasions quest required per account per week due to the fact that it"s reportedly "really necessary" to have them in order come unlock the greater? :/

Comment through Asharinhun

Does anyone recognize if the loot dropped indigenous the higher Invasion Bosses have the right to forge above 930 ilvl or is it addressed at that?

Comment by Hayew

Do the higher Invasion bosses revolve on a schedule or are they randomly assigned each week? i only need one to complete Invasion Obliteration...

Comment through MrTact

So, I enter the rift but I am no put right into a scenario with other people. If in the area I have actually seen others enter and "disappear". It isn"t clear to me if they logout or space entering a scenario i am no offered. Probably I already did the better Invasion this week and simply forgot? Possible. Everyone else watched this behavior or have the right to confirm that is what wake up if you get in the rift after having actually completed that once.

Comment by darxa2

If you fail come tag the boss and get loot, you deserve to exit and also re-enter. You"re only locked to loot when you"ve looted boss. I had the issue prior to of not gaining the tag in time, leaving and also coming back in or joining an additional group works simply fine.

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I"ve also just chained the trying because that the achievement for killing every lesser boss by going near the entrance after the kill and waiting a few seconds. It will reset, the course i was the team leader for this reason that might have assisted not certain on that point. No booty on subsequent kills, however you still gain completion credit in the direction of the 3 lesser points. Deserve to actually carry out all 3 because that the weekly in the exact same invasion suggest if you don"t mind giving up the chance for booty in exchange for alt hopping through this quickly.