As ns was returning to the game, IMC launchs a hell of a patch.The lot of transforms isn’t as large as Ep.13’s release. But it is relevant for the game, specially due to the fact that brings far-ranging changes to the mechanics the about half of Cleric’s and Archer’s classes trees.With this in mind, ns invite everyone to share their thoughts ~ above the transforms of the classes they are more attuned to.I am no class master, yet I know a few things around the meta game and also how that works later on in the game. And likewise have way too many characters on mine lobby to be taken into consideration ok.

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With this introduction, ns will begin with my own - ns hope not too salty - analysis.

Following the changes as they are detailed on the patch:

Cleric - 2 brand-new attributes for Guardian Saint because that DPS builds. Both nerfing Healing. Maybe the finish of “I shall never ever die” builds? i still think Cleric is a bad base class for DPS builds.

Druid - Buffed as a self-support course (increasing the performance of various other classes in the same build), however nerfed as a DPS class.

Crusader - brand-new Art for IMC’s list of memes. Less damage amp indigenous Chant and also less healing result from every skills. Course nerfed. However Chant now transforms the home of all magical damages dealt by the personality to Holy. Vast buff for any type of build whereby it is consisted of (Crusader-PD-Krivis coming to be a thing…), and also is not Exo-Miku.

Krivis - currently a actual self-support class. Wonderful with Crusader and also Exorcist because that the Brilliance debuff. Pretty certain it was good when ns left, around a month ago, and also it will certainly be really great tomorrow. And also press F in respect for the ability scrolls…

Exorcist - Koinonia met Giltine’s embrace, and also Grand Cross take it its place. The kit acquired buffed through new combo and an ext damage, and strangely the is no a Rubric buff …

Sadhu - someone in IMC’s dev team decided Sadhu is only playable when with that Vaivora just because. These alters do small for those that don’t have actually it, and also are much more of the very same for those who do.

Musketeer/Tiger Hunter - all at once classes got buffed, much more fluid come play, and gained consistency when played v classes i m sorry don’t usage . Any kind of individual nerf is compensated somewhere else.

Cannoneer/Matross - review last paragraph, simply replace v . I would certainly say it is no awesome due to the fact that cap damage is tho 10M and classes lack multi-hit.

Arquebusier - course seems much more fluid through its execution. Acquired an attribute to keep up through the changes of the classes i beg your pardon share its burdens. Ooops, I median ‘weapons’. I would say the is not awesome because cap damages is tho 10M and also class lacks multi-hit.

Arbalester/Wugushi - surprisingly buffed. And in a very explicit way. Can’t identify IMC’s normal handwork in here. Both classes came to be BFFs, btw.

Quarrel Shooter - make the efforts to save up v the transforms of the vault classes. All space buffs with Arbalester ~ above the build, however are Arbalesters choose QS?Clearly, if you select to use a crossbow, you will certainly pick Arbalester because of weapon and also Wugushi because it is powerful. But would you choose QS rather of Ranger? Or Falconeer? Or Appraiser?

Paladin - “Unplayable”, “too weak”, “this is a joke”, “delete this sh!t”, “cry for rework”. All reactions native those that think this course has just 1 skill.For everyone else, and also those who play GTW, thank goodness!

Oracle - fifty percent of the course got nerfed. Pointing and also laughing maniacally Ha ha.

Monk - “Hi guys, ns exist!!”. Yeah, sure, every little thing Monk, go back to the bench. Check out you once your Vaivora comes out.

Crusader:I wonder if the changes really did anything next of placing it as a filler to allow PD stick to Chaplain for the buffs. Krivis is already completely holy residential property with the patch with the change so Crusader conversion walk nothing come it. Plague doctor doesn’t advantage at all from the divine conversion uneven you bring it together with Paladin or Chaplain to boost the property,rather, not having actually holy property yet a wider coverage seems to be an ext important now that various magic nature deal more damage against different armor types, making chant a hinderance in situation the opponent does take extra damages from toxicity or fire building (with fire,poison and also holy girlfriend have complete coverage for plate,leather and cloth, holy alone only covers plate).The only combination that really won is the combination with Sadhu due to the fact that psychokinesis is one oddball.

Krivis: being either strike home or divine property is a large upside for the class, focusing on anti-plate damage and also being an alternative for brand-new builds ~ above the physical tree, mainly since of Aukuras and also Piety, which is a very solid attack skill, especially with the art versus bosses.It’s much better for physical builds currently than because that magic builds due to the fact that for magic builds, Druid is tho the much better option with the enhancement of the Sterea Troph attribute that provides it prefer Zalciai, giving Druid a better crit coverage, i m sorry the physics side has covered with Zealot,while offering decent recovery on optimal of it.

Druid: gained upgraded to an ext stable damage boosts now that fits magic builds lot more, if removing the healing capability from Krivis, make Druid an ext of a clip for magic build again (probably just fighting with Plague doctor now).

Paladin: Barrier:Devotion no groundbreaking and also just poor design. The sad they didn’t rework the effect, now it’s just an ext of a “now I die for everyone” thing than before. Support builds will probably ditch it because that Kabbalist.The rest of the class is ok, still needs a best skill allude rebalance (like most of the classes in the game), at least it have the right to shine in auto-matching whereby you room last male standing most of the times, conserving runs native wipes.

Exorcist: Vaivora to be indirectly nerfed, however they needed the time for cool Cross to fit right into the rotation.

Monk: energy Blast being strike home finally means you can construct a complete strike build and use the strike damage booster NPC cards and also Misrus assister to an increase its damage. Monk vaivora is coming in around two months to dual down on the strike aspect, which is good news for all Monk players,myself included.

Cleric: the features are really beneficial for centimeter automatch and field farming because you nearly never take any kind of damage over there anyway. An ext damage way faster clears, what’s there no to like.I at first thought that the characteristics are useless, however looking at the really gameplay I understand that over there are contents where the healing an increase just go nothing in ~ all.Maybe they should’ve make the rise 20% and removed the badly designed an increase from Guardian Saint and Smite in return, or at the very least make the boost attribute the Guardian Saint influence the 10% value.

Oracle: Divine can was overpowered,looking in ~ the increases one could achieve with it once coupled v the goddess sets and vaivora effects, so the balance was more than likely necessary.I expect the developer will consider boosting more via equipment and balance patches fairly than having everything depend on these buffs come maximize damage output.

Sadhu: push F come pay her respects, the negative guy is still meditating to accomplish enlightenment while his astral body whacks monsters


2 brand-new attributes for Guardian Saint because that DPS builds. Both nerfing Healing. Possibly the finish of “I shall never die” builds? i still believe Cleric is a negative base course for DPS builds.

You acquire ease to use (30 min buff) however with a nerfed version (+10% damages instead the +20%) which gets diluted in all the bonuses you’re supposed to have with your equipment (dysnai/glacia + balinta + ark + accessories). And also unless you play something prefer inquisitor with zero invest in spr/healing the -80% you obtain on heal simply method you’ll never use the belief version.


“Unplayable”, “too weak”, “this is a joke”, “delete this sh!t”, “cry for rework”. All reactions indigenous those that think this class has just 1 skill.

Meanwhile my Paladin/Inqui enjoys smashing encounters with Conviction and also Demolition, while emotion like rock with rock Skin


Somebody in IMC’s dev team decided Sadhu shouldn’t be playable, even with its Vaivora

Fixed it for you One day2031. Sadhu will certainly be playable, note my words

10% final damage isn’t bad, however I nothing think it’ll aid much.And you lose an excellent healing, which no as vital these days on dps, but feels very rough to view happen.

I’m really glad Krivis acquired some love. It deserves it.Though, Krivis and Druid simply feel like Highlander and Barbarian now…

I’ve never ever been fond the Exor’s current entire-tree rotational playstyle thing, and now i think ns dislike it also more. For those that like it, the looks yes, really cool.

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Ranger-Arbal-any is a good starting allude for Arbal. QS appears okay together the third leg. The an abilities hit pretty hard, and have a channel for Dahlia. That a bit of a toss-up.Wugu looks much better dps-wise, but has a hefty range requirement.QS skills aside indigenous Caltrops have actually a pretty low cd contrasted to Wugu’s, however can probably quickly hit cap with Crit Shot’s bonus, even with a shield.