The W. Lodge of St. John No. 2, regularly comprised under the auspices the the grand Orient of Malta, to every Freemasons end the globe, greeting, stamin & Union.

WE, the venerable dignified officers of the W. Lodge that St. Man No. 2, certify and testify, the Capt. Anthony Glagi, Ambrose Grillo, Andrew Caerobini, john Castilliano, Joseph Conati, and Dominic Angiolini, all free and embraced Masons, the the sublime level of Master, in going come Asia in a ship for particular business, with eight other men, unfortunately were take away by the pirates the Barbary and also carried right into Algiers, wherein they are suffering the cruel enslavement of the barbarous nation. Therefore, as we uncover ourselves can not to redeem those unfortunately brethren by our own means, the barbarians demanding too an excellent a amount for the ransom, we have thought the best, in stimulate to relax them indigenous slavery, to send right into foreign countries our 2 brothers, Augustin Glagi and also John B. Grillo , both understand Masons, and also members that the St. John Lodge No. 2, men famous by united state of great moral probity and honesty, and relations of some of the dissatisfied brethren, come gather, during the space of four years, the liberal presents of the faithful brethren, and also to assigned work to us as quickly as possible, the built up alms, in stimulate to assist us to relax those unfortunate brethren for this purpose we entreat and also conjure all who have hearts to feel for human being misfortunes and sufferings, and especially the most venerable police officers of Lodges, and also all free and embraced Masons, the they will certainly for the benefits of the Almighty God, the supreme Being, assist, help and honour ours two above mentioned brethren, with a type humane reception, and also bestow alms upon them.

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In angry whereof, done and also delivered from our artillery, sealed with the seal of our A at the O. Of Tuxa, the 2nd day that the 12th masonic month, A. L. 5810.

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title Glory come the grand architect the the universe. The W. Lodge of St. Man No. 2, regularly constituted under the auspices that the cool Orient the Malta, to every Freemasons end the globe, greeting, toughness & union ... In angry whereof, done and also de Contributor names Freemansons. Grand Orient of Malta. St. Man Lodge No. 2. created / released 1810. topic Headings - United claims Genre Broadsides notes - top top recto of duplicates 2,3,4: 120453 08. - obtainable also with the Library the Congress web site in 2 forms: together facsimile web page images and as complete text in SGML. - 5 duplicate copies - published Ephemera Collection; investment portfolio 228, Folder 4. - Copy scanned: 1 medium 1 p.; 20 x 16.5 cm. call Number/Physical rwandachamber.orgation portfolio 228, Folder 4 source Collection Broadsides, leaflets, and pamphlets from America and also Europe Digital i would OCLC Number rbpe22800400 Online format online message photo pdf

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