Over the past few weeks we have been trying the end a brand-new product draft to do mealtimes with tiny ones much easier - The Graco Swivi Booster Seat.

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The Swivi is a 3-in-1 booster chair which rotates 180 levels to allow parents come perfectly position their baby/child in order to enable them to fully interact with the family at mealtimes.
The Swivi is an ideal for usage from newborn as it has a true infant cradle recline which contains a plush body assistance to save baby secure and also comfortable as you party feed - I"ve not come across a booster seat an ideal for use through newborns before and also as we have one authorized our household soon I have the right to see how this would be extremely convenient as soon as it involves busy mealtimes with other children, exactly how handy to have the brand-new baby best there in his or her own little seat alongside the other youngsters to leave you hands cost-free for dishing up dinner and maybe even getting come eat your very own while it"s heat - imagine!
The grow-with-me architecture makes it an ideal for use through older children too - you deserve to use it as an upright seat because that infants and even together a backless booster seat because that toddlers!
The removable tray can be easily detached using just one hand and also includes a dishwasher safe insert to do cleaning easy.

We"ve been making use of the Swivi mainly with Noah at breakfast, lunch and dinner time - before this arrived us were happily using our Graco highchair because that seating Noah during feeding and to be ethical we hadn"t really considered a require for anything else - however as with any kind of highchair the son is in ~ a different height come the remainder of the family at the table (ours is an especially low) and also although that keeps infant secure and also comfortable, the does somehow feel the he is sitting independently to us even when it"s pulled up as close to the table as possible - what us all loved about using the Swivi was the Noah was right there in ~ the table through us.
This make mealtimes feel prefer so much much more of a family bonding suffer - we have also started to feeding him his dinners at the very same time as we"re eating, rather than feeding him independently as us did previously as result of it being too an overwhelming to spoon feed him whilst us were eating - currently that he"s sitting at the same level as us it"s a lot easier!
I have loved the fact that having Noah through us in ~ the table method his interaction with Tyne has actually increased as during mealtimes they currently sit best opposite every other and Tyne chats to his baby brother while he eats, we have devised little games come encourage Noah to eat much more of his dinner and also it generally just provides mealtimes feel like a lovely household time.

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Jon & i take the in transforms to feed Noah throughout mealtimes now, and we prefer to use the seat without the tray most of the moment - back we perform tend to use it at breakfast once Noah is given more finger foods to try self-feeding.
We love exactly how easy that is to readjust from child seating come toddler seat, as we have also used it through Tyne - ~ above our current table he can reach the surface rather easily but using the booster chair does offer us tranquility of mind together it means if we require to easily nip right into the kitchen he"s not going to fall out that his chair or escape anywhere!

It really is appropriate to use with all periods - I might do with 3 that them to keep all of the youngsters safely sit all together at the dinner table as soon as the new baby arrives!!

atDecember 16, 2015