I shed my leg choose I lost my means So no loose ends nothing to check out me down exactly how are us going to work this out?
dreams aren"t bad, I had actually turned back I love the girl yet God only knows it"s acquiring hard to watch the sunlight coming through I love you... Yet what room we going to do? photo I"m a dreamer I"ll take you deeper under to the sleepy light Time is a low..

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Don"t girlfriend know? What room we going to do? as soon as you go earlier All the second selfless job You"re in love v him I desire to see you again ns love you... Yet what are we going to do?

Gorillaz might be the just band I"ve been listening to ever due to the fact that I was a small kid, and also I"m 25 now. Important timeless music imo





This was uploaded years before the official one was uploaded, besides, he"s not even making money from it.

My bro actually blasted this in his room so ns did Shazam it reason its fresh even if its +10 year old

*Old tune from mid-late 2000s exist*Random 14 year old on Youtube - "i was BOrN iN tHe dorn gEneRatIoN, tHiS tune is for this reason dEEp, I dislike mUsiC from *current year*

Even till this day o love this song for the title. Needless to say the musicality of that was together mind blow then as it is now.

Why space musical artist still trying? The perfect tune has currently been made, and it"s ideal here. All other music has come to be obsolete in ~ this point, so go home and think about that.

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I to be on an inter-city bus once, travel to university from my hometown, listening to this song. For whatever reason i was emotion it especially solid that time and right after he sang "what room we going come do?" and that gentle tiny piano part came in at 2:11, I broke down a tiny and tears started rolling from mine eyes... The was just the quiet, honest, vulnerable beauty that that subtle melody, through Damon"s desperate question still hanging in the air, and also everything else that comes right into the background, the was for this reason beautiful, ns literally couldn"t assist but cry ideal there in mine seat, in a bus full of people. Ns was staring the end the window and i couldn"t look back the other way for a couple of minutes, therefore that human being wouldn"t view the tears on my face...

I used to hear to demon days together a child because I liked having actually sound once going come sleep at my dads, it was really comforting for me