Whether you are a seasoned pro or just founding out shooting your own GoPro videos, then a 3 Axis Gimbal is definitely somepoint that you must be looking at when you want to film silky smooth footage, without the annoying video camera shakes.

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With every one of the handorganized GoPro gimbals obtainable today, it deserve to be a little overwhelming trying to compare and also decide in between the assorted models. Battery life, features, and prices deserve to vary a lot, and also some gopro gimbals are not worth buying.

Good news for you, we’re below to make this decision as straightforward as feasible for you!

On this web page, you can discover a Comparikid & Buying overview for the finest GoPro gimbals obtainable on the market this day. We reperceived most brands and also commodities to aid you make a smart purchase decision.

Update: GoPro Hero 8 is upon us, and via that I have updated the below list to accommodate the brand-new GoPro Hero 8. Because the footprint has actually not adjusted given that the GoPro Hero 7, you deserve to still usage some of the same Gimbals. The just really distinction is the GoPro Hero 8 weighs 14Oz much less and also will certainly work-related gimbals electric motors less. I will note which gimbals no longer occupational.

1 – Gopro Fate Grip – Official Accessory (No Gopro 8)


You deserve to buy the Official GoPro Fate Grip on Amazon , the initially and best in class go-pro gimbal straight from the company that developed the hero action camperiods will certainly assist you to take crystal clear photos and also footage so that you never before should concern around those shaky videos.


The Fate Grip Gimbal is an main GoPro product, it is extremely well made and uses a good support and warranty must you need to relocation the device or any type of parts.

The Fate Grip is smaller sized, and the battery life is not exceptionally long: 2-3 hrs maximum.

If you select this one, it will be a good concept to pick up a few spare batteries so that you can conveniently readjust them while you are out shooting.


Tilt Working Angle:-90 ~ 180° (vertical handheld)Roll Working Angle: -45°~ +45°Heading Working Angle (vertical handheld): -135 °~ +135°Heading Working Angle (leveled handheld): -45°~ +45°Weight: 12.7oz /361g

What’s in the box:

3-Axis Handorganized Gimbal Camera Stabilizer *118350 LIPO Battery *2Battery Charger * 1Micro USB Cable *1Charging Cable for go pro *1Velcro Strap *1Warranty Card *1Manual *1


Gopro Hero 4, 5, 6, 7. (All models via the exception of larger version.GoPro hero 8 is NOT supported. Please checkout the Evo GP-Pro For that.

1 – EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis GoPro Gimbal through 3.5mm AV Output


If you are on the lookout for the absolute best handhosted gimbal that is compatible with GoPro HERO, and various other activity cameras. then you have actually found an awesome camera stabilizer in the EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis Gimbal (on Amazon).

Like its older sibling, the EVO GP gopro stabilizer, the framework is made from the very same Aluminium as aircrafts are made from, offering the gimbal an excellent robust look.

The GP-PRO gimbal for GoPro has many customized add-ons, such as the thumb 2-axis joystick on the handle and also thcheck out additionally constructed into the rear finish of the handle so that the gimbal can be hooked approximately a wide-variety of commodities such as expansion poles and also tripods.

There is likewise a port connector on the tool allowing the GP-PRO to affix to external monitors have to you wish to stream or document any type of live imeras.

The imperiods are constantly super smooth, even once flipping between any kind of of the 4 settings, somepoint various other models battle via.

If this isn’t enough for you, EVO have also provided you the option to purchase an add-on such as the EVO Pro mount for smartphones (on Amazon).

This extra is terrific, specifically if you are looking to usage this evo expansion pole collection (on Amazon) to gain closer to the action.

You can usage your smartphone as a monitoring screen, and affix it at the bottom of the handle.

This normally helps enhance your videos as you are not shooting “blind”. Everypoint around the EVO GP-PRO oozes high quality.

We think that in 2018, it is the finest handhosted GoPro gimbal so much, we host it in that much regard. With a lot of EVO commodities like the EVO SS & others ryou would certainly typically intend great high quality, yet through the GP-PRO they have really pumelted GoPro stabilization to the following level.



GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero3+, Hero5 Black*, Hero 6GoPro Hero4 Silver, GoPro Hero4 BlackYi Action Cam, Yi 4K Action Cam, SJ4000-SJ6000*GoPro Hero Session, GoPro Hero5 Session*Garmin Virb Ultra 30Nikon KeyMission 170**

2- Feiyu G6 – Splashproof and also Outstanding battery life

Feiyu has made some massive improvements via the updated variation of their flagship GoPro version. The Feiyu G6 splashproof gimbal is a 3-Axis stabilizer through good battery life, great overall performance, and intuitive controls.


You have a variety of good stabilization settings to select from, include Lock Mode, Pan Following Setting, Selfie Mode, Trail Timelapse Setting, and also Panoramic Mode.

A full 360° of tilting and also panning range plus a 320° rolling range assist you get a more comprehensive selection of shots.

No issue the mode, this gimbal offers liquid smooth movement and also remarkable stabilization.

This gimbal works through nearly eextremely action electronic camera on the industry and it’s rather simple to mount miscellaneous camperiods.

For the Sony RX0, you must buy a special mount but for the majority of action camperiods, the existing mount will certainly job-related just fine with a gopro. You have the right to likewise buy this one-of-a-kind mobile mount (on Amazon) for use with smartphones.

A newly improved application can be provided to manage the gimbal which increases your creative possibilities when shooting.

That sassist, this app will certainly only work-related ideally through certain action camages.

One of the few negatives about this gimbal is that you will acquire a little of motor noise picked up on your audio as soon as you usage your camera’s microphone.

The placement of the cam ideal by the gimbal’s motor renders this inevitable.

That doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker, though, because a side threaded mount on the take care of is ideal for including an outside microphone. Eventually, this will certainly bring about much better sound high quality anymeans.

All in all, the Feiyu G6 is the new gimbal to beat once it pertains to action camera gimbals. Especially if you generally shoot with a GoPro Hero 5 or 6, this gimbal will certainly fulfill all of your needs and also then some.

Other 3-Axis Gimbals for Go-pro Hero Worth Mentioning

Feiyu Tech FYG5

The Feiyu G5 is among the first waterproof handhosted steadicams and also has been designed for the GoPro Hero 5 (although it is compatible through previous GoPro hero cameras).

If you are looking to take some experienced videos roughly any kind of water or snow then the G5 is a need to have actually gimbal stabilizer, it is as straightforward as that. Not just is the G5 waterproof, it comes with many add-ons and also functions that the earlier models might just dream around.

With its upgraded “Unibody arm” moving a more exact secure video camera motion to its fantastic rubberized look and it touchscreen monitor, you really obtain the feel that Feiyu has actually pumelted the boat out with this gimbal.

As far as handorganized gimbals go, you will be hard-pressed to discover one through as many kind of features as the G5 for everywhere close to the price!

In our opinion, if you are planning a pilgrimage by boat or skiing in the mountains and you are trying to find a handheld gimbal that won’t mind taking a couple of wet splashes, and will deliver you awesome, smooth footage while your boat or ski’s take the inevitable bumps then the Feiyu G5 is the evident founding point for you.


Splash-Proof designUpgraded uni-body armHandgrip via built-in, basic to run joystick and mode buttonsBattery life as much as 8 hoursCompatible greatly through GoPro HERO4 but have the right to attach to other cameras around the very same size.Self-timer function permitting for excellent selfies

What’s in the box:

Feiyu G5 GimbalCarrying bag for the gimbalRechargeable batteryUSB charging cableCleaning cloth for splashes

Feiyu WG2 PRO Edition

The Feiyu WG2 Pro is a gimbal that is prepared to assist you take great stabilized video in a range of situations.

It works through the majority of activity camages, including the GoPro 4, the GoPro 3 +, the YI 4K, the SJCAM, and the Hero 4/5 Session.

As long as it’s around the dimension of a typical action electronic camera and also underneath the maximum weight of 130 g, this gimbal have to be a great fit. You can usage the WG2 as a wearable steadielectronic camera or via a number of mounts. A tripod is included and it will likewise be compatible with a variety of GoPro mounts choose a suction cup mount or a clamp mount.

It’s additionally feasible to usage the WG2 as a handhosted gimbal.

Capturing excellent secure video is easy via the Feiyu wearable stabilizer, thanks to its four modes.

These are the pan mode, lock mode, panning and also tilting mode, and also auto-rotation mode. These let you capture a variety of various kinds of footage. The Feiyu WG2 stands out from various other gimbals particularly because of the distinctive auto-rotation mode.

This lets the user set a starting allude and an ending suggest and then the gimbal will certainly progressively and also smoothly relocate your cam from one suggest to the other. This lets you capture really dynamic activity time-lapses, among various other things.

Something that provides the WG2 really amazing is that it is fully waterproof stabilizer for GoPro camages, with a confirmed rating of IP67.

This means it deserve to handle submersion of approximately 1 m of depth. This renders the WG2 a suitable gimbal for civilization that carry out water sporting activities like rafting and also fishing and also for civilization who do winter sporting activities choose skiing and also snowboarding.

Even if you’re simply out in the rain, you don’t need to problem about this gimbal acquiring damaged or not functioning appropriately.

All in all, the Feiyu WG2 is a solid alternative of gimbal specifically for those doing wearable action videography and for those who occupational about water.

Removu S1 waterproof GoPro gimbal


Removu is a brand-new brand also in the gopro footage stabilization area. They concerned the market through the initially ‘waterproof’ Gimbal – the Removu S1.

With 4 to 5 Hours Battery life, a detachable wiremuch less joystick, and also the possibility to detach the brushless electric motors module from the handgrip, There’s a lot to favor about it.

Not really designed to be completely submerged under water, the Removu S1 is more ‘rainproof’ than waterproof. Designed to work-related well with the conventional go-pro housings, it uses 4 stabilization modes and also fairly good performance.

This is a high-finish gimbal, with a price tag close to Evo’s GP pro providing. As this is still a new product, we are waiting for even more customer feedago to come in this year. It might be at the height of this list in 2018!

DOBOT Rigiet (Go-Pro & Smartphones)


The DOBOT Rigiet provides a variety of modes. The auto-tracking mode is a really useful tool that keeps the video camera smoothly concentrated on a schosen perboy or object. Even if there is most action, it will certainly reprimary stable and concentrated where you want. The gimbal opeprices on 3 various axes and also you deserve to move it either manually via the joystick or usage one of the many obtainable settings.

This gimbal functions with virtually every iOS and also Android smartphone and also a lot of action cameras, as lengthy as they are under 230g in weight. This has iPhones, Samsung phones, and GoPro camperiods, among many type of others.

Although videography is the ideal use for the Rigiet, you have the right to likewise usage it to take excellent images. Tbelow are 3 various panorama settings. There is likewise a great time-lapse mode which you deserve to use for either photos or videos.

Live streaming is a perfect usage for this gimbal. You might also stream live for 24-hour constant shooting. This is because you can supplement that currently long-lasting battery with an external power source without preventing filming.

The DOBOT Rigiet might not be the incredibly best gimbal on the industry, yet it’s an extremely solid gopro gimbal, specifically for the price. It will certainly offer you premium stabilization and skilled high quality footage.

Hohem iSteady Pro: The Most Affordable Option


The Hohem iSteady Pro gimbal is an affordable means to up your video game, supplying great stcapability and also smooth motion. With a distinctive one-item design and an ergonomically sound take care of, this gimbal is comfortable to hold.

In enhancement to comfort, this architecture additionally adds to the as a whole stability. With 4 various stabilization modes and also a number of extra shooting choices, the iSteady Pro is the perfect companion for simply about any type of shooting situation you have the right to come up with.

The gimbal makes certain that activity is buttery smooth. As it moves, there is a impressive absence of motor noise favor you gain via some gimbals. This gimbal has actually a equivalent app that renders it basic to readjust a number of settings, consisting of rate and also motor torsion.

You deserve to likewise usage the app as a remote control to regulate the gimbal’s motion from a distance. The app has been recognized to be somewhat buggy however it does seem prefer they settle problems fairly conveniently.

Compatible through the majority of action camperiods, the iSteady Pro also renders it easy to include accessories prefer microphones and lights making use of the 1/4″ threview mounts. Another example of convenience is the 2-means charging system.

When totally charged, the battery lasts for around 12 hrs however you can additionally store it going with an outside power resource like a power bank. Additionally, you have the right to use the gimbal’s power to charge your electronic camera, even while continuing to use the gimbal. Ultimately, the stabilization of the Hohem iSteady Pro is extremely great, specifically for the price point.

It can be an entry-level and also reasonably standard model in regards to performance and use but the stcapacity it uses will certainly be more than good enough for the majority of customers.

Zhiyun Evolution



The Zhiyun Evolution is compatible through a number of GoPro HERO models, consisting of the GoPro HERO 4, 3+, 3, 2, and 1.This certain gimbal is BacPac sustained, which will make shooting an easier process all at once.The Zhiyun does precisely what it is meant to do; it stabilizes your GoPro footage and also keeps movement smooth and exact.This go pro gimbal is pretty reasonably priced, via customers saying that it is a first-price product and well worth the money to stabilize action footage.


Tbelow have been some complaints around this gimbal starting out working correctly however losing its usability over time.If you attempt to power up your gimbal without both the GoPro and the batteries appropriately mounted, then it will certainly attempt to compensate for the lacking weight and also could possibly malattribute.

Neewer NW-Z1-Rider2 3-Axis Portable Steady Multi-Function stabilizer

The Neewer NW-Z1 Rider2 3-Axis GoPro Gimbal is yet one more device that offers you nearly perfect stabilized GoPro videos without any type of video blemishes.

Three various modes are obtainable on the NW-ZI Rider2 (also easily accessible as zhiyun rider under the zhiyun z1 name), these are, pan adhering to only (no tilt), pan and tilt follower and also no pan or tilt (locked off).

Tright here are 2 butlots on the regulate stick for modes “tilt in” and “roll in”.

Another great attribute of the Neewer Gimbal is the chest mount choice and the truth that it comes with its own extension rod that helps to achieve long-distance shooting.

The battery life lasted us an incredible 4 hrs and also was still going solid as soon as we finished shooting!


Working voltage: 8.4VWorking current: 120mABattery Capacity: 900mAh (18350 LIPO)Tilt Working Angle:-90 ~ 180° (vertical handheld)Roll Working Angle: -45°~ +45°Heading Working Angle (vertical handheld): -135 °~ +135°Heading Working Angle (leveled handheld): -45°~ +45°Tilt Speed: 1°/s ~50°/sHeading Speed: 1°/s ~ 80°/sMax Battery Operation Times (25°C, 2*900mAh): 5hOperation Temperature: -20°C ~ +45°CWeight: 12.7oz /361g

What’s in the box:

3-Axis Handhosted Gimbal Camera Stabilizer *118350 LIPO Battery *2Battery Charger * 1Micro USB Cable *1Charging Cable for GoPro *1Velcro Strap *1Warranty Card *1Manual *1

EVO GP 3 Axis Handorganized Gimbal

The EVO GP 3 Axis Handorganized Gimbal, is just one of the very few Gopro Gimbals that the software application is already configured, therefore, you literally take it out of the box, hook it up to your go pro hero and you are ready.

A 5-minute job!

The EVO GP screams quality via its durable steel framework that is really basic on the eye.

It comes via 3 settings – head-follow mode, head and also pitch follow mode, inverted, and also lock mode and also all 3 settings deserve to be operated from the “tilt and also mode” buttons on the take care of of the Gimbal.

The battery life lasts over 4 hours.

We would say that this is among the ideal commodities on the industry at the minute for an excellent price.


Works through GoPro Hero3/3+/4 or Garmin Virb XE (requires respond to weights)Strong High Torque Motors Stabilization Accuracy ±0.01°.No Complex Setup – Mount Camera, Power, and also PlayExhas a tendency GoPro Battery Life through Included Charging CableUp To 7 Hours of Extend Battery LifeCompatible through GoPro LCD BacPac or Battery BacPac4 Modes – Heading Follow Mode, Heading Lock Mode, Heading & Pitch Follow Mode, Inverted ModeSupports Remote Control Functions through Remote Extension Cable (optional)1 Year USA Warranty

Zhiyun Smooth-Q


The Zhiyun Smooth Q GoPro & Smartphone Gimbal is a model designed for smartphones, but it does work the GoPro, thanks to a special plate that is contained to connect your GoPro Hero 3/4/5. It is exceptionally affordable considering what you are getting!

This gimbal gives 3-axis stabilization and also supports 360 levels of rotation.

It can track you or keep the picture stable and stable also as the gimbal gets moved about, prefer while on a run or a bumpy ride. The joystick controls are straightforward to use and also let you smoothly pan in any direction.

Extreme temperatures and less than stellar weather problems are not troubles for the Smooth Q, so it’s perfect to use for shooting outdoor adventures.

This GoPro gimbal has an exceptional battery life and also you can also use it to charge your phone or GoPro. You can purchase add-on accessories favor exterior microphones or lights without affecting the performance, at leastern up to the maximum weight limit of 220g.

This impressive tool has actually a lot of bang for the buck, as it’s priced a lot reduced than equivalent models on the sector while performing at least equally too.

If you’re looking to take your GoPro videos to the next level, you have to definitely examine out the Zhiyun Smooth Q, it is more than likely the finest one you can gain in 2018 at this price level.

Lanparte LA3D



The Lanparte LA3D has a detachable manage with implies you deserve to use it as a hand-hosted gimbal or mount it wherever you would commonly mount a GoPro.One of the biggest benefits of owning the Lancomponent LA3D is that it has a integrated power port for charging your GoPro while filming. This very convenient premium attribute will mean fewer cords and much less mess to take through you filming.This stabilizer also uses two different kinds of batteries (18350 and also 18650) for multiple indicates of power sourcing.Users rave about the all at once high quality of this product, saying that it is made well and also lasts a long time. This is one of a perfect gimbals according to user feedback.


No component of this design is water-resistant or waterproof, rainproof. It is paramount to avoid moisture as soon as utilizing this product if you purchase it.Tright here have actually been some complaints about the stabilization of shots, and through some GoPro models, some buttons may be inavailable when attached to this gimbal.

IKAN fly X3 Plus



The Ikan features 3-Axis stabilization, which is optimal for eliminating shakiness in your shots.This gimbal is made of high-quality material, which indicates it is reasonably durable and has actually the potential to last (hardware-wise) for a long while.


Users have complained that this particular brushless gimbal can be challenging to balance effectively.This gimbal is a little bit even more expensive than other models on this list.

Redfox 3 Axis Gimbal



The Redfox 3 Axis Gimbal has the capability to run for approximately 12 hours at a time.This gimbal is extremely straightforward to put up. You have the right to start to usage it pretty a lot ideal out of package.The Redfox has actually a distinct, clean design and also is very aesthetically pleasing. Most gimbals show up to be made from some variation of steel, but this particular gimbal has a white aluminum finish.A Bluetooth remote control comes through the purchase of the Redfox 3 Axis gimbal, which is beneficial for regulating your stability from a distance.


Use caution once updating the firmware. Consumers have complained that updating recessed the Gimbal’s usability.

What is a Gimbal?

Well, a Gimbal for gopro hero is a lovely little tool occasionally dubbed a stabilizer.

The word Gimbal can be provided to describe somepoint that is designed to keep a GoPro Hero or comparable action cameras level, the even more fashionable term to explain a Gimbal would be a cam stabilizer and also anti-vibration device.

Handheld Gimbals are designed for exactly that objective, to ensure that once you are filming your footage, the cam is concentrating straight on what you are aiming at without any interference such as undesirable vibrations and shakes.

Handhosted Gimbals use powerful Brushmuch less Motors that are incredibly quiet and also last a lengthy time once totally charged.

The gyroscopes are designed to change the place of your go pro electronic camera in a free-flowing method to combat any type of vibrations you can encounter while you are shooting.

A 3-axis stabilizer deserve to be explained as “multidimensional” as the Gimbal can run the electronic camera – Left and ideal, Up and also Dvery own, and backward and also forwards.

Why do you need a Gimbal to shoot GoPro videos?

Gimbals are designed to give you a “butterfly” motion video that is smooth as silk.

Have a look at this video stabilized through a Feiyu Tech G4:

Most handhosted Gimbals are designed for your Smartphone or most GoPro camperiods such as the HERO collection.

GoPro was established ago in 2002 and also has actually given that become a powerhome agency for filming modern technology, specifically in extreme-activity videography.

A lot of civilization nowadays are taking up excessive sporting activities such as Skydiving, snowboarding, rock climbing, base jumping or powerboating and most the thrill seekers desire to take videos and post them to their websites or video networks such as YouTube.

A Handorganized stabilizer will encertain the footage is the ideal it deserve to be for the viewer.

Let’s be hoswarm, who is going to subscribe to and also webwebsite or video channel that makes you feel sea sick as soon as watching the videos?

These days, video quality is paramount for anyone significant around making videos.

The various forms of GoPro handhosted stabilizers

There are two major kinds of handorganized Gimbals, the 2 axes, and 3-axis.

The 2 axis gyroscope just stabilizes on the “pitch and roll” axis, while the 3 axis sell “yaw, pitch, and roll.”


The ideal gopro gimbals usage 3 axis stabilization, it is taken into consideration the much better alternative as it will remove the jittery filming as soon as relocating horizontally (in the Yaw axis).

With that being shelp, periodically human being will opt for the 2 axis Gimbal particularly if they are looking to attach it approximately a Drone, as the 2 axis Gimbal has actually one less motor than the 3 axes, therefore, is much lighter for the drone to bring, hence ensuring a much longer battery life.

You have the right to also uncover non-motorized gimbals, like the famed official roxant pro, these are a lot more affordable but won’t acquire you the very same smooth footage as proper gimbals with integrated stabilization motors and also batteries.

Handheld Gimbals commonly have actually between 1 and also three modes.

The most standard is being just the one “follow me” mode and the better finish handhosted Gimbals have actually Pan Following Mode that locks tilt and roll axes, so the camera smoothly pans to follow the direction of the tool.


Tilt and Pan Following Setting locks on the roll axis so that the electronic camera smoothly complies with the pan and also tilt activities of the handle.

The Axis Lock setting locks the pan, tilt, and roll axis of the cam right into place as soon as the mode is activated.

The higher-finish gimbal stabilizers commonly have actually 3 basic to operate buttons on the manage so you deserve to flip in between modes while in activity. It can take a bit of obtaining offered to, but it is a very useful assist to have actually once you have mastered it.

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You can also buy a 1 Axis gimbal, a lighter and cheaper alternative, such as the Feiyu Tech FY-WG Lite, which can be sufficient for your needs and still significantly boost your GoPro Hero footage.