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Driving direction to Casper College

From SouthwestFollow Hwy 220/CY avenue turn ideal on Poplar Street, turn left on college Drive/25th Street, monitor College Drive till you check out the Casper college Sign, turn best onto campus.

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From South and EastTake Interstate exit 185(East Casper/Evansville), revolve left top top Wyoming Blvd., following Wyoming Blvd the end of town until you come to the stoplight at Casper hill Rd intersection, rotate right. Monitor that road until you reach the Campus journey intersection, turn left.From NorthTake Interstate exit 188B (Poplar Street) and also turn best onto Poplar Street. Monitor Poplar Street until you with the university Drive/25th Street Intersection. Turn left, monitor College Drive till you watch the Casper university Sign, rotate right.

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From WestFollow Hwy 20/26 through Mills until you gain to the Poplar intersection, revolve right. Monitor Poplar until you reach the university Drive/25th Street Intersection, rotate left. Follow College Drive until you view the Casper university Sign, revolve right.

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List of building on campus:

AH — Aley HallBU — Thorson academy of BusinessCA — civic ApartmentsCS — McMurry Career research studies CenterDL — Doornbos breed boy FacilityEC — early on Childhood finding out CenterEI — Myra Fox Skelton power InstituteGW — Walter H. Nolte Gateway CenterHS — Saunders health and wellness Science CenterKT — Krampert facility for Theatre & DanceLH — Liesinger HallLI — Goodstein structure LibraryLS — Loftin Life scientific research CenterMA — maintenance BuildingMU — Music BuildingPS — Wold Physical scientific research CenterRH — Residence HallSF — storage FacilitySH — Strausner HallTA — Thorson ApartmentsTB — Erickson Thunderbird GymTM — Tate geological MuseumUU — Union/University Bldg.VA — Goodstein intuitive Arts CenterWA — grace Werner farming PavilionWH — Wheeler Terrace ApartmentsWM — Werner Wildlife MuseumWT — Werner technological Center
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