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Chrome has settings for allowing the browser"s applications to operation in the background, or to always start the browser with tabs from your last session.You can stop Chrome from opening old tabs each time you restart the internet browser by disabling this settings.

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GoogleChrome keeps opened old tabs top top startup most likely because of a setting called Continue where You Left Off, but it could be resulted in by other components as well.

The above-named feature intends to preserve your last searching session to allow you to continue whenever friend come ago online, so girlfriend wouldn’t have to do it yourself.

Some other people experienced the reverse of this issue, as Chrome keeps opening new tabs.

In this article, we’ll look at why Chrome keeps opening old tabs and also how to protect against the internet browser from act that.

What have the right to I execute to avoid Chrome indigenous re-opening old tabs?

1. Disable the proceed Where friend Left off option


Click ~ above the 3 dots in the optimal right-hand edge of your screen.Go to More Tools, and choose Extensions.Find the Google Hangouts extension.Click top top the toggle to disable the extension.Hit the REMOVE button.

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What was intended to it is in a attribute turns out to be annoying for plenty of users. If you notification that Chrome keeps opening old tabs, it might be resulted in by number of factors.