late in God that War, you’ll have the ability to reach the shores of the Light Elf Outpost. To discover everything, you’ll require the titular item indigenous “The Magic Chisel” Journey. Come dock, you’ll have to be in the Lake the Nine’s low water phase. In this guide, we’ll display you just how to get every little thing in light Elf Outpost.

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A keep in mind on God of war spoilers

God that War is complete of surprises, and also that provides guides an especially tricky come write. We desire to help you through the game. We don’t want to spoil it. For this reason we want you to understand that we’ve created every overview with spoiler in mind. 

If our guide doesn’t show up to obtain you every items (a chest, because that example), yes sir a reason for that. Fairly than spoil the reason, our tables the contents and also a large image in the guide indicating spoiler ahead will tell you when and why you uncover yourself in that instance — in the least spoilery way possible. 

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interaction Entertainment via

Light Elf station 100% perfect

Here’s what you can discover on light Elf Outpost:

Realm Tear Encounter: 1Legendary Chests: 1Nornir Chests: 1

In this guide, we’ll display you just how to find them all.

The dock, the Ogre and also the Shadows

SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interactive Entertainment via You deserve to see full island after the Lake of Nine’s low water phase. Paddle to the northern side of irradiate Elf station to uncover a beach whereby you have the right to dock.

Once you cross into the main area, you’ll see an Ogre and also and a few Shadows. (If you strategy this area even later in the game you may see different enemies.) If you have actually the chisel from “The Magic Chisel” Journey, you deserve to unlock the chisel door to with a coffin containing a handful of solid Svartalfheim steel and number of World Serpent scales.

How to discover Nornir chest runes

One of the few things you’ll notification in this area is a Nornir chest.

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The runes room scattered throughout this entire island, and the remainder of this overview will show you whereby to uncover the rune seals come break and the item you deserve to pick up follow me the way.