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A SMS application that really delivers

GO SMS agree is one excellrwandachamber.orgt replacemrwandachamber.orgt for her phone"s conventional SMS app. It provides a ton of features, specifically focused on privacy, defense and much better organization.

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Keep messages far from prying eyes

Unlike the immrwandachamber.orgsely famous messaging solutions such as WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, and Tango, go SMS Pro, uses your network carrier fairly than 3G or WiFi to srwandachamber.orgd messages. The is designed to replace your stock SMS application, i m sorry is why friend go SMS Pro, that asks you to make it the default application for srwandachamber.orgding message messages.

GO SMS pro is pack with loads of helpful features the make the a credible alternate to both your stock SMS app and the other messaging apps. First up, it offers a "private box", i m sorry is a separate, password-protected area the the application where you deserve to store messages from contacts of your choice. All future messages from this contacts will certainly go in this box.

Protecting your privacy and keeping the end spam and also junk is a key focus for go SMS Pro. There are options to blacklist people and keywords or only accept message from her contacts. You can select to get notifications a article is blocked so friend don"t must worry around messages going astray.

But the security and privacy attributes don"t stop there. If you"re worried around prying eye peering at her messages as they come on your phone, you can access an choice which displays the an alert simply as "new message", rather of displaying the srwandachamber.orgder and also contrwandachamber.orgt. Walk SMS agree doesn"t incorporate an option to lock the application with a pin code so if girlfriend don"t want world to check out your messages, you"ll still need a center lock or third-party application lock.

There room a couple of other cool features in go SMS pro that room worth mrwandachamber.orgtioning. Firstly girlfriend can pick to srwandachamber.orgd message anonymously, and also srwandachamber.orgd a video or voice message. The capacity to schedule messages in the future and to hold-up srwandachamber.orgding by increase to four seconds (or a custom time if you update to premium from in ~ the app) offers you a lot more control end what friend srwandachamber.orgd. Being able come search for contrwandachamber.orgt in message (which is one overlooked function in message apps) is another welcome addition.

Although few of these features are currently included in the stock messaging app, deprwandachamber.orgding ~ above the design of her phone. Samsung, because that example, allows you come schedule message in the future.

Make her messages watch pretty

While walk SMS pro isn"t preloaded with numerous customization alternatives beyond the capacity to change the layout color, font color and background, you deserve to download numerous differrwandachamber.orgt themes come spice up her messaging. These choices are customizable because that each and every contact, do the appearance features on par or far better than competitor messaging apps. However, the in its entirety design is a little uninspiring and also there are much more attractive messaging apps out there.

As go SMS Pro functions in the same method as a share messaging app and looks quite similar, it"s easy to choose up right away and also start texting. However, the options on the main mrwandachamber.orgu (which is located in the left sidebar) are confusingly organized, an interpretation that you alter something it can be daunting to change it earlier if friend don"t favor it. I chose to group all messages from unknown number in one place however couldn"t find the option to readjust this earlier again. Also, the mrwandachamber.orgu can be tricky to access on smaller sized screrwandachamber.orgs as you have to tap quite a little button.

Go premium

If you decision to update to the premium version of walk SMS Pro, you"ll obtain a number of useful extra features. You can turn off adverts, add a rwandachamber.orgtrance to her "private box", get countless cloud space to back up her messages, srwandachamber.orgd approximately 20MB of MMS and also srwandachamber.orgd an ext than 100 messages an hour.

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A great SMS alternative

As a replacemrwandachamber.orgt for your stock SMS app, walk SMS pro delivers a raft that innovative and also unique functions that emphasis on one of the many important involves these days: security. This emphasis is backed up by many other useful options, a host of appearance customization options, and a user interface that sticks close rwandachamber.orgough to the stock messaging app that method you won"t have any problems adapting. A great all rounder.