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If you very own a smartphone, you are awesome. Due to the fact that you can literally install an application for practically everything you execute or desire to do. It’s your alarm clock, your diary, accessibility to any type of person that is ~ above Facebook, Twitter or Google plus, and also yes, it’s her phone also, i beg your pardon you rarely use.

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If her smartphone wake up to it is in an Android, it opens up a totality new world of possibilities. Today, we room going to talk about just one possibility that you make you phone even smarter, cool and attractive, you have the right to say a 2.0 variation of your present smartphone. Yes. Check out on.


We space talking around GoLauncher, that an app that adds extra usability to an Android making use of the innovations existing in her smartphone. One you download it, friend can gain the adhering to things.

Refreshing look and also Clean Interface

Android is all the on all the gadgets yet every the Android phones from various companies are different since they placed an extra class on peak of it to make it look at different and usable.

But you might not prefer it what is over there on all various other phones, GoLauncher permits you to produce a unique look by letting you choose different setups for the watch of her phone. (the within of that obviously)

You can adjust the fonts, symbols size, label colors, net sizes and so on to give it a completely different look. Girlfriend can likewise install the Themes accessible in the go Launcher store, you might require part credits to enable the theme.

Personally, i did no find any kind of theme helpful as it’s simply some changes you can make it yourself from the setups area. The default look of GoLauncher watch beautiful anyway. What we desire is extra use which we will talk around in the remainder of this article.

Make it look and also feel quick with transitions

One of the options, friend will discover in the setups is the Transitions, that the method you desire your phone’s software to move into different sections. Like, going come the app drawer native the residence screen, relocating to the next display etc.

It offers the software application a emotion that you can see the software application behaving on her taps. It looks nice and the phone feeling fast. You can collection it noþeles you like or copy mine.

Smart Gestures to Launch your Favourite Apps

Smart gestures are one of my favorite attributes of go Launcher, you can ask her phone to complete an action for a specific gesture, for example, I have actually two finger swipe up because that WhatsApp and two-finger swipe down for Trell, both apps the I use a lot. Friend can collection any app/shortcut you want.

Search any kind of app with just a Swipe

This feature, in continuation with Gestures, is useful in finding any type of app girlfriend want v a solitary swipe down. Save the find bar configured to one of the gestures to accessibility it fast. By default, that swipe down. Which functions well because that me.

Lock Edits to Keep youngsters from Messing her Apps up

If you have a kid at residence who takes her phone because that something and also then you need to spend few minutes come rearranging the symbols on the residence screen, you will certainly love this feature, it locks the edits, meaning, the application icons on the home display screen or application drawer will not move, unless you unlock the lock native the walk Launcher settings.

To usage Go Launcher for this reason that youngsters won’t mess things up, review this guide.

Double Tap come Lock & Turn Off the screen

People through bigger phones, (5.2inch or more) understand the struggle of locking your phone as the lock button is past the reach of their hands unless they are large Show or some other WWE wrestler.

How about double tap come lock her phone and turn the display off? Yes, the a feature I use and love it. You have to install the lock screen app additionally which is prefer some 500kb in size.

Hide Apps from App Drawer

Okay, perform you have actually some apps install the you don’t want anyone to see? Well, i am talking around the bloatware her phone carrier or the manufacturer has installed that, for some reasons, have the right to not be uninstalled. Well, Hide them. That easy.

Examples: You can hide the Lock screen app icon, settings, arbitrarily widgets the come in addition to Go Launcher and also other apps come make store your app drawer organized.

Set a Locker top top your private Stuff

Now, if you have something really private, choose the WhatsApp or the photograph Gallery. Random guys maybe asking her phones to play gamings or stuff, and you are not comfortable providing them, any type of reason it is in it x,y,z you have an alternative to lock certain apps through a pattern based locker.

Note: If you forget her lock pattern, you have the right to request the password to your email. Friend will gain something prefer 2459 i m sorry is the serial variety of dots horizontally.

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So, these are too many cool attributes in a solitary app and also they will definitely make your life better.