Looking for simply the best gift for an Uber or Lyft driver but don’t understand where come start? We’ve reviewed over 300 possibilities and narrowed them down to 16 great ideas — in addition to two you should more than likely avoid. Even if it is they are brand-new to the ride sharing economic climate or skilled pros, this list offers something because that every form of driver. Enjoy!

This two-in-one contraption will keep your car’s air purified while likewise charging any type of USB-connected device. Clears body odor, pet smells and more. Comes v a 100% satisfaction guarantee and also a year-long warranty.

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Help your keep his or her vehicle looking professional and also clean v these complete vehicle care kit. Has a reflective auto wax, a tires gel, an internal detailer and more. Clock those passenger ratings climb once his or her vehicle looks prefer a million bucks.

A dash video camer is insurance because that an Uber or Lyft driver versus any possible claims that might arise indigenous dangerous drivers. This 170° LCD camera through night vision will save tabs ~ above the roadway at all times. Also obtainable with twin front/rear vision for extra.

There’s nothing worse than a smelly car. Yet there room a the majority of solutions to odor that room either ineffective or leave riders gasping for some real fresh air. The PURGGO freshener is a natural solution made with Bamboo Charcoal, i beg your pardon absorbs odors through trapping them inside. To win rave reviews from users, it last an ext than 365 days — much much longer than most fresheners.

A clean car is a crucial factor to enhance one’s driver rating and ultimately earn more. Don’t garbage money acquisition your automobile in come get comprehensive when you can quickly do that yourself through this top-rated auto vacuum. Use everyday to keep your vehicle germ free, smell fresh and also looking choose new.

A practical guide to gain the most out of journey share driving. Learn tips and tricks to knife more, happiness customers, and get height ratings. Pack with important information the will placed you front of many other cd driver and set you up for success.

For security reasons, us hope your driver is already using a phone call mount. But chances space they are not utilizing this cool magnetic mount, which supplies the versatility to attach any type of smart phone and even mini tablets. Hooking on to the car’s waiting vent, the keeps an useful window genuine estate unobstructed. The WizGear model, attached here, gets the ideal customer ratings.

Keep your Uber journey alert and also spill-free through this expertly designed take trip mug that’s perfect because that the road. Will keep his or her coffee warm for increase to five hours that driving. The auto-seal an innovation allows you to sip without having to unscrew the peak while driving.

Available for both Uber and Lyft, one LED sign is a good way come make sure nighttime customers room able to conveniently recognize the vehicle as it pulls up. Runs on batteries and is visible up to 20-30 feet away. There’s nothing an ext frustrating 보다 trying to find a lost customer in the dark, and this sign has actually an extra cool factor that riders will certainly love.

A blunt, open minded account the life behind the wheel of one Uber in Tampa Bay. Ex-driver john Dillingham recounts interesting, sad, horrifying and also hilarious tales of passenger — plenty of after 1 am in the morning. A good read for Uber drivers and passengers alike.

If you’re one Uber or Lyft driver looking for a 5 star rating and also perhaps one extra tip, consider including part light snacks and also water v this comfortable seat back organizer the keeps your drinks cool. It likewise includes a organization box in ~ the bottom – a great way to ensure sick customers don’t spread out their germs roughly your car.

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Look favor a million through this Uber t-shirt (and some shades). When it need to seem a small funny, customers treatment quite a bit about professionalism and also will feeling safer and secure if you’re sporting a firm shirt. Plus, it’s a fun conversation starter in ~ parties.

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