People that were lucky to witness the boom of texting solutions know how much we have actually come over the last decade. We have gone from producing facial expressions from keyboard characters — Emotsymbol — to sending high-resolution Graphics Interadjust Layout (GIF) clips, and also we couldn’t be more grateful.

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A GIF file deserve to be a still picture or a funky computer animation, however the palette is restricted to 8 bits per pixel, which produces a maximum of 256 colors. A 256-color palette might not seem a lot, but it is usually enough for simple logos and also animation.

Those little bit animated clips have actually become the many liberating develop of expression for many users and the leading developers have taken notification. Google’s Gboard, Samsung Keyboard, and Swiftkey, all have dedicated GIF shortcuts. And in this piece, we’ll do our ideal to get you acquainted with each of them, making sure you never run out of quirky replies and also clever ice-breakers.

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Google Gboard keyboard Samsung Keyboard SwiftKey Keyboard

Google Gboard keyboard

Google’s Gboard is just one of the leading keyboard apps on the Google Play Store and also for good reason. It has a bunch of energy functions and it leaves no rock unturned to save you entertained.

Download: Gboard from Google Play

How to sfinish a GIF making use of Gboard?

Tip 1: While using the Keyboard tap on the ‘G(oogle)’ button.


Step 2: Tap on the GIF Button.


Step 3: The Trfinishing GIFs are shown listed below the search area, while various other popular categories are presented in the exact same location.


Just browse through the area alongside the search field to discover all well-known categories.


Samsung Keyboard

Samsung Keyboard can’t be officially downloaded on other tools, so, the reach is fairly much less that Google’s Gboard or SwiftKey. However before, if whenever we are talking about leading key-board apps, Samsung Keyboard never seems to lag behind.

How to sfinish a GIF using Samsung Keyboard?

Tip 1: While keying tap on the emoji switch icon.


Tip 2: Tap on GIF.


Step 3: Tap on the search icon on the bottom left to obtain the search area. You have the right to likewise browse the area beside it to check out various other popular categories.


SwiftKey Keyboard

With over 500M downtons, SwiftKey can be safely branded as one of the a lot of famous keyboard apps in the world. Like others, SwiftKey, too, has progressed an excellent deal over the last few years, dropping most extra weight to end up being an efficient stock key-board alternate.

Download: SwiftKey from Google Play

How to sfinish a GIF using Swiftkey?

Step 1: While inputting, tap in the little ‘+’ icon at the top-left corner of your keyboard application.


Tip 2: Tap on GIF.

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Step 3: Tap on the search symbol at the top-best corner of your keyboard application to go to the search field. You have the right to look for different popular categories in the area nearby to the primary search field.