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obtain UP obtain UP acquire UPDrop the bombshell!GET UP get UPThis is outta control!GET UP acquire UP gain UPDrop the bombshell!GET UP get UPGet goneNow watch who"s comin" yes look who"s backQuick fall the bombshellStraight to the trackThe 21st century death machineI"m top top the inside of a five-headed teamNow I"m no the sameYeah, cause you"re no the sameAnd you"re not the very same yeahCause I"m no the sameAnd we"re no the sameThis might never it is in the sameAnd We just wanna surviveChorus x2Now you wanna conserve us and also you want it allAnd you desire the transmit, reason you want the callAnd you desire the one that made the human beings collideBut since that has happened the girls watch in sizeWe"re not the exact same x3Chorus x2Get up gain up!(( fall the bombshell ))Get up acquire up!(( autumn the bombshell ))ChorusYeah! yes yeah!
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