Here is a guide to define the basics of sweetheart hunting, a setting that was presented a couple of weeks ago and that I find pretty fun.

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Where carry out I go to start adventuring?

Treasure hunts occur in the an ar of Zhul’Kari. Similar to for the Arena in damaged Spire, you’ll find the activity located top top the bottom right when you click on the kingdom.


Oh no! we don’t have any map!

How deserve to I gain treasure maps then?

Do no worry, fellow adventurer! The video game provides you through several methods to acquire maps.

1/ You can buy castle in the shop – simply go to the rewards screen and also buy them for 25 glories.


2/ you can acquire them any type of time you make a cascade, i.e. Matches that cause 7+ drops. Unfortunately, i was no quick enough to carry out a screenshot to show it.




On the height left corner, you’ll watch a number, which starts at 15: that is the variety of moves you have the right to make. As soon as it get zero, that over.

There space two methods to keep the counter going:

1/ any 4+ complement “stabilizes” the counter, the is, the number doesn’t decrease. If I perform a 4+ enhance each turn, the number will continue to be at 15.

2/ any type of 5+ complement gives girlfriend an extra turn, that is, the variety of available matches increases.

but I’m sure there room players out there who have actually done lot better!

And the enhance with the two other gold coins is make immediately, also if in classic mode the brand-new gold coin would have actually fallen, definition you’d have to use an extra move to make that match. You can actually often use this mechanic to your advantage.

Ok, so… what are all these various items to match?

Glad girlfriend asked!When you complement items, rather of disappearing indigenous the board, castle transform right into a various one:

3+ copper coins turn into a silver coin.3+ silver- coins turn right into a yellow coin.3+ yellow coins turn into a pouch.3+ pouches turn right into a brown chest.3+ brown chests turn right into a green chest.3+ environment-friendly chests turn right into a red chest.3+ red chests turn into a infant motherlode.

But… why? What is the point of every this?

The point, dear sweetheart plunderer, is to acquire as many big treasures together possible!When your respond to reaches zero, the video game rewards you follow to what is left on the board.

Here is a break down of the rewards for each item:


Pouch: 25 yellow or 3 souls


Green chest: 175 gold, 15 souls, 2 glory point out or 1 gem


Motherlode: 1000 gold, 80 souls, 10 glory points, 2 gems, 2 iron secrets or 1 magic key

Note that the rewards rise according to the container: girlfriend gain more gold if you open up a motherlode than you would a environment-friendly chest, for instance.

You can likewise adapt your play follow to what you want to farm: if you hope to obtain gems because that instance, it’s better to protect against at the environment-friendly chests since the red chest and also the motherlode decrease your opportunity at acquiring some. ~ above the various other hand, if you hoping because that keys, red chests and motherlodes become your goals. And if you anything like me, you simply play because that fun!


Ok so exactly how do I understand what i won?

At the finish of the game, all of your items disappear indigenous the board one through one, and you can see the rewards you get from lock on the appropriate of your screen.

Here are three instances of treasure searching rewards. You can see the the rewards might vary quite a lot from one game to the next. One video game can mostly offers you gold, one more one largely souls, and also another one a bit of everything. It’s all under to luck.

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Is it worth it? have to I purchase maps v my glory?

That one is really as much as you. A lot of civilization think it no worth since the rewards room not high enough for the 25 glories girlfriend pay. Ns disagree because I think that a funny mode and also I largely play it because that a readjust of pace in the game and also I don’t suppose any certain rewards; my score is constantly to go as long as possible, just for fun. But seeing the you can get them for cost-free when you do a cascade and that friend can obtain some from guild tasks, you don’t should spend glories on castle necessarily. It really depends on why you’re play them. If you don’t really have actually fun, simply don’t buy them. Girlfriend can get all the rewards they provide more quickly with classic way (soul or yellow farming line-ups / invades / arena / guild tasks).That gift said, ns will save buying some regularly due to the fact that I enjoy treasure hunting and also I’ve got quite a many glories the don’t really have much use. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you gain it also or not.

Can i go now? Tyri’s been wait for ages!

Sure, don’t store the lady waiting, and have fun, fellow adventurer!