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i recently bought a GTX 750 Ti superclocked native EVGA and also had a many fun playing with ittoday an upgrade for my game Ready chauffeurs came out. I want to install it. Yet upon opening geforce experience it gave errors and i cant open it. I"m completely lost
i have tried everything.- reinstalled GeForce Experience- walk the hosts record thing- also REINSTALLED windows 8.1i dont recognize what come domy pc specs:Microsoft windows 8.1Intel i5 4430 Gigabyte H81M-D2V8GB the ramGeForce GTX 750 Ti superclocked from EVGAKingston SSDnow v300 120Gb1.5 TB western digital eco-friendly drive because that games and programs.sorry for my negative English. Its no my aboriginal language.Note:Watch_Dogs likewise doesnt desire to pack my video game OR do a brand-new one

Oh i fixed it somehow.i updated my chipset drivers and also it functioned again
i update my drivers to 347.52btw:Watch_Dogs wants to load but when it starts to render the actual game it crashes

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