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Samsung’s gear VR headset is shaping up to be a hot holiday item… if girlfriend can acquire your hands on one.

Samsung’s consumer-ready gear VR headset just launched last week. As such, you aren’t likely to find any kind of deep sales on equipment VR this particular day on black color Friday, but Samsung is slightly sweetening the deal with complimentary site-wide shipping with 11/30, which applies to the equipment VR headset.

Samsung’s official equipment VR product page, which provides the headset at the initial $99 beginning price, says to mean 3-4 weeks for shipping, and also warns that the headset may not arrive by Christmas day.

Gear VR is technically accessible also in ~ Amazon and Best Buy, however currently detailed as marketed out.

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Ben Lang


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Lucio Lima

And in Europe we have actually no right to anything? i still deserve to not buy the brand-new GearVR due to the fact that it is not yet because that sale in my country (Portugal)! and it deserve to take month to happen!

Robert Reilly

I’m in the US and also no retailers have actually the brand-new gear vr. Number of for revenue on ebay yet they space going for twin the retail price.


Amazon has actually them since I bought out of stock and its shipping wednesday.

Lucio Lima

Delivery days are absurd!Standard delivery: obtain it by January 5-February 26Quick delivery: obtain it by December 31-February 24

Jesse James

Sucks to be you haha. Battered whining about it. The won’t readjust anything.

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