No doubt, this year"s SF proud is walking to be one for the books, if only because as the nation remains bitterly divided about its identity and also its future. Therefore in some component does the LGBTQ community find itself divided, arguing around which letter in the initialism deserves the most attention and who should control the future that the movement now the cisgender gay men and also lesbians have largely "made it," at the very least in many blue states, about equal rights. For the very first time in a lengthy time, this year"s proud parade ~ above Sunday is most likely to feeling a entirety lot angrier, and more political, than the largely corporate-sponsored and cheery solemn event it"s usually become. And also no doubt that power will med Friday"s infectious diseases worldwide March and Saturday"s yearly Dyke March together well.

Still, it"s SF"s huge gay community that litter the lion"s share of next come proud weekend, therefore the calendar below may be a little bit gay-heavy, every usual. You will all should pace yourselves regardless, especially if you desire to it is in mildly awake to see the main occasion on Sunday, i.e. The parade chin — which could be particularly provocative and also worth seeing for locals for a change.

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Plus, don"t forget the the Frameline LGBTQ movie festival is continuous all week, through a bunch of an excellent screenings still come come.


SCIENCE SPEAKEASY top top GENDER: Come learn more about human gender diversity with Dr. Madeline Deutsch that UCSF and Leakey foundation grantee Stephanie Meredith, together with drinks, food, and also experiments in ~ this Pride-themed scientific research Speakeasy at Public Works. 161 Erie Street in ~ Mission, 6 p.m. Come 9 p.m., $10-$15


DYKE CODES: Travel ago in time to the post-disco, pre-internet era because that "Dyke Codes: comes Out external The Bubble," a storytelling event featuring a "new generation of old-school queers share your stories around coming out as young dykes of color outside of large city life," including stories from Mona Webb, StormMiguel Florez, and Dawn Rudd. GLBT background Museum, 4127 18th Street, 7 p.m., $5 come $15 donation at the door please.

PULLED PORK pride BENEFIT: The yearly benefit party because that the Harvey Milk autonomous Club and hosted by 48 Hills is continue again ~ above the patio in ~ the Pilsner Inn. $10 it s okay you the beer bust deal and $10 it s okay you some pulled pork. Pilsner Inn, 225 Church Street near 15th, 6 p.m. To 9 p.m.

THE arts OF PRIDE: Juanita much more and 7x7 space co-hosting this fete at Blackbird featuring organized cocktails, bites, an interactive mural project, and also more. 2124 industry Street, RSVP required, $10 said donation


DICK in ~ NIGHT: 10 largely bearded traction performers, not including hostess grace Towers, will certainly be doing two shows at this offbeat traction affair in ~ Moby cock in the Castro, all v the layout "Proud Mary." mirrors at 9 p.m. (ish) and 11 p.m. (ish).Moby Dick, 4049 18th Street at Hartford, $5


LEXINGTON presents - proud KICKOFF at VIRGIL"S: The city"s just real lesbian bar the Lexington Club might be gone, yet the spirit stays on with occasions like this now yearly pride soiree in ~ Virgil"s in the Mission. This years attributes DJs Ms. Jackson, DJ OLGA T, and also Jamila Afrika, and will function artwork native a bevy of regional photographers and also artists projected on the back patio. Virgil"s Sea Room, 3152 Mission Street, 9 p.m. Come 2 a.m. $5

#YouAreLove - TREVOR project BENEFIT: This big benefit, special performances through Jessica athletic from NBC’s The Voice Season 4, DJ Philip Grasso, the SF gay Men"s Chorus, and also appearances by neighborhood drag stars love husband Mahogany, Donna Personna, Bearonce Knows, sister Roma, and Bebe Sweetbrier. Proceeds walk to The Trevor Project, i beg your pardon provides situation intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBT youth. Twitter Headquarters, Market and also 10th, 7 come 10 p.m. And doors close in ~ 8:30, discover tickets here

CHRISTEENE: The gross-out horror-camp-drag that Christeene will be ~ above full screen at the Rickshaw together she performs through "tha Boyz" and opening plot Ah Mer Ah Su. 155 dropped Street, 9 p.m., $10-$15

CLUB FINN:: new Castro tavern Finn city is ringing in its first Pride with 4 nights of parties after dinner organization is over, v appearances by traction stars Mercedez Monroe, sister Roma, Ruby Red Munro, and Whitney Skye Patterson, starting Thursday, and going through Sunday, starting at 10:30 p.m. Finn Town, 2251 sector Street in between Sanchez and Noe, 10:30 p.m. To 2 a.m., cover fee required

DRAG PARTY in ~ ELBO ROOM: The Stud"s very own VivvyAnne ForevoreMore is hosting this new monthly drag present "Beautiful! - because that Pride" at the Mission"s Elbo Room, through the aid of Abomonatrix, Laundra Time, DJ Primo Pitino, and more. 647 Valencia Street, 10 p.m. Come 2 a.m., $10

PRIDE NIGHTLIFE: The huge annual affair held by Heklina is continue again in ~ the Academy the Sciences, with music upstairs and in the aquarium, and also performances by residence of Glitter, Mahlae Balenciaga, miss out on Shugana, all through the design template "the future the love." victory prizes because that your own "Future the Love" looks, and dance to the DJ tunes of Swagger like Us and Juanita More! in the Piazza. Also, there"s food, booze, and the exhibits space open. Acquire tickets now, since this will market out. Academy that Sciences, 6 p.m. To 10 p.m. $15

mountain Francisco Trans in march (Image: Facebook)


TRANS MARCH: The neighborhood trans ar comes together at the beginning of every proud weekend to display their very own pride, strength, and also solidarity, and also this year, the infectious diseases worldwide March"s 14th, will certainly be no different. The day kicks off v a youth and also elder brunch in ~ Dolores Park in ~ 11 a.m., and also the rally with speakers and performers starts in ~ 3 p.m. The group will climate march at 6 p.m. Indigenous the park, increase Dolores and typically heads down industry to the location of the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots at Turk and also Taylor in 1966. This year"s theme: "Celebrating Resilience v Love & Resistance."

SHENANIGANS: MASK4MASK: The cheeky dudes that the Shenanigans crew room again cram a masquerade round at Oasis, and yes, masks room required. There will certainly be three dancefloors including a silent disco ~ above the roof, and also they promise "a club full of faceless torsos dancing come the win of many local DJs." suppose some masc/mask great times. Oasis, 298 11th Street, 10 p.m. Come 4 a.m., $10-$15.


MR. - 10TH ANNIVERSARY: This infamous mustache party take it a year off last year, but it"s earlier for one final, 10th anniversary, grande finale party in SoMa. The party this time is in ~ Verso, which when upon time was the animal leather bar The Loading Dock, and music will come courtesy that DJs David harness (Taboo), Borja (Daddy Issues), and also Juan (Beatbox events). Verso, 1525 Mission Street, $15 and up. Tickets here.

#BLACKQUEERMAGIC: black Fridays in ~ the Stud will ring in pride through this black queer celebration special drag and also burlesque performances, music by DJs miss Pop (Portland) and also John Fucking Cartwright, and also hosting by love husband Mahogany. The Stud, 9th and also Harrison, $10 before 11 p.m., $15 after

UHAUL proud KICKOFF: The hilariously named lesbian dance party UHAUL is doing a trio of next this weekend, starting with an all-black-attired kickoff in ~ Hawthorn close to Union Square. DJs incorporate Yooey (Honolulu)and China G (San Francisco), and there is a bottle service option. Hawthorn, 46 Geary Street, 9 p.m. To 2 a.m., $25

EVERY BODY: A party from club SomeThing is keep going in the "Loin in ~ Bao Down, through drag queens and dancing, hosted by GlamaMore and DJ Downey. Bao Down, 648 bush Street, 10 p.m. Come 2 a.m.

POUND PUPPY PRIDE: This party, which only loosely caters come the happy puppy beat community, constantly brings a organize of alterna-queer boys and also men to the Eagle because that a night that drinking and also dancing — and also stuffing money in the go-go puppy"s jock. And this year"s pride party will have actually a touch of brand-new Orleans via BOUFFANT BOUFFANT, the a me proclaimed design/party device from NoLa, who"ll it is in spinning alongside residents Taco Tuesday and also Kevin O"Connor. SF Eagle, 398 12th Street, 9 p.m., $20

STEAM PRIDE: This monthly, bathhouse-themed party in ~ Powerhouse attributes go-go boys acquiring wet in the "PowerShower," massages, drink specials, and, together always, the $100 wet bath towel contest, with proceeds indigenous the door going come the SF LGBT Center. Spinning the tunes this time around: DJ MAJR (Mikey Adolphson Jr.). Powerhouse, 1347 Folsom Street, 9 p.m., $10

ELECTROLUXX: The proud party indigenous the "incredibly inclusive" massive crew wake up at publicly Works, and this year functions a massage booth, LED hoop performances, costumes, tarot readings, a cuddling puddle, and a bevy of DJs. Public Works, 161 Erie Street, 9 p.m. To 4 a.m., $20-$30

POLYGLAMOROUS PRIDE: This year Polyglamorous brings the to win to society Six and will attribute DJs Heather, NoLa"s father Figure, and also residents note O"Brien, M*J*R and Beya. 60 sixth Street, 10 p.m. Come 4 a.m., $15-$30, tickets hereMANIMAL FRIDAYS pride KICKOFF: This brand-new party at Beaux might be the sexty ticket in the Castro top top Friday, featuring go-go boys styled by LA"s SHOKRA, and also tunes indigenous DJ Ms. Jackson. Beaux, 2344 sector Street, 9 p.m. Come 2 a.m.

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DYKE RALLY and MARCH: Yes, as always, the dykes will dominate the Mission, acquisition over Dolores Park for an all-dyke affair all afternoon, culminating in the constantly lively and also fun Dyke March. The march generally heads into the Mission and up Valencia, but the path isn"t strictly adhered to, and it generally ends increase in the Castro, but who knows. Starting in ~ Dolores Park, 11 a.m., march at 6 p.m.

PINK SATURDAY DAYLIGHT drag PARTY: when again, there"s no Pink Party this year in the Castro, but Beaux is again throwing your own, featuring Drag Race star Naomi Smalls alongside regional queen Au Jus, and also featuring DJ Becky Knox and also the Beaux GoGo Crew. Beaux, 2344 industry Street, 4 p.m., meet-and-greet in ~ 5 p.m., show at 7 p.m. $8 prior to 6 p.m., or $10

PINK MAMMOTH: This annual daytime block party that leans toward the Burner end of things has been renowned the last couple of years, and this year it attributes a list of DJs consisting of David Harness, Juan Garcia, Tim Green, DJ e"Lish, Kramer, and also more. Great Northern, 119 Utah Street, $15-$35

DYKE march AFTER-PARTY: This huge queer/dyke party will incorporate two dancefloors and a big outdoor area, through food, and also music from DJs Von Kiss (LA), Jenna revolt (SF/NYC), Skylar Love (VANCOUVER), UNIIQU3, DJ Val G., Star Amerasu, Chelsea Starr, and also others. Public Works, 161 Erie Street, 7 p.m. To 3 a.m., $10-$40

UHAUL DYKE march AFTER-PARTY: The UHAUL gals will certainly re-gather in ~ Harlot for a large shindig featuring go-gos and also beat by the Girl (San Francisco), Ry Toast (Los Angeles), and Ms. Jackson (San Francisco). Dykes room being command to "dress come impress" for this one. Harlot, 46 Minna Street, 9 p.m. Come 2 a.m., $25

DYKE march AFTER-AFTER PARTY: The Stud is placing on a new party indigenous the CMYK crew referred to as CMDYKE, featuring underground techno legend DJ SHIVA aka NONCOMPLIANT. The Stud, 9th and Harrison, 10 p.m. Come 4 a.m., $10 advance, $15-$20 in ~ door

JUNGLE - pride AT THE ARMORY: This year the big, circuit-y Armory dance-a-thon attributes headliner Betty Who, who"s likely to attract a younger group than could usually involved this sort of thing. And as with previous huge pride parties here, the DJ lineup consists of heavy-hitters favor Pagano, Danny Verde, Wayne G, and also Paul Goodyear. Expect cool light design, and also basically zero shirts. 333 14th Street, 9 p.m. To 4 a.m., $50-$150, ticket here

SWAGGER prefer US QUEER pride PARTY: A queer, inclusive, hip-hop-heavy alternative for the weekend is this shindig downtown. Record artist Trina will certainly be performing, and a part of the proceeds will go to advantage SF City Clinic. Mezzanine, 444 Jessie Street, 9 p.m. Come 3 a.m., $20-$60, tickets here

MOTHER PINK SATURDAY W/CAZWELL: Cazwell comes earlier to town to game the mommy crew, and this pre-Pride execution will additionally feature performances by Heklina herself, Roxy-Cotten Candy, Madd Dogg 20/20, and also Hollow Eve. 298 11th Street, doors at 10 p.m., $15

Photo: Afterglow/Facebook

AFTERGLOW: one more Burning man Pride affair that"s been huge for a couple of years is this blacklight-themed party native the comfort & delight crew. Placed on part Day-Glo and/or simply some body paint and also go dance and sweat it up at this mainly gay party. Pre-sales are offered out, though, and also this one"s expensive. 550 Barneveld, 10 p.m. Come 6 a.m., $106

COLOSSUS: Guess whereby else the circuit monarchs will be? They"ll be heading to great Northern about midnight because that this annual affair native Gus Bean, special DJs Nacho Chapado, Mauro Mozart, and also Jack Chang. Great Northern, 119 Utah Street, $75


PARADE and also FESTIVALThe day kicks off at 10:30 a.m., and the parade typically winds down roughly 2 p.m. Everyone ultimately ends increase in and around civic Center, yet you never deserve to tell once it can end. Headlining the key stage in prior of City Hall will be Betty Who and Cazwell, and also there room multiple step with various music themes transparent the Civic center area.

JUANITA MORE"S pride PARTY: Pre-sale tickets are gone, yet there will certainly be plenty in ~ door, Juanita promises, despite you more than likely want to roll up early. Yet again the party is in the courtyard at Jones, and it is always a big, fab, well dressed refuge indigenous the Civic facility madness. This year"s party services the Q foundation and the LGBT Asylum Project, and also you have the right to expect performances native the good Miss Rahni, Nicki Jizz as“Labelle,” and also music by Christy Love, One-half Nelson, john Fu**ing Cartwright, and also John Walker. Jones, 620 Jones Street, Noon come 10 p.m., $45+, tickets at door beginning at 11:30 a.m.

MIGHTY actual - POOLSIDE: The Mighty genuine crew will be law it up again around the pool at the Phoenix Hotel. And this year the to win come indigenous resident David Harness together with Quentin Harris & Hector Romero + Tedd Patterson. There is food on the grill, and also fun in the sunlight while it lasts. Phoenix Hotel, 601 Eddy Street in ~ Larkin, $55-$60

PRIDE "POOL" PARTY at OASIS: A cheap and easy daytime escape indigenous the Civic center festivities is this now yearly rooftop party in ~ Oasis, featuring a six-foot kiddie pool, floaties, Sneaky"s BBQ, and booze. Oasis, 298 11th Street, 1 p.m. Come 6 p.m. Free

HARD FRENCH PRIDE: and another yearly tradition is of course the indoor/outdoor tough French party at Mezzanine, where you have the right to wind under your day (or wind up her night) with music from occupants Carnita and also Brown Amy in the earlier alley, and also check the end headliner Ronnie Specter and The Ronettes. This crowd will certainly skew a bit younger, and also this one starts early on too.

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Mezzanine, 444 Jessie Street, 3 p.m. Come 11 p.m., $20-$60

UHAUL proud AFTER-PARTY: The third and last lesbian-centric party indigenous the UHAUL corridor takes over big Union Square nightclub Love + Propaganda and also they promise go-gos, "lezzie bartenders," and DJs Bribee (San Francisco), Von Kiss (Los Angeles), and also Skylar Love (Vancouver). 85 Campton Place, 8 p.m., $20

HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM PRIDE: If you"ve still obtained plenty that energy and took Monday off, you"ll want to head to Folsom Street Foundry"s because that the honey Soundsystem boys" pride edition electro fest. That goes into the wee hours, and also this year functions Detroit DJ Holographic. Folsom Street Foundry, 1425 Folsom Street, $20 before 10 p.m., $30 after.