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The days of the Garmin watches v bands friend couldn"t remove are firmly a thing of the past. If you desire to simply gain a replacement band, or provide your Garmin a smarter look, it"s much easier to execute that.

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Whether that"s the Garmin Fenix range, Vivoactive 4 or Venu smartwatches, or running watches like the Forerunner 245 or 945, pretty much every Garmin watch has the capacity to switch out straps.

That method you"re maybe to choose up among Garmin"s other main band options when you want to move up colors and looks. The does additionally mean you have actually the capacity to swap in some an ext affordable clock bands external of the persons Garmin has to offer together well.

Whether you"re trying to find something that supplies something a bit different from the official alternatives or a back up for your key one, we talk v the varieties of bands you deserve to get, phone call you how to eliminate them and then choose out part bands we think space worthing hovering over the purchase switch for.

Types the Garmin watch bands

There room a variety of different setups the Garmin uses with that is watches and bands. Here"s the breakdown:

Screw-in watch bands

These come through two screws in ~ either end of the lug hold the strap in place. Removed these requires a driver (often noted with the brand-new bands) and permitting the bar to drop out. Make sure you store the pins and also screws. There’s a diagram here.

Your new band need to come through pins that its own. Usage those and also keep the old people attached come the various other bands. Just insert the new strap right into the lug and use the provided tools to screw in the screws at either end.

Quick release bands

These bands, i m sorry ship v a variety of Forerunner, Vivoactive, Vivomove and Approach golf watches, are simpler to unclip. Just pull back horizontally on the spring (usually through a lever poking the end of the rear of the strap) and also lift the out. Make certain you keep the pin.

No screwdrivers compelled here when it"s time to change the band. Pull ago on the lever and hold that while you drop the strap into the lug. Release the spring and also the band will certainly lock in automatically. You’ll hear a solve click when it is in place.

QuickFit bands

The simplest of all. This bands come fitted through watches favor the Fenix 6. All you must do is pull down on the plastic fast release lever and also the band will certainly pop right out.

Depending top top which tape you were initially using, you may need to drop the pin earlier in, minus the original strap. With the screw-in bands, just replace the pin and also affix by screwing it back into the lugs.

Removing and also replacing a Garmin clock band


As stated already, Garmin has tried to save it constant in terms of exactly how you have the right to remove bands from its watches. Despite it deserve to slightly differ in between models. We"ve outlined just how to carry out it because that a few of the most popular models below:

Garmin Fenix series

All that Garmin"s latest outdoor watches use its QuickFit bands. To remove the band, slide down the latch ~ above the band and also you"ll have the ability to pull it far from the case.

Forerunner 245/245 Music

To remove the quick-release bands top top the 245 (both versions), you"ll must slide across the small pin ~ above the little spring bar top top the earlier of band when it"s time to placed on other new.

Vivoactive 4/4s

Like the 245, Garmin has used the same quick-release bands and pin system on the recent Vivoactive watches. So just slide across the bar to eliminate the Vivoactive band.

Garmin Venu

While it"s the very first Garmin watch to organize a full shade AMOLED display, the Venu bands work-related in the same means as numerous of Garmin"s quick-release bands. You"ll must look because that the spring bar top top the back of the band, i beg your pardon you have the right to slide come release.

Forerunner 235

A to run favorite, the 235 provides the screw-in clock bands, which means getting a screwdriver to eliminate the screws in the bands to remove the bar and also fit in a new band.

Garmin replacement 20mm bands

Vivoactive 3VenuForerunner 245/645Fenix 5S/5S Plus)NotoCity silicone band

Price: $9.99 | Amazon


The Venu is Garmin"s smartwatch that"s designed come straddle sporty and also stylish looks and also this band definitely veers in the direction of the former. The 18mm choice comes in 10 different colors and is available in big and tiny sizes. If you don"t have actually a Venu, it"ll also work through the Vivomove Luxe and Style, Forerunner 645, 245 and Vivomove 3.

Penkey scrunchies band

Price: $11.99 | Amazon


Compatible v the Vivoactive 3 collection and Forerunner 645, the band that looks prefer a scrunchy come in small and big sizes and six different colors. It supplies a quick-release mechanism to gain it in place and also is perfect for wrist sizes ranging from 149mm-234mm for the tiny and 160mm-270mm if you walk large.

Intoval classic leather band

Price: $14.88 | Amazon

A solid option once you desire to smarten things up, this 20mm animal leather band have the right to be matched up with the Forerunner 245, 645 and also Vivoactive 3 collection watches. There"s three color options up because that grabs and also a classic watch buckle to store it in place. It offers the quick-release mechanism and two spring bars are had to acquire it securely in place.

Ancool silicone band

Price: $7.99 | Amazon


This sporty two-tone 20mm band through a gold shade clasp is a good fit because that the Forerunner 245 and 645. It"ll accommodate wrist sizes varying from 170mm-215mm and uses the quick-release method to secure it to your watch. That method no tools needed to acquire this stylish band on your wrist.

Yooside woven nylon band

Price: 16.99 | Amazon


Woven nylon bands are really on trend, yet they commonly don"t come cheap. This 20mm option comes in four various colors consisting of this red version and is perfect to it is in partnered up through the Fenix 5S and 5S plus watches. It"s partnered up with a metal buckle and will fit wrist sizes varying from 130mm-192mm. It"s a rapid fit-style band, so the won"t take long to obtain it swapped in for your current band.

Garmin replacement 22mm bands

Vivoactive 4Forerunner 935/945 Fenix 5/6/6 ProInstinctMarq

StrapsCo Canvas band

Price: $24.99 | StrapsCo


A comfortable canvas number which is perfect because that the outdoors, there are a range of muted colors that regulate to look for this reason on brand, you"d think lock came v the Fenix. Camo colors fit the tactical and also outdoors stylings perfectly.

It merged canvas and leather making the both easy on the wrist and also durable, and also fits a number of Garmin watches, v a buckle clasp the ensures a good fit. It only comes in one dimension (235mm) which method it go suit larger wrists.

NotoCity silicone band

Price: $9.99 | Amazon

This silicone band will certainly make a good replacement or ago up because that the one that comes through the Garmin Vivoactive 4. The 22mm band is available in 10 colors and can fit tiny (165mm-215mm) and big (185mm-235mm) wrist sizes. There"s stainless steel buckle to store it in place and the quick-release system makes the nice and easy to fit onto your Garmin.

Junboer silicone band

Price: $8.99 | Amazon

Injecting a little bit of funny to your Garmin, this vibrant skull band have the right to be paired up with the Fenix 5/5 Plus, Forerunner 935, Forerunner 945, Fenix 6/Fenix 6 Pro and Garmin Instinct. The 22mm option uses the quick Fit method to affix it to her watch and there"s also a leopard alternative if girlfriend really desire to walk wild with that look.

Isbake Band

Price: $11.99 | Amazon

This 22mm silicone band provides a good replacement or back-up because that the Forerunner 945, Fenix 6/6 Pro and the approach S60 watches. It"s available in 8 different colors including this lime environment-friendly number and also it comes through the tools needed to take off your existing band to swap in the brand new one.

LDFAS steel band

Price: $15.99 | Amazon


A band to course things increase on your 45mm Garmin Vivoactive 4, this 22mm stainless stole number come in black color or silver and uses the quick release system to clip it in. The fits wrist size from 140mm-205mm and comes through two spare pins had just in instance the ones on your existing band go walkies.

Garmin instead of 26mm bands

Fenix 3/5X/6XQuatixTactixFintie band

Price: $8.99 | Amazon


This 26mm band will wrap woven nylon on your wrist when paired up v a Fenix 5X/6X or Fenix 3. It comes in black, blue and olive and also comes with two screwdrivers to acquire it paired approximately your clock case. It"s perfect to right on wrist size measuring in between 160mm-222mm.

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NotoCity sport band

Price: $13.99 | Amazon

This band with contrasting colors come in ripe colors and also is an ideal for Fenix 6X, 6X Pro, 5X, 5X Plus, Fenix 3 and also Fenix 3 HR. It"ll right wrist sizes measuring in in ~ 190mm-224mm and a stainless steel buckle will certainly make sure it stays secure on her wrist as soon as you"re acquiring it every sweaty or the end adventuring.