an are Station 13 is a little bit of a cult classic, and here are 10 an ext games that space Station fans space guaranteed come love.

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While reasonably unknown by most mainstream gamers, Space station 13 has quite the faithful following. Through it’s unique blend that retro graphics, roleplaying elements, strangers banding together to accomplish common goals, and plenty the chaos, Space station 13 is a rather distinctive game.

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for those looking to play miscellaneous similar, the finest they can hope for is something that emphasizes different parts the the game. Even if it is players are in search of something the taps into the sense of paranoia, chaos, roleplaying, or multiplayer coordination, right here are some games to check out.

Rimworld charges players with keeping a group of survivors alive on a horrific alien world. It sounds simple on the surface, however the catch is that the survivors have actually their own wants and needs and wont necessarily carry out whatever the player asks them to ideal away, if ever.

This is a great alternative come Space terminal 13 for players that wanted to it is in in charge of the whole picture. At time it’ll feel like managing human players rather than NPCs and also gives perspective of what overseeing and managing something prefer that would be.

Barotrauma takes the concept of Space station 13 and puts the in a submarine in Europa’s perilous oceans. Players should work with each other to keep the submarine operation correctly, fend turn off Lovecraftian nightmares, and also prevent sabotage through rogue players.

This video game emphasizes the horror element much more heavily 보다 Space terminal 13, with much better graphics and gameplay in ~ the cost of roleplay ability and scale. This is probably one that the better options ~ above this list for a modernized version of Space station 13.

If chaos is what do Space terminal 13 appealing, climate the indie game Dwarf Fortress is the perfect choice. In this video game players room tasked with regulating a dwarven kingdom. However as any veteran of the game will say, the main draw is the insanity and also utter chaos that comes v this.

The player have the right to only generally direct the dwarves ~ above what they have to do, and starvation, madness, dragons, cave-ins, and suicidal homicidal dwarves can cause problems. Half the fun is watching the civilization crash and burn in bloody fiery glory.

The ship Remasted is a modernized work again, please again of the classic game The Ship: killing Party. Players room onboard a luxury cruise ship operated through a madman who pits the players against each other in a murderous game. Players are assigned to death a details target before being eliminated themselves.

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it taps right into the paranoia that comes from playing rounds of Space station 13, as allies might quickly turn right into enemies. Yes no learning who the player deserve to trust and also it’s all around survival through shaky alliances.

inspired by Space station 13, Stationeer is a game that puts football player on a space station and also charges them with maintaining it running and also staying alive. Through singleplayer or multiplayer options, players should design and also construct a space station, then save the temperature, waiting pressure, gas, water, and agricultural systems functioning appropriately to survive.

This video game focuses much more on the day-to-day logistics of realistic survival. There aren’t hostile aliens, bizarre clowns, or various other enemies one can see in Space terminal 13. This is all about designing the perfect system and keeping it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Cataclysm: Dark days Ahead is a post-apocalyptic survival game. Players will find themselves in a horrifying environment and also must survive. The graphics and gameplay are virtually identical come Space station 13 in many ways.

basically it swaps the sci-fi element for something much more akin to Fallout. It’s singleplayer, yet players can find NPC survivors that can act together allies, resources, or victims relying on the player’s goals. That an open up sandbox that Space terminal 13 veterans will certainly feel appropriate at house in.

Town of Salem focuses ~ above the paranoia elements inherent in Space terminal 13 and also emphasizes it. In this multiplayer game, every player has actually a specific role in town. These roles deserve to be supportive, managerial, insightful, or destructive in nature.

then over the course of numerous rounds, players shot to suss out the villains while the villains try to murder everyone else. The a lot more restricted in scope, but definitely taps into the paranoia that comes from surviving alongside civilization the player isn’t sure they have the right to trust.

FTL: much faster Than irradiate takes the ide of regulating a an are station and also puts the player in charge of keeping a spaceship intact. It’s usually a singleplayer concept of the game, through the player able to communicate other spaceships in battle.

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Granted yes sir no multiplayer and also roleplaying is pared earlier significantly, but as far as the feel and also playstyle, that a an ext convenient modernized version. That a an ext combat oriented version of Space terminal 13.

This is a bit an ext lighthearted 보다 others ~ above the list, yet it ticks turn off a few of the boxes. In We have to Go deeper players are sent underwater to explore the horrific depths of the ocean. Football player cooperate to store the submarine intact fighting huge sea monsters, merpeople, enemy penguins, and tentacles.

the a two to 4 player game, with each human able come fulfill particular duties ~ above the ship. It’s a bit less complicated than Space terminal 13, however for those looking for a Jules Verne-style twisted this is the game they’ll want.

Then ultimately a an excellent option because that those searching for an different to Space station 13 is Unitystation. Provided the problems of the original game’s Byond engine, players have ported it end to Unity and modernized it in the process.

Admittedly it has some flaws and also some football player still prefer the original, but this have the right to be a solid choice for those looking come dive into the video game for the an initial time or want something with much better engine support. In any type of case, it shows the fanbases desire to store the video game alive in the comes years, and Unitystation seems to it is in the most favored updated version.

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