2015 Moultrie M880i Gen2 Review

Model # MCG-12693 | Moultrie M880i Gen2 owners Manual



Good battery lifeVivid color daytime pictures/videos


Very poor design on Python lock bracketProgramming can be tricky

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The Moultrie M-880i Gen2 is brand brand-new for 2015 and comes through a finish redesign from critical years M-880. This is a no bright infrared trail camera, an interpretation the infrared LEDs room invisible to the person eye when taking a picture at night. Structurally, this is the difference in between the Moultrie M-880 and also this camera, the M-880i. The "i" means invisible. Let"s take it a look at the rest of the Moultrie M-880i Gen2 Review.

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Quality the Design

Dimensions: 5.75" x 4.75" x 3.25" | Battery Type: 8 AA batteries | External Battery Jack: 12 Volt

The situation design adjusted quite drastically from previous years. The latch is huge, i m sorry so far is a plus. It has actually been reasonably easy to open and also close also with cold fingers. The buttons for programming and also the battery eject tray are all positive and work well. The python lock parentheses is an extremely poor design. The loops space angled which renders the camera sit funny top top a tree if you are only using the python lock and also not the security case. It would also be pretty basic to torque the camera in a means to conveniently snap the brackets. We don"t prefer this design at all, the only way to truly correct this is to usage the camera v a defense case. We have found the programming to be tricky and also not intuitive in ~ all. The programming from the 2013 M-880 was simple and straightforward to use, however ever because then the programming has actually grown in intricacy. We have received quite a few calls from our customers needing help programming their camera (which is inexplicable for a non-cellular trace camera). Here is a failure of several of the an ext popular settings:

Detection Circuit

Picture trigger & restore Speed: 0.75 s. / 4.2 s. | Video trigger & recovery Speed: 1.39 s. / 7.8 s. | Detection Range: 50 ft.

  The photo trigger time is pretty fast at 0.75 seconds. The snapshot recovery is 4.2 secs is relatively typical that many contemporary trail cameras. This is the very first year we room incorporating video trigger and also recovery times into our rankings. This will certainly make the rankings even much more accurate and also stringent. The cause time because that videos is 1.39 secs (which is decent) and the restore is 7.8 seconds. Detection range is appropriate at 50 ft, simply as the manufacturer claims. By today"s standards, this is below average. Overall, this detection circuit isn"t slow-moving by any kind of means, however, it would advantage from part improvement.

Picture top quality

Photo resolution: 8 mpxl (Enhanced, High, Med. & Low) | Video Resolution: 1280 x 720 no audio | Flash Type: No Glow Infrared

2014 Moultrie models to be severely the end of focus. It appears that has actually mostly to be corrected with the 2015 models. The clarity isn"t perfect, however it is a large improvement. In addition to the development in clarity, the M880i Gen2 has wonderful color. They room bright, vivid photos These are several of the far better pictures the 2015. The night images have good flash selection but deserve to be a little grainy and also blurry in ~ times. Overall, for a no glow camera we think about the night photos to be good.

Day and also night videos appear to be an extremely good. Over there doesn"t show up to be sound ~ above the videos.

Battery Life

Resting strength (on): 1.08 mW | Daytime strength Consumption: 2.09 Ws| Nighttime power Consumption: 7.17 Ws

  The relaxing power is exceptionally low, as is the daytime power consumption. The night consumption uses a kind amount that power, but nothing overwhelming. Overall, this are an excellent numbers.

when this camera deserve to operate on alkaline AA batteries, we greatly prefer Energizer ultimate Lithiums in ours cameras. They are much more consistent and will critical an tremendous amount the time. Also with the high nighttime strength consumption, if this camera were to take 35 job pictures and 35 night pictures every 24 hours, this camera could last 8.6 month in the field (with lithiums). This camera will not occupational with rechargeable batteries.

Moultrie M880i Gen2 review Conclusion

3.7 Stars

Overall, this is a an extremely solid no bright trail camera yet it is not perfect. The programming can be challenging for consumer that aren"t tech-savvy. Exterior of that, us love the picture quality and also the all-around trust of the game camera.

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