Tbelow are times you wish you had actually two tablets - that method, you could send an email on one however read an short article on another. With Split display screen check out, you have the right to perform that with simply one tablet. This feature lets you open up 2 apps on your tablet and also use them all at once, so you have the right to multijob even more conveniently and also much faster than ever before. You can additionally usage the pop-up view function, which allows you to open an application in a small pop-up window that deserve to be moved around on the display.

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Information gave uses to gadgets marketed in Canada. Available screens and also settings may vary for taballows offered in other nations.

Put ameans your second tablet, and also just use Split screen see to multijob and also gain things done. Tap Recents in the navigating bar. Tap your wanted app"s icon, and also then tap Open in separation display screen view.


To open up one more application in break-up screen view, tap on a 2nd app from Recents or through the Apps screen. The apps will screen next to one another and also you can usage both at the same time. To readjust the dimension, touch and drag the blue line up or dvery own to redimension right into a wanted separation.

To departure the separation display view, tap Recents or Home, in the navigation bar, and also then tap X (at the optimal of the screen) to cshed.


Not all apps assistance split display screen see. Consequently, only apps supporting this attribute will certainly sell it.

Pop-up check out is one more neat means to meet your multi-tasking desires. Similar to a computer system interchallenge, you can open up an application as a home window. Tap Recents in the navigation bar. Tap your preferred app"s icon, and then tap Open in pop-up view.


You deserve to use your finger to move the app window around the display. The pop-up check out also has various other settings (at the peak best corner of the floating window) to make it simpler to usage. Here are what the various controls carry out from left to right:


Floating icon: Minimize the app into a floating symbol that you deserve to open up later. You deserve to move the icon around the screen and also make even more than one app right into an icon.

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You can readjust the size of the pop-up watch window by emotional its sides and also dragging your finger vertically or horizontally.


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