The Samsung Galaxy S4, simply referred to as the S4, is just one of the finest phones the Android needs to offer from its mid-range devices. The iphone phone 5c at the same time is just an outdated iphone phone 5 with a heavier and larger plastic body. Also though this comparison is walk to be brutal for the iphone 5c, plenty of consumers will desire to compare these 2 phones.

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Although phone shoppers have the possibility of upgrading to the 5s end the 5c, or the S5 end the S4, not everyone needs the attributes or price tags that come through higher-end phones.

The 5c is cheap (compared come the iphone phone 5s) and also is great for Apple customers that are updating native an iphone phone 4/4S. The S4 meanwhile is great for anyone ready to do the switch to Android. It’s additionally a worth update for people using older Android devices. `

Design and also Weight



The iphone 5c has dimensions measuring 4.9 x 2.33 x 0.35 inches, if the S4 is 5.68 x 2.75 x .31 inches. It’s kind of surprising that the S4 is so huge yet tho thinner 보다 the 5c. Even more surprising is that the Samsung engineers controlled to make this phone weigh only 4.59oz, conversely, the iphone phone 5c weighs 4.66oz.

Unless you don’t desire to carry approximately a big phone, the Galaxy S4 is the clean winner when it involves screen and body size.


The iphone phone 5c has actually a 4-inch display screen with a pixel density of 326ppi and a resolution of 1136 x 640. This pales in comparison come the S4 that features a 5-inch display with a pixel thickness of 441ppi and also a resolution the 1920 x 1080.


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At the finish of the job the S4 has a superior high quality display. However, the iphone 5c’s display is slightly brighter in outdoor and also indoor situations. The S4 has vivid colors yet isn’t as specific as the 5c in color representation.

Battery Life

These phones have comparable battery lives that should both last around 5 hrs with continuous use.

Apple and also Samsung insurance claim that their phones can obtain you up to 10 hours of battery life yet that just doesn’t stand the check of real-life scenarios. You might go the entire day v either call if you simply texted and also listened to music because that a bit. But using these phone for media, net browsing, or phone calls heavily throughout the day will obtain you a reality 7-9 hour battery life.



Apple iphone 5c Image. Credits:


Samsung Galaxy S4. Credits:

The iphone 5c’s camera has a bit far better color representation, yet it falls short when it concerns its resolution. Vice versa, the 5c has actually an 8-megapixel camera, the S4 has a 13-megapixel one. Opening the photos over in brand-new tabs and also zooming in will present you just how much much more resolution the S4 camera packs.

The S4 is likewise the winner as soon as it come to video shooting. No to mention that its front camera is 2-megapixels while the iphone 5c only has a 1.2-megapixel one.

Processors and RAM

The S4 come packed through a quad-core 1.9GHz processor and 2GB of ram while the iphone phone 5c has a dual-core 1.3GHz A6 processor and also 1GB that RAM. Both phones carry out just about the same, however it’s supposed that in two years from now the Galaxy S4 will certainly be less-outdated.

Special Perks

The S4 permits you to record audio through photos as a way to mental what was said once you take it them. Another an excellent feature that this phone call is double Shot which enables you to take it a picture with the rear and front facing cameras simultaneously.

Samsung doesn’t stop with just two good camera functions though. Lock also administer S4 owners with “Drama Shot.” This is a function that puts all photos that a moving object into one shot, so you deserve to see the movement progress with time.

With the S4 friend can additionally put together a story album v photos and also text that is prepared for sharing or printing.


Credits: T-mobile

The S4 even has an air Gesture feature that allows you scroll v photos by simply waving her hand over her phone. An additional feature of the many that come v this call is the ChatOn feature that allows you re-superstructure your screen through friends and also co-workers remotely.

We can write an entire article around the one-of-a-kind perks that the S4 provide but we’ll border them come one an ext sentence: you have the right to use a S4 together a TV guide, together a remote for her TV or collection top box, together an auto-pauser that pauses movies as soon as your eyes look off-screen, together a screen adapter that optimizes settings for media or preference, and as a sound-board that allows you manage all elements of her phone’s audio output.

The iphone phone 5c has no amazing special perks precious mentioning; permit alone precious comparing come the S4’s plethora the features.

Price and also Storage

The iphone phone 5c 16GB model costs $100 v a contract and so does the Galaxy S4 16GB model. Both 16GB phones price $549.00 the end of contract.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a most perks and also reasons the justify convert to Android even if you’ve already invested numerous dollars ~ above iOS apps and also ebooks. It’s unlikely that even the best fan the Apple would certainly dislike upgrading from an iphone 4/4S come a S4. Other than not being able to usage the previous apps you’ve to buy on iOS v your new S4, there’s not any type of downsides to get the S4 i m sorry is chock-full the features.


Credits: company Insider

In the previous Android display screens were larger however had less pixel density or overall quality, yet that’s no much longer the case. The S4’s display is easily much better than the 5c’s in every the elements that matter: size, pixel density, and also resolution. Even with the S4’s large screen the still manages to sweet less and also be thinner than the iphone phone 5c.

Unless who is grounding in the to apologize ecosystem because of previous investments, or they rely on iOS-only apps, many consumers would certainly be far better off with an S4 end a 5c.

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The just caveat to the S4 is the is has a large screen i m sorry some civilization find too difficult to bring in your pockets. But many phone customers would fairly trade off a tiny extra an are for the strength of this Android phone.