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The year is 20XX. Before anyone had actually a readjust to number out where the infection came from, human being began either climbing from the dead, or coming to be self-aware monsters that have the right to infect various other human being, marking the end of normal life for everyone on Planet. People try to band together and remain alive, however the human being is easily crumbling approximately them. Can the survivors make it out alive?It's immediately evident that the anime adaptation of "Gakuen Shinshoku: XX of the Dead" takes it's visual influence from Highcollege of the Dead, however instead of being an ecchi through cool activity scenes, terrific animation, and an actual good story, it's a slightly over hentai through tentacles and vore. Even dvery own to the general look and also some of the personalities being proxies for ones from Highcollege of the Dead. Someone in charge should have been a fan of "Highcollege of the Dead".This hentai came out 7 years after the anime adaptation of Highcollege, and also the visual novel this is based on came out 5 years after the anime, so it's not a coincidence wright here 2 series came out at the very same time that happened to have the exact same or equivalent style, and also "Highschool of the Dead" is not an unwell-known residential or commercial property.Despite the fact that it clearly doesn't have the budgain or talent that "Highcollege of the Dead" had, it still an as a whole pretty good looking hentai, also if most it is still shots of personalities talking and/or walking. It's also a little bit heavy on the visual filters, yet it's fine.Surprisingly, the plot was decent enough to store me interested to store watching past the sex scenes, however it's just restricted to was is in these two episodes. Unfortunately, this implies that this is yet another instance of making an anime to advertise the visual novel. While it's not rather as awful as some of the various other anime adaptations I've viewed based on a visual novel, it's still annoying that it's simply another hentai intended to advertise the resource product instead of being great in it's own right.Would I recommfinish "Gakuen Shinshoku: XX of the Dead"? If vore and also or tentacles are up your alley, then this can be worth checking out for you. But every little thing is pointing to the reality that you more than likely need to go play the visual novel instead.