The G Pen Slim is an exceptionally slender and also easy pen vaporizer that’s prefer a one hitter because that wax. Rotate this point sideways and also it virtually disappears so it\"s awesome if you desire something you have the right to use to vape on the low without increasing eyebrows. You can pick one increase right currently for less than $20 bucks here and if you enjoy wax and also want simple to usage vape that’s low maintenance, jump on this. Because that the full G Pen Slim review, keep reading.

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The G Pen Slim is an extremely inexpensive, works as a one hitter producing about 3 hits per bowl, attributes a solitary button start and also it\"s really low maintenance. The vapor top quality is kind and, because that this price, friend can\"t walk wrong through this vape pen.


The G Pen Slim has a couple of notable attributes that do it various from various other over the respond to vaporizers. Right here they are:

Built because that wax and works an ext like a dugout or one hitter for wax giving you about 3 hits every bowl

Ceramic atomizer - offers you a pure taste through your wax

Single charge lasts because that a while. You deserve to expect about 300 access time from a full charge.

Instant heating so you have the right to turn that on and start vaping appropriate away

The G Slim kit is straightforward and easy as with the vaporizer itself. You will do it only need three items to start using that (fortunately they\"re included):

G Slim

Wireless USB Charger

G Slim device (for quickly loading her wax)

The G Pen Slim is very discreet indigenous a size allude of view. Once G Pen named this the “slim” they weren’t joking.

It\"s around as thick as a number 2 pencil which gives you one idea of just how easy the is come hide. I don’t choose traveling with any type of pen vaporizers in my pockets because they have a habit that bending or breaking as soon as you sit down.

However, if you have actually a jacket bag or deep pockets on your pants girlfriend should be able to put the in without it break or bending. Alternatively, you could also get a lanyard and also wear it about your neck - yet that’s no discreet is it.

The Slim’s built specifically because that wax and also you can fit only a little amount in each bowl making this a perfect tiny one hitter for you if you desire to take it a couple of hits either roughly the house or top top the go.

The battery life to be really good overall. It took be around 3 hours to fully charge the first time and also then somewhere between 2-3 every consecutive time. Indigenous each fee you’ll get between 250-300 access time if I had actually to estimate. The lasted me around a week of utilizing it frequently so, i don’t recognize the exact number but I acquired tons the hits.

Battery Type:Lithium-ionCharge Time:About 2-3 hours to chargeCharge Duration: large for around 300 hits

The Slim’s vapor quality is an excellent for the price and size. I uncovered that drawing for at the very least 10 seconds gives you the best results and there\"s some visible vapor on the exhale. Here’s the thing though, if you’re trying to find clouds, you won’t find them in a $20 vaporizer. This thing gets the project done, there’s great flavor and it reliably works.

However, the clouds space not there. Girlfriend can get some visible vapor from huge draws but don’t expect a whole lot. For me this no a large deal since I care around the result much more than the cloud and also wasn’t expecting lot from this unit. However if you space chasing clouds climate you should know ahead of time that’s no what this is doing. If you deserve to handle that, it\"s a great unit because that the money.

There’s very couple of moving components to the G Pen Slim. It has actually three pieces which space the battery, chamber and also mouthpiece.

The room is replaceable and also should last about 4-6 weeks because that you ~ above average. Of course if you\"re using wax that leaves residue you will do it shorten the expectation of her chamber. Fortunately, castle only around $9.95 a item to replace and you shouldn’t need to do that often.

The external casing that the Slim has actually a soft exterior it is anti-reflective so that doesn’t attract attention. It likewise doesn’t warmth up ~ above the external so you i will not ~ have any type of problems hold it throughout your sessions.

The front has a solitary button to run the pen making the as basic as it gets and also overall the pen’s durable as long as you don’t accidentally placed it in a shallow pocket and sit down.

When you an initial get her pen, you’ll desire to totally charge the (takes about 3 hours) and then operation it with a few burn turn off cycles. Then, to usage the G Pen Slim simply click the switch on the front 5 times to turn it on. ~ you have it on, just press and hold the former button and also begin vaping. Ns recommend girlfriend take longer draws to maximize your vapor production.

Overall the G Pen Slim is a an excellent wax vaporizer because that the price. At the finish of the day, it\"s no something ns would depend on as a main vaporizer for my wax however it is miscellaneous I’d purchase again if I wanted a cheap and straightforward vape pen that i wasn’t also worried about breaking or losing. Girlfriend can’t suppose life transforming vapor indigenous a pen that prices less than $20 yet for the price, it\"s a an excellent vaporizer for wax.


The G Pen Slim is a great and inexpensive portable wax vaporizer that\"s straightforward to use and produces great results.

For the price of the G Slim, there\"s not any quality choices I\"ve found (yet). However if you\"re willing to come the end of pocket and spend a little more money, there\"s some impressive vaporizers you deserve to get.

The Mighty is one of my favorite portable vaporizers. You gain incredible vapor production, the batteries space replaceable, the battery life is great, and also it works for both dried herb and concentrates. Overall, this is among the best vaporizers available.

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The Firefly 2 is the best vaporizer in its entirety for smell production. It has actually a glass vapor path that significantly cools down your vapor, great battery life, works for both dried herb and wax, and also the taste from your product is out of this world.

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The Pax 3 wins finest battery life in its entirety making this a great double purpose vaporizer because that anyone top top the go. Its tiny and quickly fits in the palm of your hand, provides you great vapor production, has actually outstanding battery life and also features a sturdy aluminum casing. This is a great vaporizer for anyone that enjoys outdoor sports and also discreet vaping with quality flavor.

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The G Pen is a greater quality different to the G Slim (made by the same company) that\"s essentially a bigger version of the G Slim we simply reviewed. The puts out slightly more powerful vapor quality, has a great battery life, heats increase quickly and gives you an excellent flavor from your wax. If you like the G Slim yet want miscellaneous a little bigger for slightly an ext money, this is a an excellent alternative.

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