Let’s make this intro short and sweet. The G Shock Rangeman is just one of the ideal outdoor watches on the marker, it you choose it reliable, tough and long-lasting. The is what Casio is know for


How hard Is It?

One the the finest features that the G Shock watches is how sturdy they are. Sure, over there are choices to them, but the team at Casio in reality test this watch because that shock by dropping it some 10m (33ft).

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On peak of that, the is also seriously safeguarded by the plastic around the face. So, also if you perform drop it, over there is little chance of that hitting anything important.

The buttons are also an extremely well designed – large textured stole internally reinforced.

Casio have also sealed the 9400 indigenous mud, dirt and additionally water, v 200m water resistance (meaning dive prepared – at the very least for dives not also deep). And it has actually been experiment to -14 F too. Although I would not it is in surprised if it functions no problem means below that.

All in all, this watch is not going to break anytime soon.

Triple Sensor functions – Compass, Barometer/Altimeter & Temperature

The core functions of this watch are all in the triple sensor that Casio have actually added.

It gives you every the points you need in the outdoors in straightforward displays that you cycle v via the height right hand button.

The compass shows friend the degrees, and using the circular display screen to display heading in the top left.

The barometer gives girlfriend pressure, as well as alerting you to changes in case of upcoming storms.

The altimeter provides your present height and additionally tracks transforms (showing a an easy chart).

The temperature simply screens the ambient temperature roughly the watch – just be certain to leaving the clock aside for a if to obtain accurate (not influenced by her body) readings.

All of these readings can be save on computer in the memory for later reference if you require them.

Other remarkable Features

One that the other cool functions you can find handy as soon as in the out is the sunrise/sunset feature. It is based on your longitude (via a city ar choice) and also can then be tuned based upon your latitude. So, in the finish it deserve to be an extremely accurate indeed.

The Rangeman series are additionally able to affix via 6 an international radio towers associated to Atomic clocks and also sync the time to assist keep that accurate. It can be set to operation at 3am daily, or done manually. 

Solar charging is included, which means that the watch picks up any type of ambient light, even indoors, and charges the clock continuously. Just be conscious that if that is close to flat, which walk not happen easily, then it is best to charge it by a home window or making use of a solar charger. Light in an office or similar is generally not the bright and also might take some time come charge. The watch has actually a display screen showing exactly how charged it is too.

In regards to the usual digital watch features the Rangeman likewise delivers, with a countdown timer, avoid watch, hourly reminder and also 5 various alarms too.

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The Rangeman 9400 come in 3 main shade choices. Over there is black v red accents, khaki eco-friendly with yellow accents, and also a camo/black hybrid likewise with red accents.