This here is a tribute (bootleg) to among our all time favorite amen/tearout tunes from awhile back by Rawthang! We always LOVED what lock did and miss their sound bigtime!!!! all we had to job-related with was an old 320 mp3 that the original song! us did the finest we could and we are pretty happy v it! us will offer this song away for free when our facebook and rwandachamber.org followers reach 5000!!! So spread the native if ya choose it!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/GEIN-aka-Bad-Chemistry-Recordings/131775656852722Hope friend enjoy,GEIN

Genre drum N bass

Comment by Dj Eskuche

Blowing this bi*ch apart!!

Comment by Dj Eskuche


Comment by suze-5

Loving this tune !!! OMG blast off !!

Comment by Celt Islam


Comment by fanito

ya ya ya ya !!!

Comment through Melwinffs


Comment by monskor

Beautiful. This intro is perfect and also your autumn is definitily super well produced. Ns love the work youve put on the drums and also how the basses are incorporated. Yes, really impressive


REALLY favor IT!!!!!!!!!!!! FAT TUNE!!!!!!!! I'LL GONNA beat IT and DESTROY THE DANCE-FLOOR

Comment by ∆Uↁ1 aka odd One

Intense. Dope!

Comment through RbkIBORG

like this tune!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by GEIN

Go to http://www.facebook.com/GEINMKE and get your cost-free copy of our Beautiful Morning Bootleg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment through HarpoSpeaks // Meklor ᵈᵘᵇ


Comment by The.tamz

Heheh ooooo wow

Comment by irvinlamar

gawd im such a fucking fanboy!!! love it!

Comment by Darkwarrior Music


Comment through Darkwarrior Music

I love hear this sort of shit from you guys!

Comment by Dub Core


Comment by AERO!

Great!!! huge up!!!

Comment by Malasuerte


Comment through JacobbES

fuckinnn awesome!!!!!!!!

Comment through tomasvotava

holy shit. Layout !

Comment through wstr

nice1 !!

Comment by 5pIcy


Comment by Liquifire

Unintentionally heard this track, but it's fuckin stompin. Appears Gein's finally gotten a little more melodic.

Comment by tropical trax

I NEED assist :)

Comment by jungle trax

SICK ailing

Comment by RADCORE

This reminds me that old institution prodigy this shit is intense.

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Wicked store it up.

Comment through RADCORE

nice build

Comment through Jay Mayhem

good one

Comment through Dric


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