This collection is a video version of the Shane & friend podcast, one interview show hosted through YouTube personality Shane Dawson. Dawson and friends Jessie Buttafuoco and Drew Monson talk about current events in popular culture and re-superstructure funny stories about their very own lives. They additionally interview celebrities such together Kathy Griffin and Farrah Abraham.

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Issa Twaimz is back! Issa tells all around his struggles with psychological health, his career, and also the difference between Twaimz and Issa.


Gabbi Hanna gets real and also honest around the pros and also cons of gift a YouTuber. Climate spills part tea ~ above the Vlog Squad.

Hoodie Allen stop by to speak shop v Shane and Jessie. Niki and also Gabi dish on their boyfriends, pair stuff, and YouTube collab drama.
Strap in for an hour v squirting queen Cytherea! She pour out on she career in the erotic industry and signs her publication the only method she to know how.
Aly and also AJ are back to call all around their new coming increase album. Claire Wineland additionally gets real about living life to the fullest once you have actually cystic fibrosis.
YouTube sweethearts Joey Graceffa and also Daniel Preda autumn by Shane to spill a Trenta Iced Tea Lemonade on escape the Night. Additionally Gemma Stafford mister in.
Brian Barczyk aka AninamlBytesTV brings his reptile friends come Shane & Friends. Yall perform NOT want to miss this episode, because Shane and Jessie go head to head with tarantulas, scorpions, snakes, crocodiles, and also more. Will they survive?
Comedian Bobby Lee and also YouTuber Meghan Rienks come on Shane & Friends come dish around their craziest hilarious stories. Viewers be warned, girlfriend dont want to miss this!
Shanes birthday extravaganza! Shane order sex toys, plays with a MINI steed NAMED TINA!!!! Theres also a surprise music power :)
Brandon it s okay real about the advancement of his career, dating as a celebrity, and also why that feels an ext comfortable in character.
Slime Queen Karina Garcia serves us the best slime and shares unique duration hacks top top Shane & Friends! Stick around to discover out how attracted handles acquisition an actual slime bath.
This week, Dwayne and also Jasmine react to rosebuds and also bloody nips. Meanwhile, Safiya Nygaard spills the tea top top Buzzfeed, fashion, and also hairy bathing suits.
Barry of Puppetry of the penis is right here to demo part tricks because that Shane and Friends, UN-EDITED! and Clevver Girl, Erin Robinson concerns share her recent struggle.
Singer, songwriter and actress JoJo visits Shane and Friends. Castle talk brand-new album & tour, nip slips, worse point to take place on stage, gift drama free and more.
Trisha Paytas reasons a scene on Shane & Friends as soon as she pour out the tea on her D-list hookups, muff munching, snuff ASMR, and what went under on she birthday.
Farrah Abraham returns to Shane & girlfriend to catch us increase on everything, Farrah. What she think of Debz OG, her negative habit the cursing, her ex Simon & Sophia ofc.
Goddess Gigi Gorgeous and also her girlfriend Nats Getty stop by Shane and Friends come answer necessary questions favor why Paris? Why you can"t have actually windows once doing your hair? What is a doggie gang bang? Plus, stick around for a walk-off surprise.
Elijah & Christine protect against by to speak masturbating dogs, masturbating v Uber drivers, and also smoking weed. Plus, who gets the award because that loudest belch?
Is life a meaningless computer system simulation? who cares, cause Alaska Thunderf*#k is right here to gain real. We talk drag name origin, DR9, Shane tucking, Dragcon, & chewy foreskin.
Transgender YouTube emotion Stef Sanjati sit in to failure some infectious diseases worldwide terms for the Cis of united state & Aislinn Paul that Degrassi reputation is here to do Shane cry!
LEAVE SHANE & friends ALONE!! No, not this week! just Nessa pops in come gab & social media OG chris Crocker fall in to share whereby he"s been and also why the left.
Headdress flak, ring mister in Vegas, & popping pimples through teeth room all up for conversation when social Repose stops by Shane & Friends. What will certainly the wife say?
The Psychic twins are ago to examine in ~ above Shane and Jessie. Walk old suspect come true? any kind of juicy new ones? twin porn? brand-new book? Also, attracted sings them a song.
Eva Gutowski fall by Shane & Friends to gab Adam, ghostly encounters in Malibu & she Coachella trip. PLUS, The X Factor"s Jillian Jensen sings her heart out!
Debra "Debz OG" Danielson is here to re-introduce herself to "Shane & Friends". The is below to gab Farrah, her new single, she fianc and the pregnancy rumors.
CoverBoy James Charles stops by "Shane & Friends" to speak ambition, his knack for service at together a young age, hot internet boys, and also the prestige of lighting.
TLC"s brother Husbands visit "Shane & Friends". Lock recount meeting at church and how that blossomed into raising five children all with each other in a loving, cursed relationship.
Shane is shooketh! Anneliese van der Pol finally sits in ~ the "Shane & Friends" workdesk to speak the raven re-boot, gift Belle, bacon on collection & growing up Disney.
Fitness expert and also kick ass lady, Jillian Michaels is here! Shane share the deets that their origin story, what liquid poison is, and also Jessie has actually a an enig to spill.
2 an excellent gays for the price that 1! Charles pistol & Eddie Oliver blacksmith take transforms at the S&F desk. Eddie speak Gaga, if Charles & Shane test their Grindr skills
Dita Von Teese teases the "Shane & Friends" audience with her ever glamorous presence. Watch together she tries to teach Shane and also Jessie the art of seduction.
The internet"s great girl Alisha Marie saddles up to the desk to dish the dirt with Shane and also Jess. She is no a dirty girl, however will Shane obtain her come eat cat poop?
From "Hollywood Medium," Tyler Henry is right here to talk the afterlife, visitations, date as a "medium", what the sees coming for Shane, and how Shane make his housekeeper gag.
Tana Mongeau and also CupcakKe fall by "Shane & Friends" to rest it down. T brings the tea, Shane, Tana, and CupcakKe battle it out like never ever seen. Also, CupcakKe rocks the mic!
Advice and beauty top top Shane & Friends! Therapist Kati Morton talks to Shane around masturbating come himself and also beauty blogger Manny Mua spills the tea on his sex life.
FTM infectious diseases world fashion activist & Adult movie producer, Buck point of view is here! They talk being "tricked" by Tyra, having actually sex through a homeless man, STIs & how his vagina smells.
Shane opens up about Uno and lifting weights together he discover some components of his daily routine through inviting his dog walker Rich and his trainer Johnny to chat.
Snooki flaked & Tana Mongeau had to bail, therefore Alexis G. Zall & drew Monson came to save the day. Watch as they talk their previous lives, bangs, masturbating & queefs.
Mitch and Scott the Sup3rfruit sit in ~ the "Shane & Friends" desk to pour out the tea ~ above what turns them on, Kelly Clarkson, The Grammys, exactly how ASMR works and so lot more.
Shane & Friends acquire DeeFizzy and also pop star Dylan Gardner to collection 2017 off! us talk an enig beef, being clogged by Tyler Oakley, creating music in France, and Dylan sings.
Joslyn, Lily & Erin indigenous ClevverTV attack the display to comment on dodging the herpes, manginas, Ash Friday?, and also grill Shane & Jessie as only the Clevver girls can.
Makeup guru Patrick Starrr access time "Shane and also Friends" come gab about the perfect brow, Tyra Banks, fame, & the even challenges Shane & Jessie come a makeup off!
H.B.I.C, Tiffany "New York" Pollard bring away Shane & girlfriend by storm. Back to the job of Pumkin, Flava, how she lost her virginity, if size matters?, & Steak.
From Bryan the Barista, SuperFan Tara and also her mother, to some Holiday magic and also a an extremely special guest, this episode of "Shane & Friends" will blow your mind!
Notorious T.R.A.N.N.Y Blaire White is below to talk purple mullets, trans gift a mental illness, the only 2 genders, fat acceptance, & #blacklivesmatter.
Shisa is on the back! Lisa Schwartz visits "Shane & Friends" to chat exploding lady parts, Shane peeing on the floor, piercing she &^*%, voting, and look at some old pics.
2 Dirty 30 girls, grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart visit "Shane & Friends" to chat the future that YouTube, holiday drinks, red carpet looks & the power of glowing up.
Shane"s #1 celebrity idol is here! Kathy Griffin brings her fabulousness to talk drugs, celebs that course, her new book and Shane gives her a lesson on creators.
Trevor Moran pertains to drop an exclude, on Shane. Bryan the Barista is ago to sample some fall drinks. We talk Britney, Mariah, transforming 18, and also Pumpkin Spice.
"The World"s first Supermodel" janice Dickinson involves wreak havoc on "Shane & Friends". They talk sex, smizing, stealing Trump"s limo, & finding her soul mate.
Things get real and personal (!) as soon as "Clevver" host and also Shane"s boyfriend, Ryland Adams swings by. Jessie it s okay to the "bottom" that the couple"s critical fight, their sex life and whether Ryland will certainly eat carbs.
The queen of "pop", Dr. Pimple Popper visits "Shane & Friends? because that Halloween with a couple of disgusting surprises. There"s gagging, a couple of screams, & many cream.
Eugenia Cooney comes to spill the tea v "Shane & Friends!" They talk Shane"s expedition oversees, Tim Burton, Emo everything, haters & passing out due to the fact that of a Jonas.
SHANE IS SCREAM-ING!! Jamie Kennedy is here and also loving it. They talk "SCREAM" 20th anniversary, "Surviving Compton", the sore of comedy, & being forced to it is in funny.
Logan Paul & Michael J Gallagher visit "Shane & Friends" come talk about "The Thinning", points that space the most Bueno, grind time and also play famed celebrity splits!
Shane and also Jessie obtain into the today! They get stuck through needles, call Shane"s mom, eat pumpkin spice treats, talk politics and work out the Cerny vs Pons feud.
Shane sends Jessie out into the Fullscreen offices to reason some problem behind the scenes. Fulfill the editors, clock the PA challenge, & a magician stop by too.
All things Farrah! Shane invites attracted Monson & Garrett watts to test the end Farrah"s heat of adult toys, and makes Jessie clock the movie. Let the reviews begin!
Lizzie Velasquez gives Shane the green light for a candid talk about bullies, brownies, swearing, and also chicken nuggets.
Steve-O join Shane and also Jessie at the desk to talk "JackAss", gaining peed on, bed bugs, bathing in elephant poop, gift branded, sobriety and also so lot more!
Andy Milonakis crashes Shane & Friends! he alks about being Andy, hitting the clubs, taking the piss the end of YouTube and also his beef v RiceGum.
Babes from the BunnyRanch come to school Shane & Jessie on all points sexy. DIY play toys, whip cracking, some light bondage & girl top top girl action.
Andrea Russett crashes the party, tosses a few back, sets it straight and builds a burrito through Shane & Jessie.
Shane is ago from his book tour and also it"s a #1 ideal seller! Richie the Barber joins the fun to clean anyone up and also shows Shane exactly how to glitter bomb Jessie.
On this special episode the Shane & Friends, us quiz you on sex candles, peeing her pants, Botox, and Valerie Bertinelli. New episode respectable 5th!
Things gain tropical with Jessie, Shane and Emma Blackery, together they bring out the whips because that a small show of who"s boss.
Greyson possibility joins Shane and Jessie to discuss the risks of puberty, lyrics the end of context, and also find the end what happens when someone phone call Jessie "ma"am".
Shane start the find for Jessie"s Mr. Right, and ultimate prankster Jesse Wellens puts every jokes aside and shares his story.
GlitterForever17 (Breland Emory) join Shane and also Jessie to comment on the definition behind her name, the arts of DIY, and dare each various other to eat some questionable snacks.
Tana Mongeau puts Shane and Jessie top top the sheet of their seat with uncontrollable laugher, story time unable to do nuts, and the woes of gift 17.
Things obtain intimate with Shane and also Jessie on your solo episode. Jessie gets Botox and also she"s quickly reminded regarding why letting Shane usage her phone deserve to be a dangerous game.
Shane, Jessie, and Freelee the Banana Girl talk about veganism, trollers, and her renowned datorade raw smoothie.
"Nerdy Nummies" really own Rosanna Pansino surprises Shane & Jessie with her beautiful opera singing an abilities and goes under memory lane via cookie decorating challenge.
Shane, Jessie, and comedian Paul Scheer declare their undying love because that one another, comment on jokes during sex and also how to stop throwing up in Ubers. Oh and also Shane"s STD results are in!
Shane, Jessie and also guest, Willam Belli speak sex, drugs and why you don"t want to cross Willam at the club.
Shane, Jessie and guest Gabbie Hanna speak perfect dates, nudies and the importance of STD inspect ups.

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Shane, Jessie and also Lilly singh talk about their first moments the "womanhood" and also "manhood" top top the premiere illustration of "Shane & Friends."
This collection is a video version of the Shane & friends podcast, an interview show hosted by YouTube personality Shane Dawson. Dawson and also friends Jessie Buttafuoco and also Drew Monson discuss current events in popular society and share funny stories about their very own lives. They also interview celebrities such together Kathy Griffin and Farrah Abraham.
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