After surviving a shark strike a young woguy is plagued by nightmares of being stalked in the dark sea by a ravenous predator, and also hallucicountries of visits from her sister and boyfrifinish, both that were killed in the assault.


But this wasn"t a shark movie at all...

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I was lured in to watch "From the Depths" offered the movie's cover/poster, which displayed a great white shark through its mouth wide open heading towards a woman in the water. So needmuch less to say that I was expecting this to be a movie in the likes of, say I don't understand, "Jaws" or "The Meg" probably.However, what I finished up sitting down to watch was a drama around a woman whom had actually supposedly been attacked by a shark a year ago and was now having actually trouble sleeping, as vivid desires of a shark attacking her had her trembling with fear. And she was seeing the shark wherever before she went, also out of water.Yeah, this was a movie about a womale and her emotional issues coping with being the single survivor of a shark assault and also having problems adapting to her life situation and a potential brand-new love interemainder. Except, tbelow was a twist... And I will not spoil that, as you have to wait to the incredibly finish of the movie to see that for yourself. Believe you me, you'll be as dumbestablished as I was and simply shaking your head in disidea.The movie was not a great movie in terms of entertainment or enjoycapability. It was watchable, certain, however it was a movie that actually can simply as conveniently be skipped completely and also your life wouldn't be any type of much less complete without it.The acting in the movie was sufficient, as soon as taking right into consideration the severe constraints imposed by a negative manuscript and storyline, and also having actually fairly rigid personalities to occupational with.The CGI provided in the movie was just laughably bad; it looked prefer something from a 1990s computer game. It was simply unfathomable that somepoint that horrible could pass in 2020.Now, I can't case to be acquainted through the occupational of writer and director Jose Montesinos before this movie. But this specific 2020 movie wasn't a grand accomplishment.If you reap shark movies, perform yourself a favor and skip this movie, because it is not, and also I repeat, it is not a shark movie.My rating of "From the Depths" is a generous three out of ten stars.

Embarrassingly Bad

I am honestly so shocked at how bad this movie was, that I won't also bvarious other explaining it. Story was horrible, acting was horrible, results were horrible, and the list goes on.Anyone who gives this movie over a 1 or 2 was either a component of the movie, concerned someone in the movie, or passist to price it very. Period.

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This is not a movie around sharks

They MADE SURE YOU KNEW THE TWO WOMEN WERE LESBIANS inn a happy relationship. I have nothing against lesbians, however the overly lovee dovee crap in movies is annoying(this includes the directly couple ones. This movie had actually to be created by someone that didn't pay attention to the crazy Karens of current. She a suburbanite and also goes complete Karen at a lawn male for making noise, when everyone in the burbs hire these men. Someexactly how she thinks the shark is a he. Anyone that gets attacked by a shark are not going to pay attention to its claspers. This movie is worst than Sky Sharks.