The Fortnite Season 7 mainly 3 cheat paper is a complete guide to every week 3 challenges. Week 3 started on December 20, 2018 and is meant to run till December 26. Mainly 3 obstacles are comparable to those in prior weeks. By completing every season 7 main 3 difficulties players will have the ability to earn 50 battle pass stars. After perfect the main 3 obstacles you will unlock unique rewards in ~ your battle pass. Girlfriend can obtain tips on just how to complete all season 7 mainly 3 challenge using the cheat sheet below.

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Each main a new set of challenges are released so make sure to check earlier next week for the brand-new cheat sheet.

If you have missed previous season 7 cheat sheets take a look in ~ our web page containing every season 7 cheat sheet.

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Season 7 main 3

Cheat Sheet

Fortnite Season 7 main 3 Cheat paper – Updated


Free battle Pass ChallengesRide a zip line in various matches (5 zip lines) (Reward: 5 battle pass stars)Land at different named areas (5 locations) (Reward: 5 battle pass stars)Stage 1: Land at Lonely LodgeStage 2: land at satisfied parkStage 3: soil at happy LodgeStage 4: Land at Lazy LinksStage 5: Land at Tilted TowersLegendary weapon eliminations (2 eliminations) (Reward: 10 fight pass stars) (HARD)Paid fight Pass ChallengesSearch chests in tomato holy place or polar peaks (7 chests) (Reward: 5 fight pass stars)Ring 2 doorbells in a solitary match at various named places (2 doorbells) (Reward: 5 fight pass stars) (HARD)Search between 3 ski lodges (1 star) (Reward: 5 battle pass stars)Deal damages with different varieties of weapons (3 weapon types) (Reward: 10 battle pass stars) (HARD)Shotgun DamagePistol DamageSniper Damage

How come Complete

The trick to perfect the challenges is not to sirloin them. Sometimes it is much easier to complete the challenges after fifty percent of the lobby has actually died and also isn’t competing with you to unlock them at the very same time. Store in mental if you have done one of the obstacles you will require to complete the game for the challenge to unlock. If you leaving the video game prior to dice or the game ending you will certainly not unlock the challenge.

The cheat sheet arts was provided by squatingdog

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