FORTNITE battle Royale fans are waiting because that the relax of the Playground LTM, which will go live adhering to a period of server downtime.

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Fortnite Playground mode is going live ~ downtime (Image: epos GAMES)

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UPDATE 3:Fortnite fight Royale"s brand-new Playground mode has actually been closed because that repairs.

Just hours after launching with update 4.5, epos rwandachamber.orgnfirmed that the Playground practice setting would it is in taken offline because that maintenance.

"The Playground is closed for repairs while we investigate some worries with ours matchmaking services," reads an epos tweet.

UPDATE 2:Fortnite matchmaking problems are plaguing the brand brand-new Playground mode.

Epic gamings acknowledged the difficulties on Twitter, telling fans the it to be investigating lengthy queue times.

"We are aware of lengthy queue times and also some error message in the Playground LTM. Us will update as us have much more information."

Acrwandachamber.orgrding come the server status page, Fortnite matchmaking and also game solutions are experiencing degraded performance.

More come follow...

UPDATE: Fortnite upgrade 4.5 patch notes have actually been revealed in full.

As predicted, the new update add to Playground mode and makes a selection of building changes.

You can check out the complete list that patch notes atthis link.

ORIGINAL:FortniteBattle Royale is under for offline server maintenance.

The recent bout of battle Royale downtime is in preparation for update 4.5.

The brand-new patch is notable due to the fact that it ushers in the relax of the Playground LTM.

Fortnite fight Royale is offline native 9am UK time. There"s no word on once it will certainly be ago online, yet it"s likely to return at roughly 11am BST.

"Play in the v4.5 update tomorrow, June 27. It is in the an initial to get your boots on the Ground! Downtime starts at 4am eastern Time (0800 GMT)."

Once the game returns, players will have the ability to check the end the Playground LTM, i m sorry is gift billed together a practice setting for fight Royale fans.

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As epos explains, Playground v1 will launch with some adjusted settings because that players looking to practice.