- 2 pursuit Points.- 5,000 farming XP, 5000 food preparation XP.- 2 Dwarven Stouts(m).

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Start Point

Commander Veldaban in West Keldagrim.

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Skill: 17 Farming, 22 Cooking.Quest: The huge Dwarf, Fishing Contest.Item: Rake, seeds Dibber, ~1,000GP, Pot (east Keldagrim Pub), 2 Buckets of Water, 2 Barley Malt (use Barley ~ above a cooking range), Beer Glass.


Skill: 58 Magic.Item: Teleport Runes (various places), games Necklace.

Forgettable story of a Drunken Dwarf is part 2 in the increase of the Red Axe series, concentrating on the dwarves and also their resources city that Keldagrim. After the occasions in The huge Dwarf, the Red Axe mining company has departed the city and set up a brand-new headquarters in a remote underground location.Veldaban, the command of the black color Guard in Keldagrim, desires you to inspection the case and also find the end if the Red Axe is planning something nefarious. The problem is, the just lead he"s gained is really drunken and also kebab i heard dwarf.Use your farming and brewing ability to your advantage, climate prepare to be perplexed by puzzles as you follow the trail to the Red Axe...

Step 1Talk to command Veldaban, black Guard HQ, west Keldagrim.Talk to Drunken Dwarf.Buy a beer for him.

Make your means to Keldagrim one of two people via Rellekka, the Ice hill or White Wolf mountain cart device (~200gp) or the Fairy Ring DKS. Head over to the black color Guard Headquarters (right behind the bank) in west Keldagrim and speak to commander Veldaban.

Commander Veldaban tells you that the Red Axe, formerly boycotting the trade floor, has actually left the city entirely. The Commander will ask friend if you"re interested in assisting the investigate; reply v "very interested". The goes on to tell you that they have only one lead; a drunken dwarf in north-east Keldagrim, and he asks if you understand him. Reply through yes, and he will ask girlfriend to aid the black Guard.A cut-scene will appear and also soon after girlfriend will appear out the former of the drunken dwarf"s house. Go in and also tell that you need to know around the Red Axe. Funnily enough, he states he can"t think when he"s sober; walk the end of his house, and go straight south to the pub. Ask the barmaid for a beer (2gp), and return to the Drunken Dwarf, who"ll continue to call you that it"s the wrong kind.

Step 2Collect 3 kelda seeds.See step.

He"ll end up telling you to get him a Kelda stout, and that to make it, you require 4 Kelda seeds. He only has actually one, for this reason you have to uncover his other drunken buddies to obtain the others.

Step 3Talk to Rind, west Keldagrim hops patch.Plant kelda seeds.Go to optimal floor of pub in eastern Keldagrim.Follow step to brew kelda stout.

Head north-east that the west Keldagrim pub, to the hops spot (Picture). Speak come Rind the gardener and also ask him because that advice top top as how to go around growing Kelda hops. If friend haven"t already got a rake and also a seeds dibber top top you, grab the from the bank. Rake far the weeds indigenous the hops patch and plant the seeds. It will certainly take about 15-20 minutes because that these to grow and when castle have, girlfriend will obtain the message "Perhaps I need to take a look and also see if mine Kelda hops have actually grown..." (Picture).When you have harvested the solitary Kelda hops go to the Laughing Miner bar in east Keldagrim and bring along 2 buckets that water, 2 barley malt, 25gp, and also an north beer glass. Speak to Blandebir upstairs and also buy some ale yeast because that 25gp (you will need a pot to host it in). Now use your 2 buckets of water v the fermenting vat, then include the barley malt, the Kelda hops, and finally, a pot that ale yeast.After around 10-15 minute the components of the vat will have actually matured and you will must turn the valve, level the Kelda Stout in the barrel, then to fill an empty beer glass v the Kelda stout. If girlfriend don"t have a beer glass, purchase a beer downstairs and drink it because that an north beer.

Step 4Give kelda stout to Drunken Dwarf.Talk to dare Conductor, southern side of tracks.Talk to mining director you helped during Giant Dwarf quest.Hop in southerly cart.Search box for 2 stones.

Now go downstairs, head north ago to the Drunken Dwarf"s house and also give him the beer. The dwarf will tell you around the Red Axe, and then you"ll get in a cut-scene and he"ll talk around the abyss and pink dragons (Picture) and also that the entrance was boarded up. When he"s finished talk to you, head to the southern side that the tracks, and speak to the dare conductor just outside the track resulting in a boarded wall.Ask the dare conductor about the closed turn off tunnel (Picture) and he"ll speak he doesn"t have the government to open it. He"ll speak that maybe you have actually an prominent friend who has actually the government to open it. Therefore head north-west to the Kelda-market and also go upstairs to the Consortium. Speak to the mining director you helped during The huge Dwarf quest. Ask around the boarded-up tunnel. The director will certainly tell you that he has ordered the remove of the boards.Make your method back come the carts near the southerly cart conductor and hop in one. After a quick ride you will be ~ above a little ledge through some Dwarven machinery, and also a box. Search the box to achieve two stones. Currently click "control Dwarven machinery" and a junction user interface will show up (Picture).

Step 5Follow the step.

Click "set junction" top top the left-most point twice, then click "set junction" again, top top the allude just below it (Picture). Hop in the cart again, and also you will come to another box (Picture). Find the box, hop back in the cart, and you"ll be taken earlier to the machinery.Once again, start at the left-most point, by setup the junction, then collection the point over it, then set the one above that as well, and also there have to be 2 green, and also one yellow stone in over there (Picture). Hop earlier in the cart, and also you"ll be taken to another box. Search it, and ride the cart earlier to the machinery.Control the machinery again; click the left-most suggest twice, climate click the allude just listed below that one twice, climate click the one below that once, and then the one diagonally-up ideal of it (Picture). Hop ago into the cart, and you"ll go with a cave entrance, overlooking a Red Axe conversation. After listening to your conversation, crawl come the cavern entrance ~ above the opposite next of the cave, and also you"ll be required to a different set of Dwarven machinery (Picture). Search the box to find an ext stones.Click the left-most allude once; click the one above, then click the one come the right of the (Picture). Hop in the cart, and also you"ll it is in taken to one more platform through a box. Search it, hop ago in the cart, and also operate the machinery once more.

Step 6Follow the step.

Click the left-most suggest twice, the point below that twice, the allude below the once and also then click the suggest to the right of that as soon as (Picture). Hop in the cart, search the box at the finish of the line, and also return to the machine again.Click the left-most allude once, the point above it once, the point above that twice; adhering to the green line, click once to collection the point, then collection the next junction, to the ideal of that (Picture). Hop in the cart again, and also you"ll go into a storeroom.Search all the crates with papers on them and all the bookshelves, and you"ll discover three piece of reading material that you"ll automatically read (Picture).Enter the cave entrance, and say correctly to moving deeper right into the mines. You"ll finish up at another platform with controls. Search the box and also you"ll have four much more stones. Operate the machinery and also click the left-most junction once, then click the suggest directly over it once; above that point click once, climate click the point to the appropriate of the critical yellow one (Picture). Hop in the cart, search the box and go back to the machinery. Operate the machine again.

Step 7Follow the step.Talk to commander Veldaban.Buy a beer and also kebab, and also go to the Laughing Miner inn.

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By currently you should have figured out that to get a yellow stone in a junction once you have environment-friendly available, click twice, and also then follow wherein the eco-friendly bar goes come click again. To gain a eco-friendly bar in, click once. Gain a yellow stone at the left, yellow down, yellow right, eco-friendly down, eco-friendly diagonally-up twice to the appropriate (Picture). Hop in the cart, find the box, and return come the platform.Operate the machinery and get usage the mix provided in this picture (Picture). When you"ve done the board the cart and you will enter another cave. A cut-scene will disclose that the Red Axe has created a tiny army the Chaos Dwarfs (Picture).Soon after, the Ogre Shaman notices you and casts some type of order on friend (Picture) that brings you earlier to the railway carts.Head back to command Veldaban in ~ the black color Guard HQ and also you"ll suddenly feel the require for a kebab and also beer. Take a beer indigenous the east Keldagrim pub because that 1gp and a kebab native Kjut in the east Keldagrim kebab store. To finish the quest, you must be within the Laughing Miner inn. Once you"re there v your kebab and beer, eat the kebab or drink the beer, and watch the cut-scene (Picture).