Based ~ above a true story the faith, love and also soccer, because that the Glory adheres to Kurt Kuykendall’s climb from tragedy to greatness. Once his lifelong dream come play Olympic basketball falls apart, kurt is lost and also hopeless.But buoyed by his friends and a new faith in God, Kurt offers soccer a try and finds his true calling.

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“Golden boy” cut Kuykendall (Jason Burkey) has actually it all: an excellent looks, a clues on his college basketball team, and also hopes for playing in the Olympics. Yet behind the closeup of the door doors the his Bethesda, Maryland home, Kurt’s life is much from perfect. An alcoholic mom (Nancy Fondriest), a strength hungry father (Michael Landers), and a family tragedy make this suburban dream home a life nightmare. When Kurt gets cut at the finish of his freshman basketball season, all that he’s functioned for crumbles. But this is much from the final word ~ above Kurt’s future. Rescue ring by girlfriend (Robby Stone, Danny Cornett, Chelsie Casagrande) and also his new found belief in God, kurt discovers courage and his true calling.


“What an motivating DVD! This film portrays a true-life story in a gritty, realistic means with a wonderful performance by Jason Burkey that plays kurt Kuykendall … This amazing film will certainly inspire plenty of viewers together they watch Kurt overcome obstacle ~ obstacle, consisting of a damaged ankle, to at some point make the U.S. Olympics team. Strengthened with his faith in God, kurt learns the a life the is lived for the glory that God is a life that will certainly make a difference. This film’s exorbitant themes incorporate faith and a solid work ethic. 5 Doves indigenous us, our best rating!”

THE DOVE FOUNDATION, Non-profit Organization

“I extremely recommend “For The Glory” to you as a wonderful and also inspirational true story the is a must-see for all, specifically young world who love sports of every kinds. A tapestry of strong messages space woven throughout the story the preach without gift preachy. Again, very RECOMMENDED!!!”

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WOW!! What an inspiring story! I carry out not normally watch Christian movies and true story movies but boy to be this movie great and i am so happy I had actually the chance to watch and also review this one. This movie is an extremely well done and I tell you it is an extremely inspiring. If you gain watching inspiring Christian true story movie I very recommend this movie.