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Date:264 BCE - 241 ...(Show more)Participants:Carthageancient Rome...(Show more)Major Events:Battle that Mylae...(Show more)Key People:Gaius Lutatius CatulusPublius Claudius PulcherGaius DuiliusHamilcar BarcaHieron II...(Show more)

First Punic War, also called First Carthaginian War, (264–241 bce) an initial of three wars between the roman inn Republic and the Carthaginian (Punic) realm that caused the devastation of Carthage.

The first Punic battle was battled to establish manage over the strategic archipelago of Corsica and Sicily. In 264 the Carthaginians intervened in a dispute between the two primary cities on the Sicilian eastern coast, Messana and Syracuse, and also so created a existence on the island. Rome, responding come this challenge, assaulted Messana and forced the Carthaginians to withdraw. In 260 a roman fleet failed to gain complete control of Sicily however opened the way to Corsica, indigenous which the Carthaginians to be expelled. A 2nd Roman fleet cruised in 256 and established a beachhead on the afri continent. Carthage was prepared to surrender, however the terms available by Rome were also severe, and also in 255 Carthage attacked with a new army built approximately cavalry and elephants and also drove the intruders to the sea.


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The fight for Sicily resumed in 254 yet was largely stalemated until 241, when a fleet of 200 warships gave the Romans undisputed manage of the sea-lanes and also assured the please of the Punic stronghold in Sicily. One year later on Carthage surrendered, ceding Sicily and the Lipari archipelago to Rome and also agreeing to pay an indemnity.

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