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First Protocol Announces Rebrand and Changes surname to FIRST

Leading Events agency Poised for ongoing Growth and global Expansion

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LONDON, Sept. 7, 2016 / -- First Protocol, a leading an international events agency operating from workplaces in London, brand-new York, Los Angeles and also Singapore, this particular day announced that it has actually rebranded the agency and introduced a brand-new name, logo and also brand identity. Effective immediately, an initial Protocol will certainly be well-known as FIRST. The change represents the agency"s growth, position, and most importantly, long-standing commitment to put client needs first.

To coincide v the rebrand, an initial launched a new website today, reflective that the brand-new brand and also visual identity. Very first can be found at

"We are thrilled to announce our rebrand, which shows our company mantra that clients" demands come first" stated Chris Hobbs, global CMO because that FIRST. "We have developed a dynamic, industry-leading agency that is unique positioned to work-related with client on every aspect of their events – the depth of experience and also talent across creative strategy, production, and worldwide execution throughout the team is truly compelling."

The rebrand reflects the agency"s enhanced an imaginative and strategic offerings, as well as its expanded experience and expertise across a variety of industries. This further solidifies the firm"s place as the an initial place brands walk to for innovative, large-scale, and highly an innovative events. FIRST"s clients rely on the company to create and also execute high-level that company meetings, product launches for few of the most recognized brands in the world, intimate executive leadership occasions and an international conferences.

Mark Riches, regulating Director for very first London, added, "Over the past two decades we have actually consistently continued to be ahead the trends and market transforms by offering new capabilities such as advisory services, resourcing solutions, creative content services and an innovation that expand our sector reach and build our expertise. Us will continue to provide the high-touch solutions our client have concerned expect from ours teams around the world."

The rebranding adheres to two significant changes within the firm in the last few months. In May, first named Barry Richards together the chairman of the firm"s expanded regulated services division, based in brand-new York. Quickly after, an initial acquired Barkley Kalpak agency (BKA) and also appointed Jeff Kalpak as President, americas to work directly with Maureen Ryan-Fable, CEO, Americas. The acquisition additional established very first as among the leading an international events agencies, enhanced its customer portfolio in several vital industries and service areas and increased its total an international workforce to practically 200.


Founded in London in 1996, very first provides world-class occasion delivery, creative development and technical production for a wide variety of clients and also international brands and also has offices in new York, London, Los Angeles and also Singapore. First clients span countless industries including financial services, aerospace, technology, medical, automotive, media and also the non-profit sector. For much more information, please visit: