I’ve to be debating on one idea ns think have to be applied in FEH (or something comparable to it) wherein there is an option for world to profession heroes.

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We all have actually units that we really want (and some that stay ever-elusive—looking in ~ you, L!Hector). We’ve every been pity-broken with units us really don’t treatment for, and also some of united state would death for that very same unit. Yet I understand the main dispute I’ve heard concerning this is IS wouldn’t do money if this to be a thing.



Nope, it's currently brought out many times, yet exploits are too basic unless you resort to drastic prerequisites/limits.


As because that the thousands of other threads with the same revolutionary idea : create new account > take totally free heroes + pull for 5* > profession with main acount for shit heroes > rinse and also repeat.

TL;DR : nope, and also do a search prior to posting.

Would be nice, never ever gonna happen because it would either be abusable or, favor Pokemon GO wherein shit gets randomized, too shitty to usage seriously.

Same as always, if friend don't account for world just making extra accounts and flooding either their key account or anyone it'll simply make the video game unprofitable which method it'll never happen.

Throwing part random ideas, obviously it should be forbiden for brand-new accounts. Possibly a trade token point that would certainly be fairly expensive in sources so every single trade would certainly be a significant deal and an extremely hard to abuse therefore still for most staff the fuctional equipment woukd it is in summon.

I was thinking something similar to that. Because an outright profession wouldn’t be rewarding for IS, however there might still be ways to make it simpler to obtain specific units. Like have actually a banner creator whereby you might pick focus units—you’re still summoning however it’s more refined and tailored. Or something that you would need to either spend more orbs for (or something equivalent) to have much better chances at acquiring that unit.

If anything, I'd favor to watch trading exact same heroes, various IVs. Traction a +def legendary tiki yet want +res? maybe someone feels the same. It's be hardly ever used however it's the only way. You might exploit this still, however it'd take it effort. A the majority of effort. And also it won't provide you merges.

Would it is in nice, never ever gonna happen since it would either it is in abusable or, prefer Pokemon GO wherein shit it s okay randomized, too shitty to use seriously.

I imagine a system comparable to PoGo, wherein IVs room shuffled and Units Can't it is in retraded could work. However, will certainly this happen? an ext than likely not.

I would certainly say the is no impossible, though it is an extremely unlikely. Pokemon walk was always hailed together a video game that would never permit trading since of similar reasons. However, they released trading this year with particular limitations and also heavy expenses to profession Pokemon depending upon what you space trading. The better/more rare the Pokemon was, the greater the expense was and the only way to reduce the expense was to be friends through the human being you were trading for expanded periods of time. Their an approach of becoming friends included trading items everyday to increase a friendship meter.

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Either way, I recognize I would love it, however unless IS decides to unexpectedly become an ext consumer trusted (statistical improbablility unless they are compelled to by an exterior force such as transforms to laws concerning lootboxes) ns doubt it will happen.