Named ~ a man-eating creature from ancient Padjali folklore, the thousand Maws that Toto Rak was constructed on the website of a natural cave system beneath quiet Arbor. Till recently, it held every one of Gridania’s foulest criminals, indigenous arsonists come poachers, yet the completion of a brand-new gaol closer to the city heralded the abandonment.

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In your search to delve into the thousands Maws that Toto Rak you will find ‘Magitek Photocells‘ one of two people lying in rooms or after defeating encounters. This photocells are compelled to activate ‘Magitek Terminals‘, there space 2 together terminals in the dungeon, located in the Confession and also Fools Rest chambers, each the which have a mini-boss encounter (Coeurl of nine Tails) before you deserve to activate them. Finally, activating the terminals will lead you to the final boss Grafflas

RequirementsParty Size: FourEither a disciple of battle or magicLevel: 23 (sync indigenous 25)Time Limit: 90minsOnce you room Level 23, you may visit the entrance of Toto Rak to be able to enter the dungeonHow to obtain to The thousand Maws the Toto Rak

Toto Rak is situated in The south Shroud, NE native Buscarron’s Druthers and SE indigenous Gridania (Blue Badger Gate)


The thousands Maws the Toto Rak Map/General Strategy/Tips

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It is valuable to keep in mind the various kinds of adversaries you will confront in Toto Rak, you will encounter groups of opponents composed of numerous of these types: (We have actually only posted keep in mind worthy enemies, others you will certainly encounter room standard type mobs)

Pterocs: dragons that breathe cone based fire attacksMun-Tuy Saplings and also Mitetraps: ranged adversaries that continue to be in place, they have actually some knock-back ability alsoElementals: deal lightning damagePuddings/Gel/Flan: deal toxicity attacksSticky Web: when you notice a web covered arch, these webs will suck players near it, push them forward and create a obstacle to near of those who have actually been separated. Football player can damage the net by attacking it native both sidesFleshy Pods: when damaged also the little bit, these explode with AoE damage. Remove them native afar


The thousands Maws that Toto Rak ceo Strategy

Coeurl of ripe Tails

On your first encounter with Coeurl, the struggle is straightforward, just defeat the as quick as friend can, usage a DPS limit break together the gauge will fill before you meet Grafflas, the last boss.On your second encounter with the Coeurl, at about 50% wellness it will generate an ad (Wardens Whip). From suffer we suggest to take the advertisement down together the Coeurl have the right to potentially spawn much more than one therefore putting more stress top top the TANK and also HEALER.Note that the Coeurl does a PBAOE poison, however nothing lot to be concerned about.



Grafflas is the an initial boss i beg your pardon is relatively tricky to beat if in an uncoordinated party. Grafflas functions various mechanics as mutual below:

Upon entering Grafflas’ chamber he will certainly be surrounding by ‘Fleshy Pods‘, make certain the DPS dispatches of lock immediately as Grafflas will later on use them by pushing your tank towards.Sticky net Ability: Periodically throughout the fight, Grafflas will cast this capacity which spawns a sticky Pod at among your party members feet. Be aware of this and stay clear to ruin the pod at a for sure distance.

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ADS (Comesmite): At around 60-70% health and wellness Grafflas will spawn 2 Comesmites. The is important to defeat them before focusing top top Grafflas again. Tip: If your party has actually a THM, have them cast sleep on one Comesmite to make the encounter easierLosing Skin: At roughly 50% wellness Grafflas will lose his skin and also in result expose his tail. This will include a brand-new mechanic to the fight, where his tail lays under AoE poison marked by a eco-friendly circle. Stay away indigenous this area, that deals enormous damage! her goal at this point is to target the tail and also the poison circles will stop.


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