Because this has bothered me for a while: gate of Babylon is based on the idea the Gilgamesh initially owned all those Noble Phantasms in life and also they were simply scattered around the people afterwards, so since he owned them in life, that can call upon them as a Servant, right? for this reason by that logic, would certainly that mean that if a Noble Phantasm was explicitly developed only after his reign (i.e. Kanshou and also Bakuya), the wouldn't have it?

EDIT: thank you because that the answers! It... Tho feels a little bull come me the there exist a "prototype" of EVERY (or, well, practically every) Noble Phantasm there is, but... Eh. Nasuverse. No gonna concern it.

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He has the prototypes that the Noble Phantasms, not necessarily the NPs themselves.

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It is a mystery thing-ee, perform not take it literally, yet the literal thing he did allowed him to do mystery / magical things past the amount of the parts.

Gilgamesh acquired everything of worth that was feasible in life as soon as Gate that Babylon to be created. Therefore in door of Babylon there to be both "literal" / "real" treasures but these treasures were likewise the arsenal of the principles of mankind and also the principles of mankind given kind and for this reason Gilgamesh assembled the ideal ideas that mankind.

But mankind is not a static point in the nasuverse. The Nasuverse is a job-related where process philosophy is very important. Being together you are now is good, but who you room statically is continually in flux and thus becoming is an ext important method of describing fact than being.

For instance a person is a organic organism that is constantly soaking up matter and expelling matter. The is constantly changing where you gain several pounds of brand-new matter a day and also lose several pounds of issue each day. Additionally our own thoughts space not static where our thoughts readjust and us rewrite ours memories, our selves, ours identity, and also so on. No man can step in the same river twice for they room not the exact same man and also the river is no the very same river.

Because principles do not come native nowhere, however instead are built on existing ideas, and expanded ~ above .. 보다 the literal prizes of mankind, the ideas of mankind, our desires of mankind provided form, ours will given form, our dreams, etc all these things are never ever static and also are continually expanding.

Thus the door of Babylon is boundless v an uncountable lot of treasures, not limitless but beyond the capability of mankind come count.



Gilgamesh has actually noble phantasms tied to ever other guy made noble phantasm, and ever other man made treasure. That is since he either obtained their family tree after their development in his life, or the descend from ideas he accumulated representatives from in his life. Also if an existing idea is a mix of two other ideas, Gilgamesh has actually this blending or the prototypes in his vault.

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Yes this is an absurd level that power, yet it is in its own way internally consistent.