Fat carry procedures have the right to be used to enhance many different features of the body. When the fat has been extracted and purified, it will then be repurposed into another area the the human body to enhance the shape, symmetry, and also volume naturally. The most typical fat transfer measures are explained in detail below.

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Brazilian butt Lift

Curvy behinds have gained much popularity within recent years. A Brazilian butt Lift uses the body’s very own fat to enhance the shape and also size the the buttock there is no implants or other develops of artificial material. Patients can improve your body’s as whole shape and contour with a Brazilian target Lift, or buttocks fat transfer.

Natural chest Augmentation

A organic breast augmentation is ideal for females who are looking to slightly enhance the size and also shape of your breasts. A breast fat transport or fat transfer breast augmentation increases your breast dimension one to two cups, therefore patients who are trying to find a drastic revolution may be better suited for a chest augmentation using implants. This procedure may likewise be beneficial because that women who have either undergone a lumpectomy or a mastectomy.

Facial Fat Transfer

Facial fat transfer have the right to be supplied as one alternative to dermal fillers. The extract fat can be repurposed to add volume to the lips or cheeks, and also to reduce the figure of lines and wrinkles. Patients room able come avoid the usage of synthetic materials and also fight the indications of aging using their own fat.

Hand Rejuvenation

The ago of the hands tend to kind wrinkles and experience volume loss end time. Patients deserve to avoid the use of dermal filler to correct this authorize of aging through injecting their own fat right into the earlier of the hands. The fat the is injected will produce its own blood supply, offering longer lasting results than that of dermal fillers.

About Donor Sites

Donor sites are locations of the human body that have sufficient fat that can be extracted and used for the herbal augmentation. The fat is harvested with a special liposuction an approach which will aid preserve the cells for injection. Fat carry candidates must have locations of the body wherein excess fat deposits reside that are perfect for extraction. The most common regions of the body that are used as donor sites include:

Inner thighsOuter thighsUpper arms

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for a fat transport procedure room men and women who are in great health and also maintain a steady weight. This patients have to have sufficient excess fat in one region of the body; however, fat can be extract from multiple locations of the human body if one location does not have actually an sufficient amount.

Patients looking right into this procedure need to want to naturally augment one area the the body without the use of fabricated materials, such together implants, while also slimming down another region of the body.

Because this procedure offers the body’s very own materials, the enhancement will no be as dramatic as v the use of implants. For this reason, us ask the patients have actually realistic expectations of your results. That is important to keep in mind that this procedure is not a substitute for diet and also exercise. Men and women considering this procedure need to have currently tried obtaining the edge they desire but have to be unsuccessful. Also, patients the are trying to find drastically intensified features might be far better suited for a various procedure. To identify candidacy for this procedure, please call our office today and schedule a consultation v Dr. Brown.


During the one-on-one consultation through Dr. Brown, he will certainly ask the patient around their aesthetic concerns and also what they are looking to attain through fat transfer. He will then command a medical history evaluation to evaluation the patient’s present health, program medications, and also any previous surgical procedure come ensure that this is a safe choice to achieve the patient’s goals. A physics examination will certainly then it is in performed by Dr. Brown to determine the patient’s concerns and make the final components of candidacy. If found a candidate, the patience will be able to schedule their fat transport procedure prior to leaving the office if they desire to execute so, but there is no obligation.

Fat transfer Procedure

As stated above, the procedure itself is broken down into a three-step process: liposuction, purification the the fat, climate injecting the fat earlier into the body.

The procedure is commonly performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, an interpretation that patients are totally free to return to the lull of their very own home adhering to the surgery. Depending upon the extent of therapy needed, the procedure have the right to take one come three hours from beginning to end.

Our certified anesthesiologist will provide the anesthesia; once the patient is sleep the procedure have the right to begin. Dr. Brown will make the crucial incisions close to the donor site(s). The will usage liposuction to remove any type of excess fat native the donor site by inserting a cannula into the body. High power suction will certainly extract the fat cell from the body, i beg your pardon the doctor will then ar the fat in a centrifuge. Throughout this time, the cells will undergo a purification process, separating the fat from any other undesirable materials.

Once this has been completed, Dr. Brown will place the cells right into a syringe to quickly inject the fat into a specific an ar of the body. ~ the doctor has acquired the wanted shape and also body contour, the incisions will be closed v sutures. Patients will be wrapped in compression garments and also taken right into the restore area.


Before gift released home, patients will be monitored for a pair hours through our clinical staff. During this time, the patient will be offered a perform of recovery instructions the Dr. Brown recommends his patients follow to ensure the finest healing possible. Come alleviate any type of discomfort during the restore process, patients will be provided a prescription for pain medication. The advises his patients to shot to to walk the night of your procedure to help improve the body circulation and reduce the threat of blood clots from forming. The compression garments should be worn at every times during this phase to assist minimize any kind of swelling and also any bruising that may arise.

Depending ~ above the place where the fat to be injected into, patients will be advised to not place direct pressure ~ above that region for number of weeks since it could negatively influence the blood supply being created by the new cells. Patients should refrain native daily tasks for around one week following the procedure. More strenuous activities, such as working out, have to be avoided for around 4 weeks. Depending upon the extent of treatment or wherein the procedure to be performed, the downtime might vary. During this time, if patient have any kind of questions, us encourage lock to call our office and speak v our knowledgeable staff.

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The transformational results of this fat move procedure can be seen immediately; however, the last results have the right to be viewed after any swelling and/or bruising dissipates; in around two to three weeks. Patients are able to gain their body’s new contour and also the boost the confidence it provides!

The expense of a fat deliver procedure will certainly vary from human to person depending upon the area gift treated, the level of treatment, and if any added procedures are essential to administer the patient v their preferred results. Throughout the initial consultation, Dr. Brown and the patience will job-related together come construct a therapy plan designed towards their specific concerns. V this, he will be maybe to administer patients v a personalized fat transfer quote. To achieve a quote for this procedure, we encourage anyone who is interested to contact our office and schedule a personal consultation through Dr. Brown.