Unlock every one of the ideal weapons for free with this much Cry 4 Bell Tower guide that will check out you unlocking every weapon under the Bell Tower rewards with ease thanks to the use of this rapid method. The most time consuming facet of liberating every one of the Bell Towers in far Cry 4 is the distance between them. Even using vehicles through the Auto Drive attribute takes some time but there is a faster way – and also you deserve to do it very early.

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How come Liberate Bell Towers Quickly

Progress through the main story till you’re introduced to Outposts. Take manage of the very first outpost (throw a knife in ~ the door holding the elephant is quick method) and also then return to the station after the cutscene. Check to the right departure of the Outpost, ideal as you leave the quarters in the area and also you’ll check out a… well, I’m not sure of its official title however it’s a helicopter kind vehicle.

You have the right to use this auto to take trip to the various Bell Towers and also unlock your benefits very quickly. If you’re mindful you deserve to actually floor on the same platform that includes the Radio you must communicate with, removing the task of combat entirely.

You have the right to only use this an approach to finish the southern Kyrat Bell Tower’s at the start as the phibìc is not accessible. There’s a big mountain variety that is too high because that the helicopter come traverse and also the roadway that leader the way is additionally not available.

This walk mean but that you can still unlock 10 Bell Towers in under one hour, unlocking plenty of cost-free weaponry and providing a an excellent amount of ability points and experience. This same technique works as soon as you unlock more of the map through the key campaign. Below is what friend unlock as soon as you successfully complete a specific number of towers.

listed below are a list of all the much Cry 4 tools that you can unlock through the liberation of towers.

Weapon Name: Flare total How come Unlock: Liberate 6 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: M-700 How to Unlock: Liberate 7 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: M-79 How come Unlock: Liberate 8 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: D2 How come Unlock: Liberate 9 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: MS16 How come Unlock: Liberate 10 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: MP5 How come Unlock: Liberate 12 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: 1911 How to Unlock: Liberate 13 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: F1 How to Unlock: Liberate 14 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: .700 Nitro How to Unlock: Liberate 15 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: U100 How to Unlock: Liberate 16 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: Buzzsaw How to Unlock: Liberate 17 Bell Towers

Weapon Name: Auto-Cross How to Unlock: Liberate 17 Bell Towers

Bell Tower Guide

The vast bulk of the Bell Tower’s in much Cry 4 are incredibly easy to infiltrate and also just as straightforward to climb. Yet when friend reach north Kyrat you might struggle to uncover the entrance to one of them. I’ve listed the ar of the one ns struggled with.

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Bell Tower phibìc Of Sahi Jile Checkpoint station – This is the many Northern Bell Tower in northern Kyrat. The external is all clogged off. To enter the tower and begin your ascent you must uncover the tiny underground passage. It is hidden behind some barrels come the East, an extremely near to the Bell Tower. You need to see a grapple icon when you acquire near.