Famous in Love Fifty Shades of Red Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – Paige gets the first taste of what it’s like to be a famous figure as paparazzi ambush her outside her apartment and then on campus, full of questions about Rainer and Paige after pictures of the two of them surface.

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Famous in Love Fifty Shades of Red Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

The Price of Fame

Paige’s friendships are still both strained, with neither Cassie or Jake talking to her. Rainer warns her that that’s how things happen once you get famous, but Paige doesn’t want to believe that will happen with her friends. But he does promise her, in one rather touching scene, that the new life she’s starting will be amazing.

When Paige learns that Cassie and Adam were the ones who set up Jake’s job offer, Paige gets mad at Cassie, feeling that Cassie should have argued with Jake to stay instead of encouraging him to leave.

In the running theme of Paige’s friends being unlikable, it does seem unfair that she was given a hard time for trying to help Jake but it’s fine when it is Cassie who does it. Cassie even seems to blame Jake and Paige not dating on Paige.

Alexis also finds out through Paige about Jake’s job offer, and is both hurt and upset.


Paige offers to take Cassie to the premiere of Jordon’s new movie but Cassie refuses and instead announces that she’s moving out. She does at least admit that the issues are mostly her own and that it is her own jealousy that’s the problem. She says that Paige has to move on with her new life while Cassie figures out her own. Cassie moves in with Adam.


Jordon tries fix things up with Tangey, and invites her to attend his newest film premiere with him.

Ida introduces Tangey to a country music songwriter and says she wants to encourage Tangey’s new career path. It’s through Ida that Tangey learns about Aiden’s murder. Tangey goes to Rainer for the truth. He explains to Tangey that Jordon did it to save his mother’s life.

At the premiere Tangey tells Jordon that she loves him and wants to give their relationship another chance. But when she says that she knows everything, he thinks she’s talking about his relationship with Nina and not about Aiden. When he promises that he will never sleep with Nina again, she is furious and walks out.

Spectacular Meltdown

Reiner learns that the man he always thought was his dad couldn’t have been because he was gay. Reiner puts some pieces together and realizes that Alan is his real father. He confronts his mom and she’s forced to confirm it. He is furious at her for lying to him and for denying him the chance to have a father all his life. He always feels like nothing more than one of his mother’s pawns. Unfortunately it’s a discussion that goes down in Nina’s office with her assistant overhearing, so it’s likely that Hopper will be finding out the truth soon as well.

Rainer goes home, broken and distraught, feeling alone and unloved. Once there, he catches sight of a bottle of alcohol.

Paige attends her first big Hollywood premiere for Jordon’s film. Rainer shows up at the premiere completely drunk and kisses Paige. Everyone realizes that he’s fallen off the wagon and when the paparazzi make some snide comments, Rainer punches a photographer several times. Alan tries to stop him and eventually Rainer is dragged away by security.

Rainer’s story line is really interesting. I feel quite invested in what’s going to happen with him. More so than Paige’s current plot line with her friends. At the same time, you do feel like Paige is, as Rainer put it, starting a new life, and it makes sense that we have to watch the old one fade away as that new life begins.

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Hopefully the finale will tie up at least a few of the plot threads next week.

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Famous in Love Fifty Shades of Red Season 1 Episode 9 Recap characters and cast include:

Paige – Bella Thorne (Blended, Scream: The TV Series, The DUFF, Big Love, Boo! A Medea Halloween)Jake – Charlie DePew (The Goldbergs, The Amazing Spider-Man)Cassandra – Georgie FloresRainer – Carter Jenkins (Unfabulous, Surface, Aliens in the Attic, The Following)Alexis – Niki Koss (My Stepdaughter, Red Wing)Jordan – Keith Powers (Straight Outta Compton, Before I Fall)Tangey – Pepi Sonuga (The Fosters, Ash v Evil Dead)Nina – Perrey Reeves (Entourage, Covert Affairs, Smoke Signals, Mr. & Mrs. Smith)Alan Mills – Shawn Christian (Summerland, Boston Legal, Las Vegas, Venice the Series)Wyatt – Jason Antoon (Minority Report, Claws, Two Week Notice, Columbus Circle, Electric City)Adam – Tom Maden (13 Reasons Why, Scream: The TV Series, Make It or Break It)Barrett Hopper – Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits, The Comedian, Dom Hemingway, Mope, Utopia)Ida Turner – Vanessa Williams (Candyman, Soul Food, New Jack City, The Flash)Ry Coolidge – Burt Grinstead (Death Race 2050, Eat with Me, Acting Class)Dusty Payne – Steve Rizzo (Criminal Minds, Days of Our Lives)Arthur – Jeffrey Doornbos (Fat Kids Rule the World, From the Head, Insecurity, I Like it Like That)Rachel Davis – Katelyn Tarver (No Ordinary Family, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Big Time Rush, Twentyfiveish)Eva – Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez (Longmire, Silicon Valley, Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street)Derek – Dario Torres (Fresh Off the Boat, My Crazy Ex, Smile Now Cry Later)