How execute you ignite gas the stands the grass?

Find the vents through which Keely is pump gas top top Level 5, near the data storage room, and somehow ignite the gas. This can be done by throwing an explosive or discharging an power weapon near the vents and then conveniently closing the data storage room door come shield one’s me from the explosion.

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What floor is Keely on?

Vault 22 dwellersKeely on the Vault 22 dwellers. Keely is a ghoul trapped in Vault 22 in 2281. She is a researcher because that the brand-new California Republic’s Office of Science and Industry.

How do you obtain into the Vault 22 quarters?

In Vault 22, top top the fourth floor/common locations (lower level), turn left together you enter the reduced level and a bit further on, over there is a door through a sign that reads Quarters. This door is locked through an Average an obstacle lock, however can likewise be bypassed making use of the terminal in the overseers office.

How do you gain the HEPA filter in Vault 22?

Location. Especially to situate the HEPA filters, walk to the 5th floor of Vault 22, and also take the stairs to the next level. Right here a room is found, that leads back up to one more section the the 3rd floor. Open the door to the cave, then uncover a wooden door speak “oxygen recycling”.

How perform I gain to pest control Vault 22?

Go come the living quarters area, inside among the rooms there is a portible light on a shelf, beside it is a key to the caves, the caves cause pest control.

How do you ignite the vents in Vault 22?

The vents have the right to be uncovered in one area at the end of the hallway nearest the Data Room and the room nearby room full of mantises….Survive the Blast

Placing a C-4 plastic explosive near the vents, and also then detonating it while standing next to the elevator.Placing a time bomb by the vents and also then to run for the elevator.

How do you open up the cave door in Vault 22?

Once inside, an average locked door must be opened on the reduced level in the northwestern corner of the room or progression to the overseer’s office, and also use the terminal and disengage the lock. As soon as inside, the an initial room ~ above the left, ~ above a shelving unit will have the Vault 22 cave door keycard.

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How do I obtain into the warehouse room in Vault 22?

What is in a HEPA filter?

HEPA represents High effectiveness Particulate Air. A HEPA air filter is made up of thousands of incredibly fine fibres arranged right into a matt to intercept both microscopic particles and also larger ones. An wait purifier will press air indigenous the room through the filter to eliminate pollutant particles.

Where is the HEPA filter in Vault 22?


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