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This mod is designed to update the HUD for 1080p resolutions or higher (1440p, 4K, etc) while keeping the same original look and style.

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Author"s instructions

Please connect straight to the rwandachamber.org web page if you are recommending this mod. Please contact me if you"d like to reuse these assets in your own mod or task.


BmanBlazer presents...Vanilla HUD Remasteredv1.8Vanilla HUD Remastered is, of course, 100% cost-free. However if you are feeling generous I accept donations either through PayPal or to my Bitcoin attend to at:1139TfVGxuEyPqKbYaezFGAN9pRDzeYuNLThank you, and also enjoy! -BmanDESCRIPTION This mod is designed to upday the HUD for 1080p reremedies or better (1440p, 4K, etc) while keeping the exact same original look and style. Interfaceshared0.dds is a texture file that consists of over 70 various facets of the HUD, consisting of main window lines, health and wellness bars, compass style, miscellaneous gradients, the main cursor and crosshairs, many kind of of the vault boy symbols, pipboy templates, and also even more.This mod is a 4K remaster of that file (from 1024x1024 to 4096x4096), consisting of many of the primary aspects redeveloped from scrape in architecture software program. Also had are various other improved texture documents for the HUD/UI.BUGS AND COMPATABILITYThis mod has actually gone via multiple revisions, I have actually tested each revision thoapproximately and also I have actually fixed all significant concerns that I am conscious of, however there may be a pest or 2 I overlooked. PLEASE REPORT ALL BUGS ON THE NEXUS PAGE.GIVE PRIORITY ABOVE ALL UI MODS, INCLUDING VANILLA UI PLUS, oHUD, UIO, and so on.This mod is compatible with:User Interchallenge OrganizerVanilla UI PlusWeapon Mod MenuoHUDNot compatible:Vanilla HD HUDany kind of HUD comparable to Vault GirlINSTALLInstall utilizing the wizard via Mod Organizer or FOMM Fork.I DO NOT reccommend a hands-on install. Here are the replacements file path for referral.data\textures\interface\interfaceshared0.ddsdata\textures\interface\interfaceshared0.taidata\textures\interface\hud\hud_tick_mark.ddsdata\textures\interface\hud\hud_compass_alphamap.ddsdata\textures\interface\hud\glow_hud_tick_note.ddsdata\textures\interface\shared\arrow\repair_meter_pips.ddsdata\menus\prefabs\hudtemplates.xmlUNINSTALLUninstall making use of the wizard via Mod Organizer or FOMM Fork.

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PERMISSIONPlease attach straight to the rwandachamber.org page if you are recommending this mod. Please call me if you"d choose to reuse these assets in your very own mod or job.RECOMMENDED VANILLA MODSTright here are a ton more good mods out tbelow, these are just a few!Vanilla UI Plus by Axonis http://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/62108 Vanilla Loading Screens HD by frosty-theaussie http://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/63222 Pausage Menu HD by pilamin  https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/63934 OJO BUENO Texture Pack by Ojo Bueno  https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/43135 NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas by NeilMc_NMC https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/39755ADAM Reborn by MonoAccipiter - VT08  https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/61390 Weapon Retexture Project - WRP by Millenia  http://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/38285 Enhanced Blood Textures for NV v2_22c by dDefinder https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/34917/? MGs Neat Clutter Retextures by Mental Gear  https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/42551/?EXE - Effect teXtures Enhanced by weijiesen https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/62989/?IMPACT by weijiesen https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/57113/? OTHER RECOMMENDED NON-VANILLA MODSFallout Character Overhaul by Drumber https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/63239 The Weapon Mod Menu by Pelinor  https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/44515/?The Mod Configuration Menu by Pelinor  https://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/42507/? Solid Project by TommInfinite and friends  http://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/63239 ALL Somemale mods http://www.rwandachamber.org/newvegas/mods/48925