Jon has actually done a lot of of brand-new Vegas series. Few of which he clearly said he wanted to show off points that either he hasn't shown before or the many world may not have seen. However, i cannot mental a solitary time that Jon didn't finish this search via O'Hanrahan. All you need is speech 40 and it is the easiest/quickest way to complete it.

Are there any type of videos of Jon mirroring off the other methods rather than simply mentioning them existing?

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No video of him reflecting off the other means that I deserve to recall, though he does explain them, and also in doing so basically describes why that does it the way. Not just is that the simplest method to do it, it offers you the same good ending as you would certainly if friend went by Mags' much longer route. V Mags you require multiple skills to be fairly high, and also Jon usually continues to be pretty committed and focused on what he's building.

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