This is most likely a silly concern for a man like me, as I'm a enormous Fallout fan (I've bought 3 and NV top top three different systems and all DLC's). Yet yea, is it worth paying the cash it's going for now days? I've seen just a couple under £30/40 (used) and also those walk as factory sealed is choose £90+. The lunchbox look at awesome, not forgetting that Bobblehead! Every answer is valuable :))


If you space a genuine hardcore fan then maybe. I wouldnt see myself payment for the in a million year (allthough that may have to do with the truth that no one in my continet watch themselves paying for any games) yet if you think its precious it, climate it is

I can't it seems to be ~ to discover the early stage price it was selling for however something makes me think it to be $59.99. And also the lunch box/bobble heads room going because that £25 every separately, so it can be precious it if ns can acquire one for less than £30.. Thanks for replying man!

I would say the only cool stuff out of the F3: Collectors edition is the lunch box and also the ide art book.

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I always keep an eye ~ above the UK prices and also they're normally a lot an ext expensive 보다 this. If I had actually some cash right now I'd obtain myself both collectors editions.

If you can acquire a an excellent deal, go for it. Don't pay "collectable" gouge prices though; provided is well as lengthy as the stuff's in good condition.

BTW, the concept art publication is awesome, too.

I think you're the just one who deserve to answer this question, and also just spring for civilization to to speak "yes" to justify you yourself buying it.

If you want it, and you've obtained the money to spare, walk for it. Simply make sure there space pics, and that you're getting ALL the swag, because I can certainly see part wasteland asshole listing the collector's edition, but only offering you the game.

OP, ns feel her pain. I too am a "collectible addict", multiple duplicates of all FALLOUT GAMES. F01 2 copies + repertoire disc, FO2 2 duplicates + repertoire disc, FO: Tactics big box +collection. FO3 (multiple pc,dlc, goty) & NV (vanilla: pc/360, can be fried pc/360) likewise every video game guide for every the fallout games and multiples that the 3 collectors ed GOTY guide. Have actually all 3 collectors ed boxes for FNV, and also am only missing the ps3 collectors edition for FO3.

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I worth these at no much more than $50 united state + shipping (complete v game and also sleeve).With the PS3 editions generally 10-15% higher in price. They offered to go for less on EBAY, but due to the fact that the totality survivor 2299 thing prices have actually been climbing.