Guide and also Walkthrough through AzMuch

New game Plus

After you finish the game and the credits end up rolling, friend can proceed with a brand-new Game Plus. There will be a brand-new Game plus screen and you will certainly be given the possibility to choose things to be carried over come your brand-new game. The categories displayed on that display are:

CharactersCharacter levelsWeapon boost statusFairiesItemsGoldPlaytimeQuest RankRevival Rank

All of this items are instantly selected because that you. If, for part reason, you don"t want to lug something over, you must deselect it.

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Though not mentioned on the brand-new Game to add screen, the following also carry over:

Play dataChallenges statusEnemy DataCharacter InfoImages in the photo GallerySongs in the Sound Gallery

When you start a brand-new Game Plus, you likewise receive:

The rank A Fairies, Cristinger and Jaeger (You have the right to level up and also equip this Fairies, but you can"t use them in Godly Revival)Famitsu bath Towel x9Red Hand bath towel x9Nepgeardam Head x15

Before beginning a new Game Plus, you require to choose the challenge level for your brand-new game.

If you desire to earn the Road that Thorns Trophy, you have to play whole game, from Prologue through ending Credits, v the challenge setting on Hard and also without changing the an obstacle setting throughout your game.

You deserve to only start a new Game add to by finishing a game and continuing come the new Game add to screen. Friend cannot begin a new Game Plus native the location Screen. That means your just opportunity to collection the challenge level because that a brand-new Game to add is once you are choosing the options for a brand-new Game to add after perfect the game.

Make certain to pick the Hard challenge level for one of your brand-new Game to add playthroughs.

Some points you are accustomed to will certainly not be accessible until castle are introduced again with the story:

FairizeEquipping FairiesSynthesisGodly revival (all that the seals have been replaced on the Goddess and the Vile God)World Shaping (until your Fairies are used in Godly resurgence again, they have no civilization Shaping effects)WeaknessesAvalanche AttacksSpecial Command AbilitiesQuestsShukesoo"s Tower side search (after visiting throughout the story line, your development is restored)Fang"s additional combo slot

Characters v the Learning capacity will acquire EXP even when Fang battles solo. You have the right to view characters" Status. Your portraits in the menus will certainly be marked "EX" till they sign up with the party through the story line. Personalities all have actually their initially equipped items.

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Characters who have actually not yet been introduced through the story heat still can be inserted in the fight party by using formation in the Battle choices menu.