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(Solved?}-No longer an issue... Bootloader issues

Postby mintyfresh2 » satellite Apr 14, 2018 10:06 pm

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I offered up formatted the drive and reinstalled MINT18.3 plenty of thanks to those that provided up your time and energy. I simply do not have actually the time to preventive to shot to solve this as soon as the above remedy, is much fasterHi all, mine bootloader doesn"t seem come be working as the is at the opening display screen stating" ttempting to boot from CD""ttempting to boot from USB" the cursor is blinking together it is wait for instruction from somewhere. the won"t move forward.So I obtained the environment disk and also it booted with that, yet the machine, will not boot without the cd in the drive. I review that ns should try reinstalling Grub...then... Update same.Tried that, In a terminal.... When booted with the CD.....with the adhering to resultmint mint # grub-install /dev/sdagrub-probe: error: failed to acquire canonical route of `aufs".Installing because that i386-pc platform.grub-install.real: error: failure to obtain canonical path of `aufs".mint mint # sudo update-grub/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failure to obtain canonical route of `aufs".mint mint # i leave my computer (a HP Compaq) on 24/7, running 18.3 Sylvia, only, and machine was working good until the night this started. Ns did a finish reinstall from the CD and still have actually the exact same issueI to be clueless from here would evaluate any assist to gain this earlier in order.some history:Linux mint 17, friend ran for nearly 2 year without a glitch, on one more machinea Dell Optiplex 740When the upgrade to 18.3 came around, I decided to walk for it the Dell, come down through power supply issues, and also I take it the HDD and also installed it as is, in a HP Compaq. Ran good for an initial 3 month every the updates installed religiously...then One morning this... Problem.Charlie aka Mintyfresh2