The importance of a skin brightening cream, specifically ones the cater to the median Indian guy"s skin, can not be emphasize enough. They are vital element in any type of guy"s to organize regimen, and go a long means in ensuring the his skin look at clearer. Therefore to assist you look for the finest skin brightening cream in the industry right now, we"ve compiled a list of the seven finest ones (cutting across different brands) easily accessible out there, all of which will certainly be a an excellent addition to your grooming kit.

Here space the 7 ideal skin brightening creams in India that every man needs to add to his to organize arsenal ASAP!

1. Garnier guys Moisturiser SPF 15, 45gm

Priced at simply Rs 137, this moisturiser native Garnier is rich through lemon extracts that assist reduce dark spots and enhance skin brightening. It"s likewise rich in SPF 15 that helps combat harmful UV rays of the sun. 

MRP: Rs 137

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2. Fair and Handsome Laser 12 Multi benefit Cream, 60g

Specially formulated for the typical Indian guy"s skin, this skin brightening cream from Fair and also Handsome implements a distinct 12 action formula that combats dark spots and also provides sun protection. It likewise comes equipped through laser action an innovation that combines three powerful systems to deliver intense brightening the the challenge through targeted action.

MRP: Rs 158 

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3. L"Oreal Paris Men professional Moisturising Fluid, 50 ml

As a brand handle in organize products, L"Oreal Paris demands no introduction. And also so this moisturizer is no exception. Implementing an energetic defense mechanism that help reinforce her skin"s natural resistance versus daily aggressions, and also a mixture that melanoblock and also vitamin C the regulates the production of melanin, this L"Oreal Paris product is truly among the finest skin brightening cream for guys out there. And the icing top top the cake? it comes with a SPF 20 PA+++ rating that will protect you from harmful UV rays. 

MRP: Rs 750 

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4.Fair & Lovely guys Anti clues Cream, 50g

A quality product from fair & Lovely"s catalogue, this cream is perfect for those through acne-prone skin. Not only does that absorb overfill oil from your skin, but also deeply nourishes and hydrates it, making that an pure grooming all-rounder.

MRP: Rs 125

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5. Kama Ayurveda Skin Brightening Night Cream because that Men, 50g

Though a bit on the higher side, this significant ayurvedic night cream is a distinct blend of rare ingredients (including saffron from Kashmir, vetiver and also liquorice) to help reduce dark circles, fight bacterial and fungal infections and give you fingerprint skin. 

MRP: Rs 1,495

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6. Oriflame north for guys Fairness confront Cream SPF 18, 50g


If you"ve been trying to find a skin cream that will give you cleaner and also clearer skin, climate look no more than this product native Oriflame North. Equipped with SPF 18 that helps administer protection versus harmful UV rays and mulberry extracts the fight dark spots, this skin brightening cream will make for vital tool in your grooming kit. 

MRP: Rs 230

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7. Vaseline men Anti-spot Cream, 50g

Last yet certainly no least, this anti-spot cream from Vaseline guys is perfect for all those trying to find a tool that"ll assist them combat dark spots, every the if protecting them indigenous ultraviolet beam of the sun.

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Though a little on the higher side, you have the right to be remainder assured about the top quality of this product that makes it a premium addition to your bathroom shelf.

MRP: Rs 3,072 

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