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i. Terminologyii: general questionsiii. Memoriesiv. Do’s and don"ts


what is fictionkin?

fictionkin is a subset the otherkin. Fictionkin is a connection, frequently spiritual, with a fictional character or types deep enough to recognize as them.

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fictionkin often believe that they are/were a fictional character or varieties either currently or in a previous life. The multiverse theory is frequently used come rationalize this, but not always.

sometimes fictionkin is additionally used as a coping system for neurodivergent people. Either way, this identities space equally as valid.

what is otherkin?

otherkin is a id that you room in a means nonhuman. It is very comparable to fictionkin, yet with nonhuman creatures. Those who space otherkin through earth animals are dubbed therians.

what is fictionhearted/synpath?

these two words typical the same thing: they are referring to a character the you identify with however not as. You have the right to have a solid connection with a personality to consider them a part of her identity yet not think the them as you. That is what this term is for.

what is copinglink?

copinglink, aslo described as c"link, is a subset of fictionkin. Basically, it way identifying together a fictitious character or types for transaction purposes. Those purposes are usually because of trauma, illness, disability, etc.

i want to recognize what something else means.

try the ax tag!

general questions

how perform i recognize if i’m fictionkin?

that varies from human to person. The best way to phone call is come think around it, shot out the identification if you desire to. If you feel a deep connection to a personality or species, believe that that is you or to be you, think “that’s me” when you check out them, etc, you could be fictionkin!

try speaking about the personality in concern in the first person, contact their friends/family your friends/family, their residence your home, etc. Try thinking around events from their canon and people they knew, does the evoke a feeling of familiarity or any strong feelings? exactly how do you feel around their hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc?

really, it is up to you if you great to recognize this way. Every you must be fictionkin is to have that connection. The other details will be different for everyone.

why didn’t friend answer mine ask?

be patient. This blog is operation by one liven person. Ns will get to it once i can. If it takes 7 work or longer to answer and also i am answering various other asks throughout this time, send it again.

isn’t otherkin/fictionkin harmful to the infectious diseases world fashion community?

no, not at all! kin is no a gender. If cis world refuse to take it trans world seriously since of misconceptions with totally unrelated topics, that is the error of cis people. They were already transphobic if they dislike on trans people over something unrelated they witnessed online.

isn’t this negative for you?

again, no. Gift fictionkin in itself will not injury anyone and also it is regularly doubled up as a coping mechanism for psychological illnesses, so it often tends to be rather useful instead.

many mental health specialists have told fictionkin people firsthand that their beliefs are safe and also fine as long as that is not hurting lock or various other people. However, if someone’s kintype is unhealthy for them (for example, kinning a character that reminds castle of an abuser and being distressed around it) then it is no a great idea to practice such behavior and the kintype need to be dropped.

am ns valid if–



do i require memories to it is in fictionkin?

no, you do not require memories to it is in fictionkin. They room nice to have, but not a necessity.

what space memories like?

there are many different types of memories and also most people already have them there is no realizing it. Feel free to ask because that any much more help.

how do i gain memories?

refer to this post. Feel complimentary to ask for any an ext help.

do’s and don"ts

is it okay to it is in kin v someone exterior of my race or with disabilities/illnesses ns don’t have?

please protect against sending me these type of asks.

is it okay to not favor doubles / is it normal to it is in okay with doubles?

yes, both of those room okay. If you perform not favor doubles of her kintype, then that’s good as long as you don’t start kin drama end it.

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if you space okay v doubles, it’s perfectly okay. Simply don’t dead other people for being uncomfortable with connecting with doubles or for holding the an individual belief the they are the “only real” one as lengthy as they are not do it exceptionally public.