These numbers are actually in milliseconds (ms). So 70743 ms is 70.743 sec -- in this case about a minute and 11 sec.

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How to determine your autoplay vs click-to-play video performance

Open the Excel spreadsheet of her "Video data" and click top top the tab "Video Metrics AP vs CTP" as displayed in the screenshot.


In this tab, you"ll find the metrics that present you the break down of her videos" performance in the following ways:

Views that at the very least 3 secViews the at least 30 sec or entire video clip length, whichever is shorterViews the at least 95% of your entire video clip length

(Currently over there is no data break down on how many civilization viewed at least 3 sec, 30 sec, or 95% of your entire video length.)

* about copy length, if you"re producing different ads for various placements, you deserve to write an ext into her copy:

Mobile news feed: 110 charactersDesktop news feed: 500 charactersRight column: 90 characters

For much more information check theFacebook video clip ads guide.

If you"re a mobile application developer, you deserve to create video clip ads come promote your app. Remember to encompass a call-to-action button that leader the viewer come download your application directly!

to be obvious: The re-publishing of interactions raised for Facebook and also decreased because that YouTube. This is a major threat come YouTube, as marketers room going to proceed to usage the network that is most effective for obtaining engagement. Basically, there room no indicators of the tendency reversing indigenous its present path.

If you really want to learn just how to market on Facebook, you should take ache to learn this critical lesson: Data is just as great as the interpretation.


Millions of content creators top top YouTube room earning money off their videos with the companion Program. Since thesecontent creatorscannot knife money on on facebook (because on facebook doesn"t share profits prefer YouTube) castle aren"t about to leave the hand the feeds them.

If there"s anything that"s 100% certain it"s that video consumption has grown globally, and also that facebook is help to grow the pie through its sophisticated video clip offerings.

Don"t believe the reports that YouTube is under for the count. It just caters to a various crowd.

For example, I just came ago from a pilgrimage to Europe. While there, ns visited much more than 15 cities over 4 months. So I supplied the Magisto appto develop a nice small video documentary -- in simply 3 steps:

I uploaded mine photosI selected my editing styleI chose a soundtrack

You deserve to easilydo the same. You no longer have have to invest days (or months) trying to learn how to run a photograph or video clip editing monstrosity.

The new tools do it easy. If you"ve not yet excellent so, examine out Canva and also be great (rumor has actually it they will release a video-editing tool this year).Lots of human being swear by Camtasia -- and I"ve also heard great things about WeVideo, PowToon, and GoAnimate.

There isn"t a clean winner (since over there are several subcategories within video editing). Selections range from basic animation boards and also template video clip editing come advanced video clip editing.

PRO TIP: because that the finest results, make certain to upload high-definition photos or videos (or hazard looking like an amateur).

Let"s it is in frank. Individuals aren"t going to upload much more videos come Facebook just because video features are better developed. However you deserve to expect marketers to jump on the on facebook bandwagon and start developing all species of footage -- from corporate videos, come behind-the-scenes videos, and also perhaps even prolonged version that InstaVideo.

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Here space 3 absolutely critical points to remember:

YouTube and also Facebook will co-exist and share the video clip market -- neither will go awayConsider uploading on facebook marketing videos directly, rather than embedding them from YouTubeNever "fire and also forget" on social media -- create quality content and also promote the well

Make a established use of analytics to find out what"s working and what"s not working. Then change your strategy and fine-tune your formula for success.

Do you have other advice or experience to share? will you step up to the key and aid others learn exactly how to offer on Facebook? comment are open up -- which in!